The Most Amazing LIve Rock (and Vendor)

First off, I’ve been buying from kpaquatics for over a decade. I have never, ever had any problems with the quality of the animals, the packaging or the service. It is the first site I visit when I’m actively shopping something new for my tanks and actually I visit almost daily just to see if anything unusual is up for sale. But this is about the rock…
I ordered 8 lbs. of uncured live rock and had made a special request for specific sized pieces. Of course Philipp had no problems granting that wish. Because I wanted the rock uncured and the small quantity, the shipping costs were high. Philipp tried to save me money by suggesting cured rock which can be shipped USPS Priority. Most vendors would take the order and not care at all what the consumer spent on shipping because the money doesn’t go to the business.
BUT I’m here to tell you that every penny I put into that rock was worth spending! This rock is amazing! It came to my home in South Dakota overnight FEDEX and of course it was packed with integrity and professionalism. Each piece was wrapped in wet paper and individually bagged. Because I ordered in Oct., there was a heat pack inside the insulated box and it was still very warm to the touch.
After removing the wet paper I laid the rock on my table to get a photo of it and before I snapped the pic a small Red Mithrax went scuttling across the table! In the month and a half since the rock has been in the tank I have discovered 5 types of desirable macro algae growing on it, a heart urchin appeared in my sand bed, a dime sized pencil urchin was discovered, two small Corky Fingers, numerous snails and mini (+ 1 full sized ) feather dusters are popping up everywhere. I can’t even describe the coralline algae! Maroons, purples, pinks, orange and the most amazing fire engine red I’ve ever seen. My system got a ‘seed overload’ and now coralline is growing on the dry rock and plastics in the tank as well.
This purchase has taken my satisfaction level with this vendor off the charts! I can barely wait to receive my next box from Philipp and Kara!