Totally awesome rock that is from the Pacific!

I started my planet 180 with 200lb of natural dry rock and everything was great at first, but after the first cycle the nuisance algaes hammered down relentlessly and never let up. Took me four months to realize that it is worth every penny to start a new system with 100% live rock. My friend kept telling me to just get “KP uncured, just get it man!” Finally listened and picked up 50 lbs and this stuff is more fun to look at in the tank than anything else! This rock is so full of different living things, extremely colorful — quite complex. All kinds of featherdusters, macro algaes, sponges, weird cool lookin stuff I dont know the name of , a billion different colors of coraline… and the added hitchhiking bonus of five pencil urchins and some brittle stars for the fuge. The best hiker of all: one awesome and happy Ruby Mithrax crab that is loving life. I spend more time staring at this stuff in the tank than the fish or corals, even better at night with a flashlight ! Great product, thank you KP Aquatics!

KPA: It is aquacultured live rock from the Florida Keys 🙂