This Place Is MORE than just a Business!

KP Aquatics is MORE than a Business that sells a product! They care not only about us as their customers, they see us as People who Love and Care about Natures Gifts as Much and They do! These Amazing owners of , KP Aquatics, not only bring natures gifts of Beauty to each one of us, but more importantly, they have an Amazing Respect and Love for Natures Oceans eco systems & it shows in what they do! They are the perfect care takers for these Awesome creatures! THIS is just one of the reasons why I will Only purchase from these People!
My son has had the same salt water aquarium for over 20 years. He’s had a love for them since he was 10 years old! Anyway, this was the first time for me buying something like this, he always does his own buying of new salt water fish & supplies. But this year I asked him what gift I could give to him and without hesitation, he told me. So, I purchased 100 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs for My Sons Birthday on 9/6. Because Labor Day was Monday, I placed my order for them on Tuesday morning. I didn’t really understand the ordering process, btw, my own fault! LOL! But he wouldn’t have received them until a week later. Not knowing the process I sent an email to KP Aquatics and asked them for a tracking number, so I could check about when they might be delivered.(since early morning, my son had spent most of his birthday, anxiously waiting on the Hermit crabs to be delivered!) Very soon after sending them an email I received a phone call from them explaining their shipping process. Even though, it was MY OWN MISTAKE, the Owner I spoke to was determined to make right MY MISTAKE!!! He was So very understanding and kind! He fixed everything for me and shipped out the beautiful Blue leg hermit crabs to my son that day! This morning, he revived his package! They were packed with the most care and protection !!! Each one Alive, Perfect and Healthy ! Not ONE empty shell, or perished little one!! I’m sure if you’re reading this review, I don’t need to tell you all how happy these Creatures make you, well, that’s how my son feels! Those little beings not only made my sons Birthday but renewed his faith that there are Still Good people out there that care about others!
Thank You, from the bottom of my heart! This, was so much more than just about blue leg hermit crabs for my family, it was also about renewing our faith in others, that there are still people in this world who really do care about others.. It still amazes me, how even the smallest of kind gestures can make a big difference in another persons life. Hope, is a rare commodity these days, I’m grateful to see it’s not lost!
Btw, I think these little Creatures are way too Cute!!!
THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH ! Also, For the kind Happy Birthday Message to my Son! You’ve Gained some Very Loyal Customers in Us All!! 🥰

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