First, Thankyou to all who write Reviews, it helped me a lot. I have a 300 Gallon, Live Rock, with Fish. I was able to get LR, 20, Years ago, when they could still chip it off the Reef. When Friend/LFS, owner, would get a Shipment in, all kinds of animals, falling out of the Rocks, as we picked up from Styrofoam Boxes. Had to shut my Tank down, (Became a Single Dad), 16, Years Later, Set Up Tank Again. Stored my Rock Properly, Cleaned with Pressure Washer, for 3, hours, Live Sand, Aquscape, and order 15, Pounds of AC Rock, I was on a time schedule. Friend helping me, Phillip calls & tells me he only has 12 &1/2 Pounds, (He Knee I was very excited to get the Rock) I could have waited for a full 15, Pounds, but wanted the amount he had. (How Honest, is that, I wouldn’t have known any different !!) So next day arrives (Beautifuly Packaged) I have 100s, of Pounds of Dead LR. I don’t see animals falling out, and was a little bummed. Spoke to Phillip, he said Ed in time it will bring your Rock, back to life, 100%, he said. 2, Months in I started seeing little Animals. Now 5, months in, 100s of Stormatella Snails.(No Joke !! My Rock is so Clean, sometimes worry, enough algae for my Yellow Tang, & other Fish. Serpent Starfish, Limpets, Urchin, Small Snails ?, Regular Sm Starfish, the Good Bristle Worms, Other Worms ? A Beautiful Mantis Shrimp, all over my Rock. I saw ALL this before adding a piece of Rock, from established Tank, now, a couple different Copepods, (Cannot say for sure, Pods came from K.P. Aquatics) But can’t say they didn’t either. 6, Fish. Lionfish, Clown Triggerfish, Majestic Angelfish,Lunare Wrasse & Miniatus Grouper. Lunare & Trigger Up early eating Stormatella’s. Needless to say K.P. Aqu Culture Rock, has brought my Rock back to life, that’s just what I’m seeing, wonder what I’m not. 12 & 1/2 Pounds did all that !! Probably loaded with eggs my guess. No more Rock off the Reef, this is the next best thing. Any Tanks going Forward, I will use this Rock !! Phillip is a Very Honest Man, hard to find in Business these days. Hope this helps you Ed, Massachusetts 9/2020

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