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Paired Neon Blue Goby’s

Do I recommend KP Aquatics ? 100%
I purchased a pair of neon blue goby’s and I am very happy I did. Beautiful fish and pretty cool to have a mated pair. I have a 26 gal. tank and they are a perfect fish for a nano tank. The fish came healthy and had no problem acclimating to the tank.

Brian Berry
December 4, 2022

Love the seahorses!

My shipment arrived in a very timely manner in perfect condition!

Linda C. Stewart
November 22, 2022

Excellent product & service

I was extremely pleased with everything I ordered. Everything was packaged very well and arrived in excellent shape, including the 6 fish. The fish and inverts made the adjustment into my aquarium well and I am enjoying all of them. Thank you!

Dawn Gilson
November 13, 2022

Awesome fish & inverts tremendous customer service!!!

I have a tank that is only carribean rock and fish. I have become friends with the owner Phillip who has been unbelievably great to work with. His premium rock is the best I have ever seen and I have been doing this since the mid 80’s. He gets fish that I have never seen before which saying something since I have been diving the carribean for about 39 years. Phillip is great to work with and will do his best to find exactly what you are looking for.

Tim Wertheimer
November 10, 2022

Awesome fish & inverts tremendous customer service!!!

I have a tank that is only carribean rock and fish. I have become friends with the owner Phillip who has been unbelievably great to work with. His premium rock is the best I have ever seen and I have been doing this since the mid 80’s. He gets fish that I have never seen before which saying something since I have been diving the carribean for about 39 years. Phillip is great to work with and will do his best to find exactly what you are looking for.

Tim Wertheimer
November 10, 2022

Beautiful healthy fish

Packed well to protect the fish. Inside the box was a beautiful and healthy juvenile queen angel. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from KP Aquatics again.

Mike jones
November 3, 2022

AMAZING service and fish

Found via Google when searching for porcupine puffer fish for sale! Wanted a small and ended up with a medium haha 10/10. GREAT communication via Instagram. Puffer was expertly packaged and shipped overnight.

Brad Havelka
October 31, 2022


Very pleased with the corals and the fish I purchased. Corals weren’t very happy for a few days, at least until I found their happy place for them to live. They are very beautiful and healthy. Will certainly buy from them again. You certainly can’t go wrong with this company.

caitrina monaco
October 24, 2022


We ordered a small quantity of their premium and base rock to seed our farm systems with a more diverse population of bacteria species. Absolutely beautiful pieces covered in multiple colors of coralline algae, macro algaes, tunicates, sea squirts and encrusting sponges. Will absolutely order again. Highly recommended.

Sam S., Wet Work, Inc.
October 12, 2022

Love it!

Everything was even better than I expected. By far, the largest frags I’ve ever received from an online vendor. And the urchin was golf ball sized. He even shipped it out two days before being hit with a hurricane. Will absolutely be ordering again.

October 10, 2022

Once again, a great order

been a while since I places an oder and was looking for some small interesting fish and other algae eaters.

The Lantern Basslet has become a new favorite!

Bob Nordgren
October 6, 2022

Excellent Tunicates/ Sea squirts

Colorful, large and healthy tunicate/sea squirts. Packaged very well. Immediately started siphoning water in the tank.

October 3, 2022

another great order

Once again, my order was processed quickly and delivered on time- all fish were heathy and hungry- even got an extra- ordered 2, got 3

October 1, 2022

Another stellar order

Just a small order, but handled perfectly, with a butterfly fish that began eating within a few hours and some lovely inverts. Wonderful communication and personal care.

John Marcinski
September 30, 2022

Everything arrived in great condition!!!

I order 3 masked gobies for my nano tank and I was pleasantly surprised when the box arrived they sent me 4 they didn’t have but they did. Now I have ordered from some of the bigger online livestock stores (not mentioning any names) and I have the worst luck with the big box shops, but the condition of the fish KP sent it was like they never left their tank they acclimated perfectly. All and all I am already planning on placing another order. Thanks again KP!!!

September 28, 2022

Top notch

Thanks for the amazingly beautiful Black Cap Basslet, arrived with the rest of the order in perfect condition. As usual, you are the best!

John Marcinski
September 21, 2022

Outstanding Animals

KP Aquatics have shown time and time again why they are a go to supplier for Atlantic marine livestock. I purchased a Atlantic blue tang. It arrived very healthy and is a great addition to my system. Will definitely be shopping with KP again.

Matt Hall
September 15, 2022

Love every thing!

Thanks to KP Aquatic my seahorse tank looks amazing.

Felix Hernandez
September 8, 2022

I got a wonderful shipment

I got a wonderful shipment of new wet pants from my Caribbean biotope tank. Everything arrived in wonderful shape. Fish were healthy and the snails weren’t right to work.

September 6, 2022

Seahorses are awesome!!

Love getting my seahorses from KPAquatics. It’s like buying direct from supplier rather than buying them from the pet stores. Love love love this place. Just got a bigger seahorse tank so I can’t wait to buy a dozen more.

Seahorse Bill
September 5, 2022


Arrived on time everything was healthy. Package very well. I’m very pleased and will order again.

August 31, 2022

Best company. Best prices, healthy

Best company. Best prices, healthy fish that survive well in a tank

Dillon Taylor
August 29, 2022

Live Rock!

When in stock, Live Rock ships fast and in good shape. Able to get tank cycled and stable quickly, with plenty of life due to submerged shipment.

Kao Lor
August 27, 2022

Dwarf Seahorses

My seahorses arrived in a timely manner and were all alive and well.

Linda C. Stewart
August 24, 2022

Great customer service! Super happy

Great customer service! Super happy I purchase from Kpaquatics!

August 21, 2022


I have certainly not been disappointed some of the healthiest livestock I have ever seen coupled with excellent pricing. Have made 2 purchases so far and will make many more

Robert Weeks
August 19, 2022

Excellent packaging, robust livestock

You can’t ask for better specimens than these, nor the prices. The bonus is supporting a family owned business harvesting sustainable livestock from US waters.

August 9, 2022

The Definition of perfection

I have been in the reef tank hobby for 30+ years. My father was in the hobby for the longest time as I grew up, even owning a reef supply store, long before the idea of frag plugs and buying zoas per polyp even existed. It’s been a struggle to find a store, any store that not only takes pride in what they do, but has the prices to match. I was literally at a loss of words this morning when my package arrived at 9am. Was shipped out yesterday at 7pm. From the packaging, to the delicate care of each product, to the vacuum sealed bags and the size of the specimens ordered…..I can only applaud you and say Thank You. The gorgonians were healthy and great size. The red tree sponge was amazing and vibrant in color. Solid 10 inches tall and thick as a quarter. None of that 1″ frag plug for $50 shit. This is quality product, at an equally great price. The owner even took my call afterwards and told me how to place in my tank and answered a few questions I had. You have gained a customer for life and I will be sure to tell everyone to go to you. Again. a big THANKS. It’s well deserved and earned

July 27, 2022

O. Havanensis arrived healthy! Just care of jumping

O. havanensis arrived very healthy, did well, I would note on the species’ page though that they can jump really fast and high. I was actually fully aware this species has the highest jump height and speed of pretty much all mantis shrimp out there, and it still caught me off guard when I successfully acclimated it and it jumped not even 3 seconds after getting it in the tank.

Thankfully it survive and is doing well but did do the healing response of ripping off both its claws (they do this when injured to force a molt sooner). Currently aggressively eating from tongs so it’ll do well until the molt!

I will say for how much research and how aware I was that the jumping issue still surprised me I’d note it so someone less educated could prepare a strategy and cover for the tank in advance.

July 26, 2022

Wonderful service!

The seahorses always arrive in a timely manner and they are always packed properly. They are always aliive and do well. Thank you.

Linda C. Stewart
July 26, 2022

Beautiful and Healthy

The items that I purchased arrived quickly and in super healthy condition. The Recordia were beautiful and the Urchin was beautiful and healthy as well. I’m impressed with the company’s livestock and their attention to the details of shipping . I will certainly check back often for other sweet items.

July 25, 2022

Great Blennies and Shrimp

Fast service great critters. KP is simply the best!

July 18, 2022

Live rock

The live was rock was exactly what I was looking for! Lots of good coralline and really jump started my tank!

Note from KP Aquatics: This was an order of 20 lbs of starter rock.

Ron Schooler
July 9, 2022

Live Rock arrived in great shape

Received LR day after shipped from KP Aquatics. Was leaving for Toronto and placed in sump. Free Ammonia levels ( by Seneye) rose from 0.001 to 0.003. LR had Halimeda, coralline algae and some fans. Also had a bristle star. In DT now for 2 weeks-ammonia back to normal. Very satisfied!

July 7, 2022

Mermaid wine glass plants

I ordered 3 of these Mermaid wine glass plants and all of them were delivered in perfect condition, will order from KP in the future without a concern. Great job done by KP on packing and shipping. THANK YOU, KP !

July 3, 2022

Rock flowers

Just what I ordered ,still to this day all healthy ,would buy again from this seller

July 2, 2022

Everything arrived in great shape

Everything arrived in great shape and is growing. New max nano is the new home for the gorgonian.
Thanks John

John McClintick
June 25, 2022


I ordered a large Queen and French Angel, they arrived in great shape and are doing extremely well. Beautiful fish!

KP has great customer service !



Ted Schaefer
June 20, 2022

Blue tang

Our new fish arrived on time and safely packaged. We put it in our quarantine tank, where it showed no signs of distress or of ick. It had no trouble eating anything that was offered. After a week in QT with no signs of distress or ick, we placed it in our display tank, where it buddied up with our yellow Biota tang right away and has been living happily for about a week now. We are VERY happy with our purchase and would recommend KP Aquatics.

Tamara Del Vecchio
June 14, 2022

I bought some of the

I bought some of the premium live rock from K. P to jump start a 150 gal reef tank I am making. Local stores in my area don’t have this type of product . They were on top of my small order from the beginning to the end , the rock came and it was awesome, all kinds of life you could only get from rock that’s been in the ocean for a while. The only bummer is now I look at just my rocks every day while my tank cycles, but I get my flashlight out and I am amazed at all the life on the new rock. Would for sure recommend.

Paul Kurz
June 14, 2022

Live Rock Shipped in Water

I bought the 15 lbs Live Rock shipped in water overnight and am very happy with it. The rock was covered in coralline algae, bryozoans, and sponges, all of which survived transit.

Highly recommended!

Mike Berry
June 5, 2022

Always remarkable.

I’ve ordered from KP Aquatics several times. I’m am more than pleased every, single time. From their customer service to the quality of their livestock and guarantees, everything exceeds my expectations. Their passion truly shines in an all around excellent business practice. I love these folks.

Steven Stevenson
June 3, 2022

Great quality

My third order from KP, and always top quality live rock.

Scott H.
May 31, 2022

500 gallon Saltwater fish tank

I’ve been ordering salt water fish from KP aquatic now for a couple years and it never seems to change everything is beautiful, healthy,well taken care of and well packaged well packaged and arrives in great condition. 👍 I will not order online from any other company other than KP aquatics. Phillip and Kara they are honest and seems to really care about their products and great customer service. I would recommend all to purchase products from them! Pics of my new fish coming soon! THANKS AGAIN!Dennis 😊

Dennis Gonzalez
May 27, 2022


The fish are beautiful and healthy.

Kevin Terry
May 26, 2022

Orange seahorse

I have bought much livestock from KP Aquatics. Every thing I buy from them arrives thriving. I have purchased nearly ten seahorses over the years and have been happy with every purchase.
This guy though is stunning. He almost looks fake. I never imagined a seahorse being so neon orange. My wife took one look and called him “Neon Sphinx” I love him!
Buy with confindence from here they send very healthy specimens. My seahorse ate first day!! LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM!!!

Bill vandergriff
May 26, 2022

Dwarf seahorse

Ordered 30 all arrived alive acclaimed well 3 weeks went by doing fine and breeding too..

Robert Patronick
May 24, 2022

Great quality and prices

Everything in shipment arrived in great health and acclimated quickly to tank!

May 23, 2022

High quality!

I will definitely be ordering from you again! The livestock arrived alive and is doing great now. The corals were awesome and I loved the gorgonians!

May 22, 2022

Octopus and gorgonians

I ordered a Caribbean octopus and they sent me a very young one which is perfect because they only live for a year or two. He was missing some parts of his tentacles but that is very normal from shipping. I also ordered Gorgonian coral and they sent me a bonus piece of it! Both living things I ordered were very healthy and have been thriving in my tanks after 2 weeks.

May 19, 2022

The jawfish came in

The jawfish came in on time and they are doing very well.

Robert Billman
May 11, 2022

Great buy

I was so excited to receive my order I purchased a Anemone Shrimp, Pederson. Beautiful little shrimp, which is active and everywhere in my tank cleaning algae off rock, corals and fish. Everything I have ordered from KP Aquatics have been beautiful and healthy. Always excited to receive my orders from them.

May 4, 2022

kp has found me some very nice items

gotten a few orders from kp and always turns out very well . from the livestock to the great customer service. thumbs up all the way

May 2, 2022

They are big!

I ordered surgeon tang and seahorse. Both of very big! Very first seahorse didn’t move much, I was worried about it but now she is very active!
So they are enjoy my tank, I would like order again.

Naomi Wilson
April 25, 2022

Queen angel

Received a beautiful fish that was packaged perfectly. Eating what ever I put in the tank. I wouldn’t hesitate buying from kp aquatics again

April 24, 2022

KP Aquatics has what I need

Ordered premium live rock for biodiversity and was not disappointed. Shipped good added to established tank with no die off and no ammonia spikes.
Ordered base and stacker dry rock to work on the aqua scape great rock also
KP will continue to be my go to store. Thanks again KP for your quality merchandise.

April 22, 2022

Great rock!

I’ve had a bunch of rock from KP and from a competitor in my tank for a few weeks now. There’s no comparison. The competitor’s stuff has some nice things on it, but is definitely going through “the uglies” in its cycle. Diatoms like mad and now hair algae have taken over that half of my tank. The stuff from KP has the non-nuisance algae that was already on it getting a bit thicker, but none of it seems to be the sort that wants to take over, and that seems to be preventing the hair from settling on it.

Also, the amount of life is amazing. I’ve seen so much stuff on the rocks already, and I know there’s more hiding in them since every time I look at the tank it seems I see something new.

Would definitely recommend anyone who wants some really awesome rock get from here.

April 18, 2022

Great Value

Always Qualiity. Always Great Service. Always Great Pricing. None Better!

Gene Gaynor
April 17, 2022

candy basslet

Candy Basslet was shipped in perfect condition.This fish was eating within hours of receiving , colors are also incredible since it is a fish from haiti.

Paul Dushay
April 16, 2022

Conversation about fish with phil

Having discussed in detail, the catching and care of the fish by kp aquatics. I am as comfortable as I would be going to my favorite aquarium stores locally to observe them myself.

April 14, 2022

very happy w all my orders

have bought from here several times w no issue . there was a minor thing that got quickl;y resolved from them w great customer support.

April 12, 2022

Group of 10 Dwarf Seahorses

I purchased a group of 10 Dwarf Seahorses with 3 extra 2 weeks ago, and I am very satisfied..they all healthy and still doing great! Will always order from KP Aquatics in the future..highly recommend it..Thank you KP Aqautics

April 11, 2022

Great products and handling

Coral and invertebrates arrived on time and were handled with care. Very pleased with purchase!

April 6, 2022


Placed first order then a 2nd. Phillip was terrific, beautiful specimens and helped with foods.

March 30, 2022

Exciting and High Quality Rocks

Rocks were shipped and delivered quickly. Packaging was done with wet brown paper towels. The rock came with a lot of life on it, a bristle star, mantis shrimp, sponges, feather duster worms, tunicates, and a couple of baby pistol shrimps. The pistol shrimps sadly didn’t make the journey but everything else lived on. I gave the mantis shrimp to a friend who had a tank ready to house it and scaped with the rest of the rock.

The rock itself is very light and has a lot of tunnels that go through the rock and with many holes that will likely be great for bacteria and other living things to occupy and thrive in. I will be ordering my live rock from KP for future projects for sure.

Thanks KP for the great experience.

Andrew W
March 30, 2022

Queen angelfish

My fish shipped the next business day. Came in well pack and was in peak health. It was more beautiful then i imagined it being. It has nice long fins and only took a few hours before eating in my tank. Was a smooth great experience and will order from them again!

Scott b
March 29, 2022

Salt water fish

You,are store is great the queen angelfish I got bout 8 mounts ago is beautfull I waited on a rare short body big eye kp aquatics came through thanks kp

March 23, 2022

Very pleased

Bought two awesome gorgonians, purple and golden plume. We’re packaged well and doing great. They even threw in a bonus gorg! Very pleased with KP and would definitely use them again.

Steve K
March 22, 2022

Bad order

Very disappointed with this order.. The only decent item was the gorgonia. The multi mouth Ricardian were small and one was a single mouth. The blue Zola’s never opened and we’re trashed. I will not be ordering in the future from here.

Philipp with KP Aquatics: I was unaware of this situation (please always contact us if they are any problems) and I reached out to the customer to get more details and trying to work it out.

March 22, 2022

university of utah

bought several items, including sea slugs and algae. Sea slug arrived alive and was quite lively, despite of shipping issues due to UPS (not KP’s fault…). Packaged well, so animals still survive even a rough trip. Algae was great, chaeto much higher quality than other vendors. Grows fast and a large amount provided, helped a lot with algae problems. Halimeda and Penicillus were in great condition.

paul scesa
March 14, 2022

Great experience

All the little ones arrived in perfect condition. Hardy and doing wonderful. I waited to do the review to see how the seahorses and pipefish faired and they are amazing. I am already ordering again. Thank you!

March 13, 2022

Great rock

I have been in the reefing hobby for some 25+ years. When I began reefing live rock was the norm. Fast forward to today I began my current reef with dry rock… partially for cost but more for the lack of live rock options. That was before I found KP. After struggling with biodiversity in the display I tried an order through KP and couldn’t be any more pleased! Rock came in on time, was cured, had nice diversity on the rock and nice size and shape pieces! If I had to do it all over I would start with KP rock! Very happy customer!

Tom Obrecht
March 12, 2022

Orange seahorse

The seahorse is beautiful and going well with the others. Trying to get her to eat more she’s starting slowly adjusting to frozen mysis. I bought smaller for her I hope she eats better. I also added 2 bottles of tiger pods and I see her snicking hopefully she’s getting enough. I didn’t realize she was wild caught until after I ordered. I am 100% satisfied just hope she’ll start with the frozen.

Robert Baylis
March 12, 2022

Spiney box puffer

This little critter arrived hungry and ready for life. He’s fun to watch and now when I come to the tank he thinks it’s always with his food. He comes to the top and opens up his mouth and waits for the crab, shrimp etc. Little pig I would absolutely order from here again

Pat Dawes
March 6, 2022

Live Rock

My third time ordering from KP. I received well packed excellent quality live rock. It has been two or three weeks now and no pests found. Thank you KP!

James Morrison
March 4, 2022

Blackcap basslet

Not only is the basslet a beautiful fish but he has been much less reclusive than previous basslets I have had. Arrived in great shape. Thank you

Jeanne Brown
February 25, 2022

Awesome rock

Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the great service and top quality liverock.
I ordered 15 lbs of premium rock and it shipped on a Monday afternoon and I had it in my hands in Texas at 10:35 the next morning and there was nothing dead in the order. I had several serpent brittle stars, a couple of crabs, 3 very small pistol shrimp,1 mantis shrimp and some various worms. I dipped the rock for 5 minutes in a hyper saline dip and chose what to put in my display tank. Also one rock with numerous feather dusters.
Thanks again for a great product and I will definitely be ordering again.

Billy M
February 24, 2022

Love my seahorses

I have bought like ten seahorses from KP Aquatics. They all arrive healthy and thrive in my tank. I currently have 5 in a 27 gallon tank and want a larger tank so I can get more! Thank you for delivering such a unique creature to my home in Indiana

February 23, 2022

Great experience!

I ordered a couple corals, it took only 2 days to arrive! I was absolutely stunned the corals looks beautiful very colorful. I’ll definitely be back to order some more!

February 19, 2022

500 gal.ocean

Again and again , everything arrived alive, well packed and very healthy specimens. I can’t say enough good things about you guys, but you guys are awesome, the best in the bissness!!!! Thanks again, I can’t wait to order the other specimens on my waiting list 😀 😄 😊 🙌 😁.

Dennis Gonzalez
February 14, 2022

Top three vendors for online marine

packaging superb, C/S great, marine life all arriving alive and well…top three in my book to order from

February 14, 2022

Great purchase!

I bought live rock for my sons tank, and added on some hermit crabs and chaeto. Shipping happened super fast, packaging was perfect with heaters etc for the winter months. Everything lived and was in good shape! Lots of life on the live rock!

Thank you!

Sean Ballard
February 9, 2022


Fish delivered healthy and on time as promised. I am a repeat customer!

February 9, 2022


I have been keeping gorgonians for years and this shipment was by far the best specemin selection i have ever recenved. They were priced right and everything it nice and healthy. I have never had gorgonian frags make it. I did an “Everything you need to know about gorgonians” video and shared it on reef2reef. These are from you guys. Feel free to share. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/how-to-successfully-grow-gorgonians.890750/#post-9871537

Marshall Sparkman
February 7, 2022

15 LBS Dry Shelf Rock; 15 LBS Live Rock

Shelf Rock:

Nice flat pieces that fit well in my tank and worked well to make the base of my reef structure. The rocks are porous and have make areas for mounting frags. All of them had at least one flat side and they arrived in good condition with little rubble.

Live Rock:

This rock is really worth the money. It cycled in a week with very little ammonia and no noticeable die-off. I was worried about getting live rock, because descriptions of curing rock describe a long waiting time and strong smells. This is not the case with wet air shipped aquaculture rock. It cycled quick with no smell or even major fouling of the water. Here is what I received: I received eight rocks averaging about six inches in length in a variety of shapes. Some had arch like structures and large holes, all were porous. All of the rocks were thoroughly incrusted with coralline algae, pretty red macro algae, and sponges. I have a lot of purple coralline of various shades. As far as hitchhikers go I got numerous feather duster worms, one large one with a black and white striped fan, a lot of peanut or medusa worms, and other beneficial worms. As far as large hitchhikers, I received two pencil urchins, several brittle stars including one harlequin (black with white stripes), one asterea snail, and a few very small shrimp (mysis?) After being in my aquarium for over a week, everything is doing well except some recession of the sponges and some slight bleaching of some types of coralline. (Both of these are normal and expected due to the change in lights.) Once again, I highly recommend this product. As mentioned in other reviews, make sure to check the gunk in the bottom of the shipping bag. Pour it into whatever container you are using to rinse off the rock and let it settle out. This is were I found the brittle stars and larger urchin.

February 7, 2022

Beautiful corals, packaged perfectly

I received 3 zoa species, 2 stunning ricordeas and 3 gorgonians (they shipped one extra!). All arrived well packed with a heat pack, sealed bags and insulation. My tank has come alive thanks to KP. This place is a must shop if you are trying to recreate a piece of the Caribbean .

Jasen Stewart
February 6, 2022

Gave the wrong species of mantis

Said they gave me a small spearing mantis shrimp species but in reality I was given and smasher. 3/5.

Ethan T
February 6, 2022

Starter rock

Got the starter rock which was very nice, decent coralline coverage, still better than most pet stores carry.

January 31, 2022

A great experience from start

A great experience from start to finish. Great customer service and the fish were shipped quickly and arrived in great health. Will definitely be ordering here again.

January 31, 2022

Excellent experience all the way around

Everything arrived perfectly packed and in excellent condition. I ordered a bit of everything from gorgonias, sponges, red serpent, a variety of crabs/snails etc. The items picked were all nice shape, color and size. Exceeded expectations and would buy from again!

January 29, 2022

Worth it

I received 30 lbs of live rock and its been the best part of my aquarium. I was happy to find a couple small crabs hitchhikers that are a nice free addition. The 30 pounds was more than enough to provide a nice centerpiece for my 32 biocube. Arrived overnight with a couple heating packs. Impressive. Got some high quality corals too. Would definitely use them again!

January 27, 2022

Great Experience / Cuban Hogfish

Was having a difficult time finding a cuban hogfish. This fish is endemic to the Caribbean, found KP Aquatics through a web search and positive ratings on Reef 2 Reef.

Communication was excellent.

Fish arrived well packaged, active immediately after acclimation and feeding well and healthy.
Beautiful healthy specimen and I appreciate that it was collected by KP Aquatics.
Satisfied customer, will use KP Aquatics again.

Dave Elkins
January 26, 2022

Is great place to buy saltwater tropical fish and vertebrates etc.

I have a 500 gallon saltwater fish tank I’ve had for years now. I’ve been buying tropical fish for over 25 years, And always had problems with a lot of different is the different companies and fish. I’ve been purchasing my fish from KP aquatics for the last couple years. I’ve just recently had an electrical issue that Took out my pumps while I was out on vacation. All my fish had died. I had to purchase new fish from KP aquatics, And as usual everything arrived healthy stress free and everything was eating the next day and is still doing fine in my tank. Now I’m just waiting for KP aquatics is audix to get more fish that I’ve been looking for and that I lost and I’m looking forward again to purchasing more fish from KP aquatics. I highly recommend KP aquatics to anyone out there new or old and the profession. Thank you again Phil and Kara!You guys are awesome 👌 👏 👍.

Dennis Gonzalez
January 26, 2022

Bluehead Wrasse

I recently purchased 3 bluehead wrasse to add to my current two. What can I say! These little fish are social, get along with each other (after they get over their territorialism, and are curious and friendly. They follow me around and, when working in the tank, they come up to see what I’m doing. Not a bit shy or sketchy. I highly recommend them for reef tanks over 100 gals.

January 23, 2022

Another great order

Every thing Was packaged good and arrived healthy
My tanks inhabitants are primarily from KPAquatics.
Have not had a issue or disease from any of their products

Gene Van Voorst
January 22, 2022

Dwarf Seahorses

I had ordered a group of 10 dwarf seahorses and 1 pregnant pair, the first week of January, they all arrived in good condition. The pregnant male had his babies the very next day, they are growing fast. I love these Dwarf seahorses and I recommend buying them from KP Aquatics. Thank you KP Aquatics!

January 22, 2022

My go to for inverts

Always a good experience. Starfish are always in great shape. Highly recommend.

January 19, 2022

Dwarf seahorse

I ordered 4 and got 7 plus some babies and all but one baby made it but that was more my fault. So happy with my order and excited to order with this company again

Hunter C
January 19, 2022

Just placed my third order.

Just placed my third order. Fish have been in fantastic condition upon arrival.

Michael Moss
January 19, 2022

Very nice!

Requested specific sizing on the rock and they accommodated! Very nice rock with a lot of coralline algae in three colors. My order shipped during a cold snap so I lost the brittle stars that were on the rock but it cycled in a week. It was a bit more dense than I expected based on other reviews but still has lots of porosity to it. My source from now on for cultured live rock.

January 17, 2022

Great dealing with KPA

I put in a good-sized order on Christmas, knowing it would not be sent out until 03 Jan They kept in contacted to let me know where I was at with it.
It arrived on time in great shape.
I am planning to make another purchase soon.

Thank you very much.

January 10, 2022

Unbelievable great site!!!!

I have placed multiple orders from KPAquatics and never been disappointed and always more than pleased. As an example I wanted. A queen angel but they only had large. KPAquatics notified me that they got a medium in and let me replace the large with the medium with no hassle. The rock is the best I have ever seen and been doing saltwater since about 1985. You will not be disappointed with anything you order from these folks and their shipping is fast and their packing is the best I have ever seen. A++++ retailer

Tim Wertheimer
January 4, 2022

Yellow Lined Basslet

Very happy to be able to acquire this rare deep water basslet. Was only about an inch, but very bold and healthy and fit in quickly in my deep water Caribbean tank with a Cave basslet and a few gobies I also got from KP. Super happy customer once again.

December 30, 2021

KP starter liverock

Not sure if anyone has commented specifically on the KP starter live rock but this stuff is a great deal at ~10lb delivered and I got it from them to me in Colorado via UPS in less than 24hrs right around the holidays to boot. No ammonia spike at all, though I recommend you check. Good coraline growth and color and a few pistol shrimp just excellent experience thanks KP!

Richard Grimaldi
December 27, 2021

Premium Live Rock

I ordered a small amount of live rock two weeks ago to build another tunnel atop my FOWLR reef. It was far better than I hoped, lovely, covered in purple, with a few hitch hikers. The traces of sponge were a treat for the thriving Rock Beauty I bought from KP last summer. Again, top quality from KP. You are the best!

John Marcinski
December 21, 2021

Live rock & CUC

I have to say KP aquatics are great. Talked to Philipp on the phone great guy and great customer service.
I have to say their live rock has alot of life on it from feather dusters , sponges, crabs, starfish. I will be ordering again soon.
Thank you Philipp & Kara (KP Aquatics)

Ken Duenas
December 21, 2021

KP’s rock is full of life

KP’s rock is full of life. I’m still finding an occasional new creature of some kind from an order that’s been in the tank over a year. Lots of very small pistol shrimp in the last batch. I hope they all make it. I’ll be back for more next month.

December 20, 2021

Incredible Service

I was looking for a speciality Caribbean species for almost a year with no progress from any companies trying to source the fish. When I emailed KP Aquatics Phillip said hed work on getting me what I needed. Within 10 days he had found what I needed! Also a fantastic price!

December 11, 2021

Great results

Ordered 12 masked gobies- received them on time and in appropriate packaging for current cold weather in my area (chicago suburbs)- very happy with my purchase and end results- i already want more!

Tom klein
December 10, 2021

reef corals beautiful

purple sea fern/plumes arrived when expected and in great condition

Harmony Ammons
December 10, 2021

Fooled twice

You guys are the worst . Never again.

Take alesson

Response from Philipp at KP Aquatics:  Have no idea what the situation is about and you didn’t contact us about any problems. We always try to make things right. I will delete other company references from this post because we don’t advertise for other companies.

Rock Palmisan
December 9, 2021

Great rock , great company

Great rock , great company to work with.
Another happy customer.

December 3, 2021

Great company

Just received my second order from KP and couldn’t be happier. Ordered 100 Astreas and received 109. Only had 2 deaths after 2 weeks. Super healthy! Thanks!

December 2, 2021

awesome livestock and service

just found the site recently and made a couple of good sized orders, and will be making new orders soon.absolutely love my dwarf seahorses along w some awesome assorted gorgonians and inverts.
fast shipping and very helpful customer service. thank you KP

November 27, 2021

First Time Customer

I stumbled across KP Aquatics searching for a Queen Angel. I’m glad I did because I found my queen and also ordered a Rock Beauty angel. The fish arrived at noon the day after they were shipped, both were in excellent shape and very beautiful fish. I like the way the fish were bagged and packed. Obviously the KP site is on my favorites list now and I will be ordering more down the line.



Ted Schaefer
November 24, 2021

Grade A

Been buying livestock from K&P for years now. All their shipments have been on point and I have a huge collection of super cool inverts because of them!

Daniel Nadal
November 19, 2021

Awesome rock!

I’ve made 2 purchases from k.p and both orders were great I had a long post on reef2reef about the process and product, everything was outstanding!

November 6, 2021

very happy w every thing in my order.

love these guys,my first order was amazing. dwarf seahorses are so healthy as well as my pair of dwarf pipefish and regular pair of pipefish w babies in their bag,phyced!
bunch of assorted gorgonians opened up 1st day. gorgeous.will be back for more. very very happy

November 5, 2021


I ordered a starfish, and before it could ship, the starfish was not doing well. Phil offered to refund me or let me wait for the next one to come in stock. I opted to wait, and a few weeks later, he asked if he could instead send me two smaller starfish. I agreed. They were both in excellent condition when they arrived, and are doing great. I appreciate the prompt communication and going above and beyond. I highly recommend!

November 3, 2021

Best Rock Ever!!

This rock was super clean and full of life. It cured in 12 days and probably could have been less if I would have done a better job siphoning out the brute can they were in. I’m def. going to be ordering alot more for my frag system to set up a cryptic zone. Also came very well packaged.

Kevin P
November 1, 2021


KP Aquatics is great! Their customer service is very nice, and go above and beyond! I ordered some sponges, rock flower anemone, and Gorgonians. I have to say that everything was better than I expected. The size, health, and quality was just so very nice! And they even sent a nice extra sponge! I will defiantly order from them again in the future!

October 30, 2021

First Class

I’ve been a customer and a friend for years and years, going back to KP Aquatics original incarnation as Sealife. Every transaction has been a pleasure, and every creature I’ve purchased has been first rate, the best quality, vibrant, healthy, a delight. Phillip has repeatedly gone out of his way to fulfil my occasional requests, and the prices are extremely good, usually well below other on-line sellers or local shops. The quality of the fish is always my main concern, and KP has never disappointed. We salt water aquarium fans are fortunate to have them available to us.

John Marcinski
October 26, 2021

Ordered 10lbs first

This was my first order and I am very satisfied, so much that I made a second order of 15lbs and I can’t wait to get it ! I found out about kp from reef2reef, but im in Florida and glad I did!

October 18, 2021

Dwarf Seahorses

I had ordered 2 pair of your dwarf seahorses, received extra, shipping was fast and there was no DOA’s they are healthy and so adorable, will order more in the future. Thank you!
Cathy Giddeon

October 6, 2021

starfish order

I received a large order of brittle and serpent stars from KP Aquatics-they arrived in excellent condition, were well packaged, and acclimated to their new home quickly. There were several different species including a beautiful red serpent. I highly recommend these animals as they are very attractive, have interesting behaviors, do an excellent job scavaging uneated food , are hardy and long lived. Since there were a large number of animals KP Aquatics was very helpful and worked closely with me to make sure I got a nice mix of creatures.
Myles Goldfein

myles goldfein
October 5, 2021


I would recommend buying fish from this place everything packed perfect

Barbara Pinedo
October 2, 2021

Incredible service amazing sealife

I have been working with KP Aquatics for years and after ordering from other suppliers in the past KP is now supplying all of my live rock and livestock for several very good reasons. After several hundred lbs of live rock spanning many orders I’ve never been disappointed. They always know how to handle the rock and preserve as much sea life as possible. The life on their rock is diverse and colorful from encrusting algae, sponges, tunicates and corals to the many species of crabs, nudibranches, shrimp, urchins etc. Bad hitchhikers are a rarity. We never tire of observing the great colors and new creatures that appear sometimes months or even years after shipment.
The care they put into the collection, keeping and shipping of livestock is obvious when unboxing where we find living and healthy specimens ready for your tank every time. As many know, and judging from the number lost fish from other suppliers, Its a tricky business keeping fish alive through shipping. Yet at KP Aquatics they have some uncanny ability to do it over and over again. The survival rate of fish and other livestock from KP Aquatics far exceeds the rates from anywhere else and I’ve worked with many.

Thanks Kara and Philipp for being the best and friendliest in the business.

Scott Ricci
October 2, 2021

Great Rock

Received my second order of starter rock. This is great rock full of life. Thank you KP Aquatics

September 30, 2021

I bought some fish and their Gorgoniums

The Gorgonium is doing great as usual
The Royal Gramma and one of the blow Chromis is doing great.
The other blue Chromis and the Chalk basslet no so much

The Blue Chromis are notorious to perish in the first few days. So it is normal .I don’t have lot of experience with Chalk Bass.

Thank you very much ..

Abhaya Premawardena
September 28, 2021

1st time order

Everything arrived on time and alive. Really nice inverts and 1 purple sea plume. Well satisfied and planning on more orders in the future.

Donald Dean
September 28, 2021

Another fantastic order from KP Aquatics

I recently received another fantastic order from KP Aquatics. Bright beautiful Ricordea were the show stoppers. One was sky blue, another was deep blue, and I lucked out and got a pink! Cleanup crew was lively and thriving, and there have been no losses from my order. Both the price and quality from KP is substantially better than other suppliers. If you’re thinking of placing an order, go for it!

Chris V.
September 28, 2021

Great Blennies

Just got three Pike Blennies from KP. As always the fish arrived promptly and in excellent condition. These are great for Nano tanks but be warned they jump. I highly recommend KP Aquatics.

Richard Strieber
September 27, 2021

Love my sailfin blenny

I had another one for several years who somehow jumped out event hough the tank is covered. I missed him so much and this new one has a ton of personality, squabbling with his reflection in the glass and perching on rocks. Also gets on great with the masked gobies. A nano is the best way to see him. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Jeanne Brown
September 22, 2021

Excellent shipping and live rock!

I will definitely be a customer for life with kp aquatics. The life rock come with tons of life and looks beautiful in my new tank. The shipping was awesome and exactly as promised by what their website says even with monday being a holiday my rock still shipped on Tuesday as advertised! Thank you KP Aquatics!!!!

David B
September 20, 2021

Great customer service

I had a wonderful experience with my order! My shipment arrived on time and alive! I would recommend to all aquarists! Customer service has been unbeatable with follow up emails and check ins! I am a very happy customer and will return in the future

September 1, 2021

This is my 500 gallon

This is my 500 gallon fish tank and all the stuff I purchased from KP Aquatics.

Dennis Gonzalez
August 31, 2021

All marine life thriving!

Everything is great 👍 thriving. Have nothing but good reviews on all I’ve purchased from you guys. Everything arrives alive and healthy. My only problem is that all I have is a 500 gallon tank and I don’t have any more room to put much more in. Thanks again.

Dennis Gonzalez
August 31, 2021

Definitely will order again

I have ordered twice from KQ Aquatics and have been happy with both orders. Will definitely order again.

August 31, 2021

Clean up crew

My tank was in dire need of cleanup crew. Great selection and order was just what I needed. All fish, crabs etc were in great health. Definitely will order agian

August 30, 2021


Shipped perfectly in sealed bags. no rubber bands!!!! Fish were healthy and no waste in the bags. After dripping, introducing, and allowing a few days to get accustomed to the tank, both Surgeonfish and juvie French Angel are fitting in perfect, and thriving. No bullying between the 4 tangs or 2 angels. Happy reef in Indiana!

August 29, 2021


I was absolutely surprised how large these gorgonians were. They opened up almost immediately

August 28, 2021

Fantastic service and product.

I was starting a new build and was ready for the cycling process to begin/end. I chose a hybrid approach. I started with (bacteria spored) “life” dry rock using the fishless cycle method. Day by day ammonia readings was dropping as expected. The nitrites, however, were slow going.

Mid-cycle when ammonia reached zero, I decided to give the process a twist and introduce some live rock from my existing home aquarium (I couldn’t use much as its inhabitants were yet to be transferred) as well as 10 lbs of KP Aquatics starter live rock.

There were some shipment delays which pushed back my receiving date a day. In the summer’s intense heat, it was a concern because it appears the shipper had a bunch of products stalled in their sorting facilities – in Texas of all places! After reaching out to KP about the issue, they instructed me to receive the shipment and if the product was bad (i.e. clear ammonia spike/die-off) to contact them so that they could make the issue right.

Fortunately, KP Aquatics packaged the product quite well and upon receipt didn’t appear to smell bad. It smelled like the crisp clean ocean, albeit a little warm. So I put the live rock in the sump and within about two days I could see a clear difference in my tank. Cloudy bacterial bloom that persisted for weeks was gone and my nitrites were being processed much quicker than they were previously – nitrates within the expected range for my LPS dominant tank. Finally, I was ready to start my migration from my old AIO to my new tank.

Another comment. Though I selected Starter Live Rock, I have to say that the coloration and variation were quite nice, aesthetically. While I would have preferred full live rock for my entire aquascape, I had specific designs in mind and needed to go the route I did. Sump use was acceptable even in such a limited quantity for me.

Thanks, KP for a great product, and thanks for great customer service!

Kokass Angeles
August 23, 2021

The best!

I’ve been ordering from KP Aquatics for over a decade and they (over) deliver every time. Most recently I ordered two feather dusters and 5 masked gobies. The dusters were huge with unique crowns and the gobies all came alive and healthy — and they sent an extra! Love this company!

Dane Contor
August 18, 2021

Incredibly Satisfied!

KP Aquatics goes above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction! Not only do they make sure all of their customers are happy, all of their livestock is top quality and healthy. Everything i have ordered from them has thrived in my tank. Plus, their prices are great! I can’t recommend them enough!

Chad Seger
August 18, 2021

Great Services. Great Work . Great Clean up crews delivered on time and alive and well.

Rest assured if thinking about doing an order do not hesitate. Great service. Good follow up and all arrived well and alive.

Jason Harris
August 18, 2021

The best yet

Ordered twice, everything from live rock to starfish, everything packaged well, arrived alive and thriving.
Have to say, the best aquaculture live rock out there, loaded with life!

August 16, 2021

Wonderful place to order from!

I have ordered twice from KP Aquatics, both times my order came fast and in very good condition. I started my tank with live rock from them, nice coloration and creatures on my rocks! I also ordered a couple of gorgonians, a royal gramma and a sexy shrimp, plus some rock flower nems. Everything arrived alive and adjusted to my tank beautifully. Thank you very much, I will order again when I need more!

Laurie Boldes
August 14, 2021

I’ve been using KPAQUATICS

I’ve been using KPAQUATICS for the last few years and will use them for years to come great service

August 13, 2021

Premium Live Rock

Very nice rock, lots of different sizes shipped, good communication in ordering a specific amount. Lots of hitchhikers that survived transport, some other cool stuff such as macros as well. Would order again!

Jordy Alfaro
August 13, 2021

Great company

Ordered 8 dwarf seahorses, received them in good health, after they were in new home 2 males gave birth in 1 hour. Fascinating to see. Now I have 1 think 9 babies.

August 9, 2021

Dwarf Seahorse

Such a great experience with KP Aquatics! The page glitches up while I was paying but they seriously fixed it right away, and shipped them out the same day as well! I purchased a pregnant male w/female pair & received 2 extras! My ponies are absolutely beautiful! They looked great & healthy! & have already had babies and are expecting again! I’m very pleased with my experience!

August 6, 2021

Great live rock

I purchased the live rock and had great follow up communication with Phillipp. I chose airline cargo shipping in water. It came in just fine. The rock that I received was very beautiful. A lot of colors and different colored sponges and coralline. Just beautiful. I would definitely recommend their rock in water and I will be purchasing again myself. Buy with confidence

Thanks again KP aquatics.

July 30, 2021

Best I’ve seen in years!!

Packaged well. Even though the bottom was blown out of styrofoam cooler and box was wet, I could still feel that water was present. Turns out probably a box near by had sprung a leak and just got mine wet. It was taped well so bottom of box did give way even when soaked. Very impressed with the rock and will be ordering more in the future. I highly recommend the shipping in water. No cycle and everything is living great. Sea stars (brittle) crabs pistol shrimp. 4 colors of coralline and beautiful sponges. Thanks KP! Very impressed!!

July 28, 2021

KP Aquatics Premium Live Rock simply the best!

I did a review on reef2reef! Please click the link to see the video. Customer services is just a great as the live rock he sends! He is the best if you want the best at great prices!

Michael Guerrero
July 28, 2021

Horses are awesome!

I bought 2 pair, and two extra males. They came in beautifully! Excellent size, over 6″ on some (from snout to tail extended). All have different patterns and spots. After only thee days in a quarantine tank (I am overly cautious), they are all eating frozen mysis shrimp! Having bought from multiple hippocampus sellers, I highly recommend these guys! They really look over the fish and livestock well, if there are any issues, they fix it. Thank you for being overly modest on your prices too. Know you are blessed!

July 26, 2021

no heads up

Did not get a call or text that it was going to show up I dont know when it came time wise but at 4:30 when I got home it was by the door in 85 degree weather. I put the bags in the tank and let creatures loos but the horeshoe didnt make it.Sad because he was going to be a great plus to me aquarium. i dont understand why they didnt contact me as requested. I love your products hopefully doesnt happen again

KP Aquatics: We send 2 emails to every customer on the ship day. We did not see a note to contact you via phone or text message if the order was shipped. We can certainly do so. Thx. Philipp

Richard Stivers
July 8, 2021

Beautiful Queen Angel

I have been doing saltwater fish for 20 years. I ordered a Queen Angel from KP Aquatics recently. The price was more than fair. The fish was packaged very well. The Queen Angel is absolutely beautiful. After acclimatization I put the fish in the tank and it immediately moved around the tank with ease. When I offer food the next morning it began eating. The other fish swim with the Queen Angel constantly. Based on my experience, I highly recommend KP Aquatics for your saltwater fish needs.

John Parker
July 7, 2021

Always happy with my purchase.

These guys are really great to work with. Sometimes I have had an issue with the payment page but they always get things worked out quickly in a helpful manner. The gorgonians I got from them are all healthy, and I have had several in my tank for a few years now. The Purple Sea Rods, Corky Sea Fingers, and the orange Gorgs do really great and I have fragged a couple. I stay away from the NPS because I don’t have a good way to feed them.

The cleanup crews always do nicely, and I have some really nice Ricordea I got awhile back that is really flourishing.

I have had really positive experience with KP. They get my full support and I have referred them to several other reefers. I would recommend them to anyone looking for interesting Caribbean species, inverts and macroalgae.

Neil Fox
July 4, 2021

Great rock!

The rock looks great and arrived in amazing condition with nice starfish, shrimp, and urchins attached. Very happy with the packing, shipping and the quality fo the rock is amazing.

July 2, 2021

Great Experience

First time I ordered fish and corals from KP Aquatics. Great experience! Fish and corals arrived quickly and in good health. I appreciate that the livestock is hand collected in Florida. As a Floridian, I support local businesses and will definitely order from KP Aquatics again.

June 30, 2021

excellent experience

I have made a number of purchases from KP Aquatics and I am so pleased with their products and service. This latest order was for masked gobies and they gave me an extra one and they are all doing so well. The beautiful ricordia also.
Thank you!

J. Brown
June 30, 2021

Awsome service and Awsome product

Got 100lbs of some beautiful live rock from the Keys. Shipped in water and arrived in excellent condition. Cycled rock for one week and was ready to add to the tank.
Extremely happy with KP Aquatics

Doug Feight
June 30, 2021

Great Experience Again

Everything arrived in Michigan healthy and alive….the mermaid cup I ordered was gorgeous but was instantly devoured by all of the crabs in my tank… The Toadstool Algae is an amazing touch of green in my reef tank. Fish and coral were eating the day they arrived. Love KP Aquatics… Thanks for the great service 🙂

June 30, 2021

recent order

hi i recently placed and order for 50 cherth snails and 50 blue leg hermits and one pigmy angle every thing was well packaged and arrived in timely fasion the clean up crew went strait to work and can see a big defrence after only a week. will get more for my other tanks soon thanks again frank

frank falango
June 21, 2021

Fantastic Stuff!!

I’ve made two orders from KP Aquatics, and I can’t say enough about either one of them. My first experience was with their live rock. It was covered with life, and I got some very nice hitchhikers. Curlique anemone, mantis shrimp, some kind of SPS coral, black and yellow sponges, tons of feather dusters, a beautiful orange fleshy limpet, and a few bristle worms. Nice macro algae, too.

The second order was for a couple peppermint shrimp and a couple gorgonians. Both of the shrimp molted during shipping, then molted again within a couple weeks. I think this means they’re healthy. The photosynthetic gorgonians were both very nice specimens and decent sized. The purple sea feather had polyps out in 24 hours, the Yellow Sea whip took a little longer, but all polys were out 48 hours later. Both of the gorgonians added a ton of movement and interest to my tank.

I can’t recommend KP enough.

June 17, 2021

Great products, Great company.

First time dealing with KP Aquatics and I am very impressed. I ordered some macro algae and a Longnose Puffer. The algae was nice and green and had a couple of little starfish and a crab. The puffer was smaller than I expected but the cleanest little fish I’ve gotten from anywhere I’ve ordered. I put it in the tank and it moved right in. Started eating right away and gets along with everything in the tank. The communication was very helpful and very quick to respond. To me that’s impressive and should be the way to do business. I will most definitely do business with KP Aquatics in the future.

Lynn Stamps
June 10, 2021






June 9, 2021

Fist Purchase

I just received my first shipment from KP Aquatics and am extremely pleased. This fish, snails and crabs arrived in good order and acclimated well. The fish are thriving and the snails and crabs are doing their cleanup work. I would not hesitate to order from KP Aquatics again.


Julia Burke
June 1, 2021

Awesome company

I’ve ordered twice from them. Everything came happy and healthy. I would DEFINITELY order from them again!

James Kronus
May 31, 2021


Received a beautiful and healthy queen angel fish.
Highly recommend this store for your fish.

May 26, 2021


This was my first time starting a tank with live rock. About two weeks in and everything is going well. Virtually 0 cycle time, was able to add corals and an anemone immediately. Good variety of coralline, sponges, feather dusters, algae etc. No bad hitchhikers afaik. Got a couple pistol shrimp, bristle worms, and a snail.

Christopher D'Arminio
May 25, 2021

Amazing experience

The rock i got in submerged and even the starter rock shipped in paper (both picked up at the airport) is amazing and has been maintaining my perams perfectly in this tank. I actually feel i need more to help the biolode of my seahorses tank. The o. Briareus octopus is in hiding in his tank still as i gave him tons to eat and placed to hide. The Gorgonians and gorgeous and the pipefish is the first healthy wild caught pipe ive gotten.

Erica l
May 19, 2021

Aquacultured Live Rock

I purchased the 15 lbs “shipped in water to your door” live rock package and it was fantastic. Everything was submerged in the bag and there was no leakage. The rock was completely covered in coralline algae but without pest algae. I found a host of feather dusters, tunicates, and sponges (plus a few freebie snails) on the rock, all of which are thriving since arrival (live phytoplankton daily). The rock itself is full of nooks and crannies for things to live and hide in and is attractively shaped. Overall, this is the best live rock purchase I have made…and I bought live rock back in the 90’s when it came from the Pacific!

Mike Berry
May 13, 2021

Pulsing Jellyfish!

Ordered a few upside down jellyfish a couple months ago. They were happy and healthy upon arrival and immediately started pulsing away once placed in my tank. Very interesting little critters!

David Nowatzke
May 12, 2021

Seahorses and Gorgonians at their finest

The gorgonians are so beautiful and quite big for the price you get . I’ve bought from here multiple times and they are absolutely the best no lfs compares and they are not helpful at all. They are located all the way in Florida and still give me the best service I have got from any fish store. I really appreciate people who care about their business and customers as much as KP Aquatics’s does. The dwarf seahorses are so beautiful and had babies right away I’m so happy to have those little guys everyday

May 3, 2021

Another solid Experience

Probably my 5th order from KP and could not be happier. All 3 fish ate 5 minutes out of the acclimation bag. I’ve not had that happen often from a LFS. Corals healthy and amazing value. Opened up quickly. 0 loss on 15 items after 2 weeks. KP is amazing and I have a mostly keys reef tank because of the value they offer.

Patrick Barnett
April 28, 2021


placed an order for a pigmy angel 2 rainbow ricorders 6 pencil urchins even placed an order for 6 toadstool macro after the fact u guys added themto my oder without the extra shipping cost every thing arrived in great condition and everything is doing great very well packaged thank you for your great service will be ordreing in the futra

frank f
April 28, 2021

Wonderful products and customer service

The seahorses that I ordered are thriving and doing well. My order was delivered safely and with expediencey.

Linda C. Stewart
April 28, 2021

My order

Hi how are you I’m just trying to reach out to you guys to let you know that the order came but the fish I never seen him so big I wasn’t expecting fish so big when you say 2.5 inches is what I was expecting these fish have to be 6 inches or better little bit way too big for my fiancé‘s tank and my tank maybe somehow we could try to resolve this I ordered the blue Atlantic tangs If you get a chance can you please get back to me thank you you can either email me or call me my phone number is 917-628-6911 by email is cplu 20038yahoo.com thank you

Charles Plugues
April 27, 2021

1000% Recommended

This shop is absolutely amazing and their livestock is top notch!!! I’ve been having problems finding saltwater livestock here in Kansas that wouldn’t break the bank and these guys are above and beyond! Everything arrived alive, feisty, and ready to go! Not to mention the communication was always spot on! If I could give 20 stars I would! Will definitely be ordering more!

April 27, 2021

Excellent order with KP Aquatics

I ordered a collection of small reef animals to add to my tank. Communication prior to shipping was excellent and everything arrived alive, extremely well packaged, and exactly as was portrayed on the site. I absolutely will order from KP Aquatics again in the future.

Mike Berry
April 25, 2021

Pygmy Angel

I haven’t had them long enough to give a proper review, but they, in two quarantine tanks) are some of the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen.

I appreciate their careful packaging and email reply to questions.

The picture was taken as one of the royal grammas who accompanied the pygmy angels asked, “Is my suit on backwards?”

Wayne Morrow
April 24, 2021

Queen Angelfish

I ordered a queen angelfish. It came in on time and looking beautiful and RIGHT out of the bag. Had it two weeks and other than preventive medication (my choice, no signs on the fish) it’s big, beautiful, eating like a horse and just a bit ornery ,doing great!

April 8, 2021

Starter rock

Got the starter rock and was very pleased. Not cheap but still way better than anything i can buy locally. Very nice shapes that fit well together.

April 7, 2021

Excellent live rock

Received live rock on time , full of life ! Lots of snapping shrimp and 2 emerald crabs , did not observe any die-off , surprisingly not even a trace off ammonia !

April 4, 2021

KP Aquatics – the best!

I have been ordering from KP Aquatics for many years and they always deliver exceptional quality. Always have the best starfish/inverts, live rock, Ricordea and Atlantic blue tangs. Can’t wait until the jawfish come in to order more stuff!

Joe Aromando
April 1, 2021

Don’t hesitate to order this live rock – it is amazing!

I ordered 20 lbs. of aquacultured live rock in February 2021 and I wish that I would have got more. It is worth every penny. There is so much life on it that I am still discovering new organisms almost every day a month later. With next day shipping, there was a little die-off, but nothing terrible, and so much has come back that the rock is absolutely gorgeous a month later. So far I have found baby urchins, a fleshy limpet, a pistol shrimp, some small corals, a sea goddess nudibranch, brittle stars, a chiton, tons of beautiful coralline algae, sponges, etc. There have been no real pests as far as I can tell, no aiptasia at all, just a little valonia.
I would highly recommend this live rock, it is some of the best I have seen in over 20 years of reefing!

March 27, 2021

Shipped in water!

Incredible rock. Shipped in water is the way to go. I ordered 125 pounds of Aqua cultured live rock shipped in water. The freight was quite a bit more but worth it. I cycled my new 240 gal with this. It cycled in 6 days. Did 3, 60 gallon water changes and lost nothing on the rock. After 6 days ammonia zero. Shipped in water is the way to go! I just added another 80 pounds. Zero ammonia. The rock is exactly as pictured with lots of life.

Jeff B
March 21, 2021

I really love the seashores.

All of the seashores came healthy, and I got 4 extra seashores. After 5 days, one of the seashore gave birth to 8 baby seashores. I really enjoy watching them.
I have one question. How much more will the seashore grow?

March 20, 2021



March 19, 2021

Great items!

I have ordered several times with no disappointment with any orders. The queen angel in the last order is spectacular and doing great! Thanks again!

Jake M
March 19, 2021

Arrived safe and sound

Dwarf Seahorses arrived safe and sound and had babies on the 1st day. I think are are doing fine as they are hard to see. Thanks so much.

Joe Horvath
March 19, 2021

Delighted with my Purchase

Everything arrived alive and exactly as described and I received a little more than I ordered. Very happy and I will be ordering again.

March 18, 2021


I just received my dwarf seahorses and they are cool as a cucumber ( not literally ) and doing great. The customer service was outstanding and I will be purchasing again in the near future.

Brian Phillips
March 18, 2021

Great quality critters

I tell everyone I know about KP the best and healthiest clean up crews. Everything always alive and moving within hours. I have been reef keeping for 20 years now and ever since I found KP no one else compares. Great prices and always the healthiest crabs and snails. Other livestock has been great as well. I am a repeat customer and will keep repeating as long as I and KP stick around.

Jorge Jaffke
March 17, 2021

$300 order

For some strange reason the juvenile hermit crab died after only a day? Most of my order was that of gorgonians. It would be much better if they all came in reef plugs. But, no other issues & hope to order again!

Robert B
March 17, 2021

Just beautiful

Bought my second Queen after having to sell my first due to downsizing of the tank.
Happily grabbed a small and she is a prefect size. Three days later she is up and about, eating flakes!
Thank you again.

Jonathan R
March 14, 2021


Been a great experience. This is my first time with gorgonians. It took me a few attempts to glue them in place. I was a little hard on them but they bounced back and are doing great. Great color and size and appear to be quite healthy.

March 11, 2021

Best in the business

I ordered some hermit crabs, some snails and a starfish and all of them arrived in a timely manner and in great condition. I even got a few extras! They all acclimated quickly and weeks later are still alive and thriving. Nobody beats KPA.

March 11, 2021


I ordered 5 crabs,in 2 days all of them are dead… parameters are fine.. wish I knew why.

Tracy Broadwater
March 10, 2021

Excellent Queens

I requested notification when KP had Large and X-Large Queen Angel fish were in stock. Within a week I received an email from KP of availability and immediately ordered Large an XL Queens. The shipped and arrived in time and in excellent condition. Both are swimming easily in my quarantine tank, although both look completely parasite and disease free. The XL Queen (see photo) even ate pellets the first night. Great experience and great prices.

Jody Belzer
March 10, 2021

Six Fish Royal Gramma Harem

Thanks KP for taking the time to get my order ‘just so’. Harems are tricky to set up and you guys went the extra mile to get me just what I needed. Five small juveniles and one slightly larger, should guarantee that I have five females and one male. This will make the settling down process go smoother, as no-one will have to establish dominance. I’ve been a happy customer for years, and I expect it will continue for years to come!

Thanks Again!
Michael Hoaster

Michael Hoaster
March 10, 2021

satisfied customer

Went to a local fish store to get some live rocks, was looking at $800+ for around 90lbs of it. Got the same thing from these guys for $180 within 3-4 days. Reasonably priced and would definitely come back to shop with them again.

Anup Pande
March 10, 2021


Great experience. Everything was healthy, and arrived safely.. Great communication. Livestock was better than I expected. I plan to do more orders with this company.

March 3, 2021

Plants and corals

Fantastic customer service. Had an issue with my order and received help immediately. Ordered corals, shaving brush plants, and sponge. Packaging was good. 2 weeks later and everything is growing.

February 20, 2021

Haven’t received order yet

Due to extreme winter weather in our area, my order hasn’t been shipped yet. It’s supposed to ship next week.

Linda Stewart
February 19, 2021

Fantastic specimens and high quality service

Incredibly healthy scrawled cowfish , ricordea and nasarrius snails! All acclimated well and without hitchhikers/disease! High quality packaging helped keep them all safe on their unplanned continental tour courtesy of UPS. Will definitely be my first stop for my future livestock!! Thank you!!

Neurotic newbie
February 17, 2021

This rock rocks!

I just recieved my 30# of aquacultured uncured live rock today. VERY impressed with the shapes and beautiful coraline algea growth. I was somewhat expecting boring bolders and was plesantly suprised that I got some interesting smaller pieces that will work really well in my 32 gallon tank. I had it shipped in water and there was no detectable die-off and lots of interesting creatures. Smelled like the ocean! The order page is a bit confusing with all the ordering options, but communication with KP and Philipp was good and everything worked out great. If your trying to decide between this and dry rock, don’t even hesitate, get this stuff! Spend the extra $$ to get the rock shipped in water and you will get beautiful rock with very little die-off and have a much more stable tank in the long run. Highly recommend!

Tom S
February 12, 2021

Absolutely the best

I have never experienced such wonderful product
I’ve placed several orders with this company and have always received amazing products.
The live rock is amazing and worth every penny, it was shipped and protected. When it arrived it was teaming with so much life and beautiful coralline alga and various other strains
We also got more than we expected with some cool little starfish and a crab
I would recommend this to anyone and I will for sure be doing a life time of business with KP aquatics

Thomas stroop
February 11, 2021

Great livestock!!!!

I am a repeat customer here and will continue to be. I ordered the blue herm they went to work cleaning up my tank as soon as they were entered. Also recieved some beautiful ricordea.

February 11, 2021


We received or Gorgs on the requested delivery day….packaging was great. VERY pleased with our order,the gorgs are big…not frags. Emails were answered and support was great.

February 11, 2021

Awesome service!!!

I ordered a Ricordea, Candelabra Gorgonian, and a few snails. All items arrived in great condition, packaged well, and acclimated very quickly to my tank. The communication from Kara and Philipp was excellent, they really care about their customers! Will definitely be ordering from them again!

Jeff Lasher
February 10, 2021

This was my second time

This was my second time ordering from KPA, first time being their awesome aquacultured live rocks. This time I ordered a few Gorgs and I was amazed at what I received. From packaging to quality to size, it was all very impressive. Just look at the picture of two of the Gorgs I received! If I have the room in my tank, I will definitely come back for more.

Ting Kuo
February 10, 2021

Great live rock!

Biological smorgasbord of a rock. Crabs, stars,snails, macro galore, feather dusters 2 pencil urchins and a couple cool looking blobs I’m trying to identify (see picture included). All on a 10lb order of great looking rock. These guys are great to deal with, timely replies to questions and fast secure on time shipping A++

Aaron V.
February 10, 2021

The best.

This place is amazing. I ordered rocks and livestock. Both of them were above expectations. They shipped fast and clear. They clearly care for the creatures and I love that they are eco friendly.

I am saving up now to order more things!

Just fantastic.

Dave Dirkswager
February 6, 2021

Buying online at KP aquatics

I’m very pleased with KP aquatics shipping is fantastic! Everything was packed well and temperature was perfect upon arrival. Stingray was swimming in the bag when I opened it. Made acclimation time shorter and animal was not stressed very much at all. I will continue to buy from KP aquatics ecause their products arrive in primo condition. Thanks KP !

Robert DeFinis
February 3, 2021

excellent Gorgonians

I bought some marine Gorgoniums from Kara and Philip . and they are excellent. I have also bought fish from them and they are excellent as well. For me they are the best source for Atlantic and Caribean Marine life.

Abhaya Premawardena
February 2, 2021

15# aquacultured live rock in water

Its been 2 weeks since the addition of the live rock,the amount and diversity of life is staggering,everyday I find something new.you .looking forward to ordering from you guys in the future…as soon as my tank is ready.

February 1, 2021

30 Lbs Live Rock – 6 Crabs, 1 Snail, Brittle Stars, FeatherDusters, Sponges, and way more!

Ordered 30 lbs live rock for a Fluval 32.5G tank, shipped in water via same day air as I wanted as much survivorship as possible for the ecosystem of the tank. Rock looks really great, tons of different life that we’re continue to discover every day. So far one week in and everything is smooth and stable following the directions – I think there was very minimal die off with the wet shipping method. All the rocks covered in nice pink and purple coraline algae. If you want live rock and all of the ecosystem and biodiversity included in it, this is the way to do it!

Jason Seemann
January 31, 2021

Amazing service

I was very ambivalent about ordering livestock through the mail, but KP Aquatics put all my anxiety to rest. The package arrived quickly and on time. My cherub angelfish was understandably a little stressed, but once acclimated he was checking out his new home and even eating algae within minutes. He is in excellent shape and is exactly what I was looking for. To top it all off, the price I got him for was better than anywhere else. KPA has a new lifelong customer!

January 30, 2021

Amazing fish with a clean bill of health

Love these guys. Recently bought a porcupine puffer from them and let me tell you, they really know what they’re doing. My little guy came packed with an exceptional amount of packaging materials and a great heat pack. Will definitely be purchasing most of my Saltwater needs from these guys!

January 28, 2021

Excellent live rock and excellent service.

The best live rock ever! Lots and lots of fauna and flora. Try them with water during the shipment. You won’t regret. I did not have ammonia spikes or funny odor , so they were added tot the tank right away.

January 25, 2021

Great rocks

I ordered 1o pounds of live rock and i have to say I was very happy. The rock is full of life, sponges, macro and star fish. Thanks guys!!!

Raul Mejia
January 25, 2021

Great experience, amazing quality.

1st time buyer. Great service, fast shipping, Great packing, and amazing quality. They where opened up and happy the next day.
All around great experienc.
I definitely would recommend and probably shop here again myself.

January 24, 2021

1st time gorgonian purchase

Before I even placed an order with KP Aquatics, I asked a number of questions , which were answered in great detail by Philipp.. Thank you for that..
When I placed my order it was filled and shipped in a very timely manner considering the difficult times we live in now..
I highly recommend KP Aquatics

January 20, 2021


I placed an order, received order confirmation, received shipping notification and my items arrived on time.

Everything was healthy and after acclimation all things are doing well.

Teri Beasley
January 14, 2021

Live Rock

I purchased 15lbs of premium live rock, from KP Aquatics last week. The rock arrived well packed in water, paper towels and a heat pack. This rock is beautiful with significant coralline algae coverage, some macro algae and plenty of brittle stars and feather dusters. The rock is currently curing in my tank and will be a amazing foundation, structurally and biologically to my reef tank.

Thank you so much!

Matt L.
January 14, 2021

Angels, Tangs and Puffer

I can’t say enough about my order, this was my first order with KP Aquatic and Will Not Be my last. I live in Ohio and all of my 7 fish were very healthy, vibrant, active and quality live stock. This is the only place that you can get this type of service and quality live stock. If they don’t have what you want in stock sign up for the waiting list, they will notify you when they are in stock and you will be VERY VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE, Thank you KP aquatics for such an amazing order.

January 6, 2021

Dry Rock

Dry Rock is very nice. The shipment arrived as scheduled and packed very well. Communication was excellent. Will order from again. Thanks Jason.

Jason Dill
January 5, 2021

1st time order but not the last.

I have a reef tank, setup for years. Sea Rods look GREAT and all are doing well. As all know, it’s hard not to keep adding new one’s to your tank. Very pleased with my order. Well packed, good prices and great looking animals. Thank you

December 29, 2020

Queen Angel

First time buying online, I am very pleased and happy that juvenile queen angel fish arrived very healthy and its eating good, Very pleased with KP Aquatics, will buy again from them.

December 27, 2020

Great Experience!

Great service and fish were healthy when they arrived! Very easy to order ! I will order again for sure!

December 26, 2020

Live Rock

I recently purchased approximately 75 pounds of live rock from KP Aquatics (40 pounds premium and 35 pounds starter). I found their service and communication to be top notch. The rock (shipped in water) arrived as promised and picking it up from the airport was painless. Upon opening, the rock smelled fresh and was covered in coralline algae, just as advertised. Over the last week the cycle on my new tank has been extremely soft (ammonia never exceeded 0.3) and the rock is coming to life. I went with aquacultured live rock to fast track my aquarium. I previously used aquacultured rock and enjoyed the various hitchhikers that came along for the ride. The experience with KP has been no exception. Over the last week I’ve literally observed the rock “come to life”. Positive confirmed hitchhikers so far include 3 mithrax crabs, a slate-pencil urchin, multiple small brittle stars, spaghetti worms, two unidentified 1/2 inch snails, and at least one unobserved pistol shrimp (hear the snapping but haven’t spied him as of yet). Every night I have found something new. All in all, I have been very pleased with the KP experience and would definitely do it again.

Brent Callihan
December 22, 2020


This is my second time buying gorgs from KP Aquatics. I bought 3 different varieties of gorgs, a red tree sponge, a white scallop, sea squirts and a shrimp. All arrived healthy, in good color and condition. They were as advertised as far as size goes. They went thru acclimation then into the display. All are doing well a week later. They all opened up within an hour of placement and appear to be doing well. Thank you!

Scott B.
December 20, 2020

My order of orange clawed

My order of orange clawed hermits, Peppermint shrimp, and Masked gobies came to me in perfect shape. I have been ordering from KP Aquatics for at least 5 years, probably longer, since they used to be Sea Life, Inc.

Shipments always come in in good shape.

Their uncured live rock is incredible.

December 17, 2020


great job as uasal orderd 5 pack emrald crabs recived 6 also ordered 2 red mathrak crabs all arived alive and still alive have a merry christmass will be ordering again after th first have a merry one.

frank f
December 16, 2020

Great Experience

I had never purchased from KP Aquatics before and came across their site while looking for some flower anemones. Found their 10 pack offer – seemed like a great deal for a great selection (especially compared to the competition!). Bought the nems plus a shroom. I received them on time in great condition. The variety of nems I received was perfect. Would definitely shop here again and recommend!

December 8, 2020

mithrax crab order

Thank you for hand picking the crabs-the size was exactly what I requested. Everything arrived healthy and the packaging/boxing was excellent. I look forward to giving you more of my business.
Myles Goldfein

myles goldfein
December 5, 2020

Found what I wanted!

Have been to local Reef stores in Phoenix, online searching, and finally found what I wanted for my 32 Biocube! Ordered, waited , received in record time my new livestock. Livestock in excellent shape. Packaging was very secure. A pleasing business transaction. Will return for more livestock for sure. Gotta shop here.

Steven Wing
December 3, 2020


All as ordered and healthy

December 2, 2020


kp aquatics
the order I just received everything came in great.
the Gorgonians are the best i have ever received.
and the extra pipefish was a nice surprise.
thanks for another order and great prices

mike ritter
November 30, 2020

dry shelf rock

orgerd 25 lbs got 27 lbs this rock is just what the doctor ordered was able to make a buetifull aquascape stacked nicely and looks great in my 75 gal tank do have a question though do u guys have small pieces such as coral rubble for my gobies to use.thank you for your prompt service frank happy thanks giving

frank f
November 28, 2020

A++ Quality

I am so happy I pulled the trigger buying this live rock. It had so many live critters and growth on it. Lots of coralline algae was present; purples, reds, oranges.

Great customer service as well.

Thank you!

Sterling Ballinger
November 27, 2020

AMAZING Aquacultured Live Rock

I ordered 15 pounds for my Fluval Evo 13.5. I had no issues with KP Aquatics and the overnight delivery just with my UPS driver in D.C. who decided to come much later than he was supposed to. I opened the bags and just so much life regardless and color. Already seen several shrimp, crabs, and a flame scallop which blew my mind. I literally had to yeeeet my Petco live rock out of my tank because it was such a blemish in comparison to the KP live rock aquascape. You will not find this type of rock in any store, even without any fish in the tank I still stare at it mesmerized as if it were fully stocked. I was cognizant that the rock itself cost me as much as my aquarium and this is for a reason, you will not find the biodiversity or anything like this. Well worth every penny. I will for sure make another purchase down the road and highly recommend you do the same. No point in me attaching a photo of my own rock, since the pictures on their site really are what you can expect. Thank you!!

November 20, 2020


Good looking stuff, very healthy, timely delivery and good value.
Thank you

November 20, 2020

as always great service

everything arrived alive and well. packed great. order received on time. you can always trust these guys, sent some extra blue leg hermits thanks!

chris wolk
November 17, 2020

nice job

everything alive looking great and doing well.
great prices. I will be ordering soon.
thanks again mike

November 11, 2020

Outstanding Dry Reef Rock

I thought I would try 25 pounds of dry reef rock for kpaquatics after buying some from BRS. I thought the BRS was good but it was not near the quality of dry rock I received from kpaquatics. Their rock is very porous and not as heavy. This is the best dry rock I have ever seen. I plan on getting more.

November 5, 2020

Great specimen s and at a great price

Everything ordered was in good condition . Healthy and active and eating well the 1st and 2 nd day. Nice size seahorses. Always reasonable prices .

Bruce Sliger
November 5, 2020


Ordered a Swissguard Basslet and gorgonian.
The fish is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Came in alive and very healthy. On the third day it ate like a pig and hasn’t stopped eating and adventuring around the tank. Fat and happy now. Extremely pleased with the packaging he came in. Hard to beat the quality and price from KP! I hope to have him for many years to come. The colors are so vibrant and no signs of disease. The gorgonian is pretty but has yet to fully open, and has a small hole in it which I hope doesn’t impact the health. Polyps are peaking out so seems hopeful.

Thank you so much will be a future customer!

November 3, 2020

Amazing little jawfish

Great fish,great service definitely recommended KP Aquatics.

Cody schoenfeldt
October 31, 2020

Beautiful Gorgonians and Ricordea

I received another perfect shipment from KP! My 20 year old tank needed an upgrade. After a new batch of live rock was cured and settled in, it was time for COLOR! So many beautiful and healthy choices!. Everything was packaged with care and arrived in great condition. They even gave me a bonus prize! KP Aquatics always delivers greatness!

October 27, 2020

live rock

Very nice live rock all arrived very nice size rocks just perfect all some color s I wish I had room for more the order came fast too no delays Thanks a Ton to Owners

Rodney jorgenson
October 26, 2020

Seahorse love

Omg are these guys beautiful!!! They gave me way more than I was suppose to get.I am so in love with them, not to mention at least one is pregnant they all came in excellent health. The beautiful the gorgonian is in great shape opened up that day and is a necessity for my seahorse all 12 of them more is much better they seem much happier with more…….wish I got another gorgonian haven’t seen Any thing in the fish stores as beautiful as these no algae

Mary G
October 23, 2020

Go-To Resource

KP is always my first stop when starting a new tank or refreshing an old one. They have a great selection from their amazing live rock to harder-to-find inverts and fish at great prices. Shipping is always prompt, packaging is great, and the customer service is exceptional. Thanks for another great experience KP!

Jessica D
October 23, 2020

One of the best online ordering experiences in this game, thus far!

I truly was so impressed with ordering from Kara and Phillip! My order was shipped fast, packaged perfect and completely dry…. and inside was the most cute VISIBLY HEALTHY cleaner shrimp and FL Yellow Jawhead. I will 100% be ordering from them in the future. Thank you KP!! Ya’ll rock 😉
PS- Totally wonderful to know you guys are located in the Keys… about the only one! You know how us locals love to support one another.

Kristin Story
October 20, 2020

Beautiful gorgonians!

My order arrived promptly, and very well packaged. I ordered several different types of gorgonians. After proper acclimation I placed them in high light, high flow area in my DT. About an hour later they were all fully open, and looking great! They have totally transformed the look of my DT, adding a lot of movement. Would highly recommend KP Aquatics for anyone looking to add gorgonians to their reef!

October 19, 2020

Great service!

Great communication with KP aquatics. Everything arrived alive, super happy, and bigger/better than I expected! Couldn’t believe how fast the shipping was! Will order again!

October 19, 2020


First time ordering a fish online. The sailfin blenny and conch arrived quickly and acclimated well! Both are doing great in my tank, and some of my favorite additions. Thanks KPAquatics!

October 19, 2020

Red Lip Blenny

Just in love with this gorgeous fish! It might have a “face only a mother could love,” but it’s peaceful, grazes on algae all day and is fun to watch!

Elizabeth Nitz
October 16, 2020

Great livestock, price, and service!

Great small business that collects some hard to find corals and livestock. Prices and quality are awesome!

October 15, 2020

beautiful rock

really nice rock, bought another 15 pounds today. cheers!

mark d
October 12, 2020

Good People who care

Great interaction with Phillip before, during and after the order.
Rock is perfectly sized and shaped and colored – looking forward to these strains of calcareous algae catching on
we have loads of little brittle stars and pea crabs we didn’t have before
strongly suggest the use of the rock in setting up new and maturing tanks

Bob Nordgren
October 12, 2020

bleaching Gorgonian

Order 6 item , every thing , but one of the gorgonian is bleaching , I thought because shipping , got bad pieces ,not happy it is die after 3 days

KP Aquatics:  Please contact us with pictures and we are here to help. Bleaching is not a usual problem that is caused by shipping. Normally the flesh would fall off the gorgonian if something happened in shipping.


Tam Tran
October 12, 2020

Great, as usual

Everything came in live. Kara & Philipp threw in 2 extra of the cheaper, more common things, like hermits and snails, to cover potential losses.
I have been buying mail order from them for over 10 years. I have never had a bad order.

Their unseasoned, fresh off their private reef, live rock is phenomenal. Anybody who reads this review should do a small order of it. I have frequently received live rock with live coral polyps, or yellow sponges, or colonial tunicates, or other little critters. To me, this is what I keep reef tanks for. I’ve kept salt water tanks since the late 1960’s, when I was in high school, and reef tanks since the late 1980’s. KP Aquatics is the best supplier of live rock I have ever ordered from and I have ordered from a dozen or more over the decades.

October 10, 2020


1st order from this company. Very pleased, will order again. Thanks for the extra crabs!!

October 9, 2020

Great Service

I must say that everything arrived in great shape and the way KP packages and seals the bags is a notice above any other online vender in the market. Thank you for the great service and live stock. Best Regards Dave

October 5, 2020

First order but there will be more

The three little masked gobies are always out and about. I am a little concerned that they are getting small enough food (I have given them rotifers, copepods, nano brine shrimp but none of those are regular items I feed except rotifers) but they are very cute and active. The sailfin blenny I have only seen once last week since I put him in the tank 10 days ago. He was sparing with his reflection in the glass. I hope he is still there-very cute. There is a lot of coral to hide in even though it is a small tank.
The rock beauty is in my big tank and is eating pretty well and neither the majestic nor the flameback angels are bothering him at all. He is a gorgeous fish. He stood up to a little bit of hazing from my pair of flame hawks. I am keeping my fingers crossed since I have read everywhere that he is a difficult fish to keep long term due to feeding issues.
I am pleased I found you as you have a nice selection that is very reasonably priced and healthy.

Jeanne Meyer-Brown
October 2, 2020

Great quality live rock!

I ordered live rock from KP and couldn’t be happier with the quality and service. The rocks showed up covered in coralline and chock full of life. I will certainly be coming back for my live rock needs in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KP to my friends and family.

Chris Houston
October 2, 2020

Great rock

Ordered some uncurled rock shipped overnight via ups. Very satisfied , multiple colors of coralline, few pistol shrimp, couple of cabs, etc. I will be placing another order when I inevitably upgrade tanks. Thanks!

September 29, 2020

pair of erectus seahorse

I love my pair of erectus! They are so beautiful. This is myb2nd time purchasing from KP. Packaging was great and very secured. Will continue to purchase from KP. High quality seahorses! Thank you KP

September 24, 2020

KP Aquatics rocks!

I purchased some live rock from KP Aquatics. Excellent communication and the rock exceeded my expectations. Well packaged too. I will definitely check them out first next time I need some new creatures for my saltwater aquarium!

September 23, 2020

First time purchase

I have been in the salt water hobby since the early 1980’s. I have dealt with numerous online companies.KP Aquatics ranks very high on my list.I placed my order Sunday morning got a reply from them that they received my order. Order was sent out Monday night I had UPS at my door 9:30AM Tuesday morning. All corals opened up by mid morning. I will order from them again.VERY GOOD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

Bob Mount
September 23, 2020

Great liverock

The live rock was very carefully packaged and arrived in perfect shape.
Will be ordering again soon.
Thank you

September 21, 2020

Amazingly beautiful Cave Basslet

First time I have ever had one, color is amazing, personality is great. Out and about way more than expected. Fish was delivered in great condition, ate within first day. Such a beautiful deeper water basslet. Thanks to KP for making available such a beautiful and well condition fish available.

September 21, 2020


Beautiful rock full of inverts. Thanks again for the purchase. I will be ordering a second shipment from you guys.

William Heineck
September 18, 2020

Lettuce Sea Slugs

The Lettuce Sea Slugs arrived in excellent condition. Would not hesitate to order from KP Aquatics again.

Andy T
September 17, 2020


Snails, Urchins, and Horseshoe Crabs all arrived quickly and in good health.

Jason Minosky
September 15, 2020

Nice gorgonians!

I ordered 5 gorgonians and they were packaged great and all the polyps were our the same day. They are all bigger than what I pictured them being. Definitely would recommend.

September 13, 2020

Great experience!!!!!!

Great company to do business with. Answered any questions I had pertaining to my order without hesitation. Even after the sale and I received my order. Will definitely do business again!!!!!!

Keith Roach
September 10, 2020

Excellent ricordea, even during a pandemic.

Ordered a single yellow-eyed zoa polyp, and four ricordea: a blue, a rainbow, an orange, and an ‘oddball’. I asked for an orange ric with some blue on it if they had one, and for an oddball that wasn’t a color I already had. I got two yellow-eyed zoa polyps (which are very neat, I recommend getting them if some are in stock), a blue ric, a rainbow ric, an orange ric with some blue, and an oddball that’s an interesting shade of blue with a purplish rim. Three of the rics are about an inch to an inch and a half across, which I don’t mind because they’re very pretty, and the blue ric is nearly the size of my palm! Lemme tell ya, I was not expecting this guy to expand that much when I put him in the tank! Had to shuffle a couple of the other rics around to make space, once he’d gotten to full size.
I got nice corals at good prices, even considering that I had to go with express shipping because priority isn’t very reliable right now. Very happy. Will likely order again.

September 10, 2020

Great service

My order came professionally packed and they responded promptly to any questions I had on my order. Great people will definitely order from them again!!!!!

Keith Roach
September 9, 2020

Live rocks shipped in water

First time reefer here, I received 15 lbs of live rocks from KP aquatics this morning , which they shipped in water (upon request) overnight. I was positively impressed by the experience:

+ Packaging was meticulous, there was no leaks, they triple bagged all the rocks , with individual wraps and an additional black waterproof layer in between. There was also an ice pack in there, When I opened the package, there were no odor which was not what I expected and the sponges look good
+ The rocks look amazing , they are various shapes and covered by different colors of algae patches (I don’t know what kind, lol)
+ We found many live things on and off the rocks, and it was an exciting treasure hunting experience for both me and the kids 🙂 what I think we found (thanks to some r2r help on id’ing ) a huge brittle star and 3-4 smaller ones, a horse conch, a couple snails, an urchin, 3 little crabs, 2 gorilla crabs, spaghetti worm, eunicid worm and other unknown worms
+ Also some coral and algae that I can’t name, and a nice feature duster
+ I was really worried about mantis shrimp after reading some posts, I don’t think there’s one (not yet)

Had I knew how amazing these rocks are I wish I could order more , instead of ordering a mix of live rocks and dry rocks. But Philipp from KP told me they could only ship 15lb in water with UPS to make sure secure packaging.

Anyhow , would highly recommend.

You can find more photos in my r2r post: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/live-rocks-in-water-are-awesome.755548/

JJ Wang
September 9, 2020


Very very happy with my order. All animals arrived healthy and in great shape. Love ordering from KP!!

September 9, 2020

Excellent as always!

Everything arrived well packed and healthy!

September 8, 2020


First, Thankyou to all who write Reviews, it helped me a lot. I have a 300 Gallon, Live Rock, with Fish. I was able to get LR, 20, Years ago, when they could still chip it off the Reef. When Friend/LFS, owner, would get a Shipment in, all kinds of animals, falling out of the Rocks, as we picked up from Styrofoam Boxes. Had to shut my Tank down, (Became a Single Dad), 16, Years Later, Set Up Tank Again. Stored my Rock Properly, Cleaned with Pressure Washer, for 3, hours, Live Sand, Aquscape, and order 15, Pounds of AC Rock, I was on a time schedule. Friend helping me, Phillip calls & tells me he only has 12 &1/2 Pounds, (He Knee I was very excited to get the Rock) I could have waited for a full 15, Pounds, but wanted the amount he had. (How Honest, is that, I wouldn’t have known any different !!) So next day arrives (Beautifuly Packaged) I have 100s, of Pounds of Dead LR. I don’t see animals falling out, and was a little bummed. Spoke to Phillip, he said Ed in time it will bring your Rock, back to life, 100%, he said. 2, Months in I started seeing little Animals. Now 5, months in, 100s of Stormatella Snails.(No Joke !! My Rock is so Clean, sometimes worry, enough algae for my Yellow Tang, & other Fish. Serpent Starfish, Limpets, Urchin, Small Snails ?, Regular Sm Starfish, the Good Bristle Worms, Other Worms ? A Beautiful Mantis Shrimp, all over my Rock. I saw ALL this before adding a piece of Rock, from established Tank, now, a couple different Copepods, (Cannot say for sure, Pods came from K.P. Aquatics) But can’t say they didn’t either. 6, Fish. Lionfish, Clown Triggerfish, Majestic Angelfish,Lunare Wrasse & Miniatus Grouper. Lunare & Trigger Up early eating Stormatella’s. Needless to say K.P. Aqu Culture Rock, has brought my Rock back to life, that’s just what I’m seeing, wonder what I’m not. 12 & 1/2 Pounds did all that !! Probably loaded with eggs my guess. No more Rock off the Reef, this is the next best thing. Any Tanks going Forward, I will use this Rock !! Phillip is a Very Honest Man, hard to find in Business these days. Hope this helps you Ed, Massachusetts 9/2020

September 5, 2020

Dwarf Seahorses – A+

I ordered a gorgonian and 10 dwarf seahorses and all arrived safe and healthy (plus a couple extra seahorses) about a week ago. I already have a few babies, too! I’m very happy with my first KP order and would definitely order from here again. Thanks!

Christine R
September 3, 2020

Dwarf Seahorse Beauties!

This is my first purchase. All arrived healthy and absolutely beautiful colors! Happy, thriving, and eating like it’s Thanksgiving! Thank you for your special attention to my order!

September 3, 2020

CUC order

Ordered scarlet reef hermits, Nano serpent starfish, (Nerite,cerith,Fighting Conch)snails, black rock urchin and Corky Sea Finger for my 90 gallon tank CUC. Everything arrived healthy and active. Got a few extra snail, hermits and one Corky sea finger which were very welcomed. After about a week what animals I have been able to see are doing great.
Will be ordering again for KP – thanks for the great service and products.

September 1, 2020

Perfect specimens shipped 3000 miles super fast with no problems!

I had read and heard great things about KP Aquatics, but had been out of the hobby for a few years, so hadn’t had the chance to make a purchase. When I restarted my tank in mid-2020, I was looking for a variety of critters and a few smaller corals, and KP had most of what I was looking for. I was hesitant due to the shipping distance (I’m in the Pacific Northwest) but the package arrived in my hands in something like 12 hours from Florida!!! They included a few extras in case anything died, but so far, I think I might only have lost a couple of snails (out of a hundred or so), and that may be because a few of the hermits had shell envy! In any case, great company to do business with, will buy from again, and encourage anyone considering it to give these great folks your business. Thanks so much and happy reefing!

Tad Cody
August 31, 2020

Very Satisfied!

Everything arrived well packaged, safe, and sound. The quality of the livestock was impeccable and everything has settled into my tank nicely. I’m very happy with my experience and would readily recommend KP to friends and family with no reservations. Thanks!

Chris Houston
August 30, 2020

Great products Great Service

I have been very pleased with all my purchases. Their customer service and communications are top notch. If I ever need gorgonians, inverts or any Florida marine life for my reef tank, I look here first!

Todd Carlson
August 30, 2020

Awesome store to do business with

I have purchased two orders from KP Aquatics. Not only are their prices great, the packaging and communication is excellent. I am extremly pleased. I recommend KP Aquatics to everyone I know in the Aquarium community. They are second to none. If your looking for. trust worthy, fairly priced , professional place to buy your marine needs, then look no further. I will not do business with anyone else. Thank you KP Aquatics.

Patrick Fertitta
August 26, 2020

Live Rock

I was looking forward to receiving this live rock as I have heard wonderful feedback on the quality and abundance of life on the rock. Upon receiving the live rock, most of the life had died off during the shipping process. Overall, I’m disappointed as I trusted that the rock would arrive with better color and life. I now have to cure the rock before I get my tank started. I’m hopeful that we can replace the rock.

Taylor Ballou
August 22, 2020

Live rock

I ordered the 1# live rock add on And chaeto to help Cycle my 2g pico, and I’m very happy. I didn’t get any fan worms or critters, but on such a tiny piece that is to be expected. As they said, the coralline did turn orange right after unboxing and putting it into the tank, but a few days later I see nothing but purple and some spots of bright red. I was also pleasantly surprised with the cycle. I was expecting to have to wait a couple weeks for any die-off to process, but after a day or two of low ammonia and nitrates both readings went down to zero. Will definitely consider this rock again if I start a new tank.

August 19, 2020

Cool hitchhiker

Uncured in existing system. One of many.

August 19, 2020

Good first order.

Uncured rock was rinsed and immediately placed in an established system. Keeping as many hitchhikers as possible is always my goal. It’s worked out great. Many cool and colorful dusters and other creatures are appearing. My urchins love them. Nitrate has remained 0. Emerald crabs are cool. Good stuff. I’m looking forward to some of your corals to be in stock. I’ll be doing more with you guys in the future. Good job.

August 19, 2020

Always a great shipment

Everything I have ever recieved from Kp Aquatics has been in excellent health and well packed. Thank you!

August 19, 2020

Excellent customer service

I have been buying from KP Aquatics for many years. Their fish and inverts have always been of the highest quality. Their customer service is IMO tops of all of the on-line vendors. If in the rare time that there is a problem, they make it right plus more.

Dennis romano
August 19, 2020

I ordered the 25 dwarf

I ordered the 25 dwarf seahorse’s, unicorn Tang two different basslets plus gorgonians and sponges. My entire order was great but the red tree Spong and frilly orange sponge look as if they touched air and look bad but the red ball sponge looks great.
My main order was for the dwarf seahorse’s and I had no DOA’s at all plus three extra. I’ve had them a week all are eating new hatched baby brine shrimp that I hatch every day. I’ve already had 2 of the male’s give birth the one had six babies and other had nine. I’ll add a picture so look close and you’ll see my babies. I just love them little colts. This is a great place to order from and I’ll order again in the future. The key to raising dwarf seahorse’s is only use a 3.5 to 5 gallon tall round or bow front tank with bare bottom and a couple fake plants. for a filter use a Penn Plex small world air pump filter that are half foam and half charcoal and 3 or 4 astrea snails. You can buy replacement filter packs that can be rinsed out and re used several times. Because the foam is only dirty because baby brine get sucked up. And always have baby new hatched shrimp in there tank always. Have it look like it’s a barley able to see snow storm if you keep this way you’ll only need to add once a day. Thanks ,Steve

Steven Tyson
August 17, 2020

Purchased about 35lbs of dry

Purchased about 35lbs of dry rock to set up a foundation in my tank while I gather all necessary parts for my new build and prior to adding live rock. I wanted to keep a level of uniformity in terms of the kind of rocks I used, so it was a no brainer to pick up my dry rock from KP. Really happy overall with the packaging and I’m fairly certain I ended up getting a more than I paid for. Easy to stack, sturdy and not too heavy like some of the competitors out there.

Phillipp & Kara were a pleasure to work with and they’ll be earning my business in the coming weeks when I pick up some live rock.

Craig Maltese
August 16, 2020


I ordered a mated pair of jawfish and neon gobies. All arrived healthy and are doing great a month later. I orsered a couple of other items as well and am very impressed. thank you-Cris I will be ordering again soon

August 16, 2020


Ordered a mantis shrimp and some macroalgae, all arrived in good condition and got one free! Quality and size was nice, perfect size for my nano. Unfortunately the shrimp succumbed to a stress molt but I will order again for the quality of their macros!

Jordy Alfaro
August 14, 2020

Very Happy Long Time Customer

Great shipment as always. I highly recommend Kara and Philip. Great people ! Great company!

Richard Strieber
August 13, 2020

Awesome to deal with all live Good’s 100 %

This was my 1st order from them and it won’t be my last. All my life stock came in looking great. Love the seahorse’s and fish everything is eating. 100% Highly recommended!

Steve Tyson
August 13, 2020


Hi I recived my order iin good time and well packaged thank u for the extra goodies question how do u know when it is time to harvast some cheato I haveit in the main tank will br ordering more along with some other stuff that u currently are out of stock thank u and keep up the good work frank.

framk falango
August 11, 2020

Dwarf seahorse pair with pregnant male

I am more than happy with my dwarf seahorse order. I ordered a dwarf seahorse pair with pregnant male and received 2 pair. One of the males has already had babies!

August 10, 2020

Customer Service Appreicated

Hello, I want to express my delight with KP Aquatics! Kara and Philipp are terrific people to work with. They take the time to follow up and ensure my live fish order was to expectations.

My story, I have been looking for a Sea Robin fish over several months. This is not a common fish that most retailers would carry. I came upon KP Aquatics and was bit hesitant whether this web site was legitimate. I reached out to the contact, Kara and Philipp quickly ensure me they had in inventory the Sea Robin. They fare very honest as to what the fish condition was and to make sure I was satisfied with the fish before shipping it.

I have to say, great customer service and great prices for the fish. Definitely looking for future purchases!

August 10, 2020

Regret not buying sooner.

Bought 25lbs of dry reef rock. 10lbs of cycled live rock from a local fish store. Took a chance with KP Aquatics and bought 10 lbs of live rock. The rock cycled very well. I didn’t end up with a lot of die off. And it looks like there’s more of the live rock than the dry rock. Its so very porous. If I would have know how beautiful and full of life these rocks truly were. ALL of my rock needs would have been bought here instead. And maybe I wouldn’t have to battle as much hair algae.

Will buy from here again when I need too. Thank you for the amazing rock and on time delivery!

Sharon Lynch
August 10, 2020

Very Professional Well Packed Good Size Portions Very Satisfied

I have ordered from many vendors and hobbyists in my life and have to say this one of new favorite places to shop. They have some cool rare things that you can’t find here in upper Midwest. Could not be happier with their service

Travis Marohn
August 8, 2020

Best in business

Glad I found them. Packed great, on time, good prices and all healthy. Couldn’t ask for anything more.
Have credits from other places for lost products. Gave up, got tried of sickdead fish and paying shipping over and over, trying to get what I paid for.
Save your self the trouble and money and shop here. You’ll be happy you did.

David Ostheimer
August 8, 2020

Great Florida fish

KP Aquatics are great shippers and offer an array of Caribbean fish and inverts that I rarely see in stores. I really appreciate the work that they do and definitely plan on future purchases with them.

August 6, 2020

Dwarf Seahorses

I ordered a pair of seahorses with a pregnant male last week, Cane in by 9 am this morning, AND I got 3! happy as ever! Got em transferred to the tank and fed em some live brine and they couldnt be more satisfying to watch! Thank you kp!

August 4, 2020

Fantastic rock and great service.

I just received my first order from KP and am VERY pleased. The rock looks great! Communication and customer service were excellent as well. Thanks!

Mike G.
August 3, 2020

what a gem

This week i got the most beautiful tiny swissguard basslet its tiny 1.25 inches at most. And as always it was shipped prefect and is feeding and doing well.

paul dushay
August 1, 2020

Excellent experience

I’ve been looking for a few good looking fish for my nano, and I decided to see what KP Aquatics had in stock. I was pretty happy when I saw they had a Swiss guard basslet in stock.

He had a long trip to Washington state, but once he arrived he started his recovery and after a day or so he comes out of his hole to eat. Great addition, and I can’t wait to move him from quarantine to display. I had a few worries about him, which I reached out to KP Aquatics about, and they responded immediately.

Stumbled onto KP Aquatics a few months ago, and I’m glad I can still go to their website and find an occasional gem for my reef.

Thanks guys. Keep doing what you’re doing.

July 31, 2020

Green blotch parrot fish

All arrived in good health and are doing great thanks so much

Gary Cooper
July 30, 2020

just amazing!

Wow just amazing. I placed a big order to get the free shipping and o boy was it worth it. All the fish looked amazing. All the gorgonian corals are all open up and looking plump. Even got some free bees. I’m already planning the next order.
Thank you guys at KP aquatics.

Felix Hernández
July 30, 2020

fish order

I was satisfied with the packing and the condition the only problem I have is that those who are leaving packages on a stoop in 90 degree weather in full sun luck has it that someone was able to bring inside before too much heat got to it.
Outside of that I plan to order more shortly

harold hazard
July 24, 2020

another great order

it’s always fun sorting through all the packaging to see what i received. mostly inverts this time, but everything arrived alive and in good shape, along with some extras. it’s hard to justify shopping anywhere else with these guys around.

July 23, 2020

They impress me every time

This is my 3rd time ordering I am always impressed with the Quality and the care that KP aquatic takes when they ship. The marine life is absolutely beautiful I will go to them again and again and I would recommend that anyone who wants good quality healthy marine life shop with KP aquatics.I couldn’t be more pleased I will shop again and again.

Angie from michigan
July 23, 2020

Great service and product

I was very happy with communication, product, shipping and pricing from KP Aquatics . I bought 3 Ricordia for the price of one from another online vendor. Definitely will do business again! Thanks

Dennis Basile
July 22, 2020

Perfect like aways

KP always goes out of their way to make sure I get What I want And it comes in the best health. #1 place to buy salt water stuff.

Robin Stevenson
July 22, 2020

I am a long time

I am a long time buyer from KP Aquatics. I have never been disappointed.

Dennis R
July 21, 2020

Great service

I recently purchased a Surgeon Tang, Hairy Chiton, and Nerite Snails on 7/13/2020. The customer service was excellent and the best I have ever had through email they were quick to answer any questions I had. My order was placed on a Friday and was shipped on the following Monday. I received my order and everything was packaged very well the tang was stressed from the shipping process but happy now. I have had no losses from this order in fact they tossed in some extra snails at no cost. I was a first time buyer from this company and I am pleased to say I will be a repeat customer.
Thank you KP Aquatics.

July 18, 2020

Great stuff

The uncured live rock was a great purchase. Lots of life, minimal die off, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLY ACQUIRED!
I have set up tanks with dry rock before, and after having KP aquatics rock I don’t think I can ever go back. Just make sure you have a lot of saltwater ready… curing requires quite a few water-changes, but it is well worth the effort, as there is really no other way to get this amount of diversity. I see many different forms of coralline, sponges, feather dusters, and some macroalgae. Some of this stuff cannot simply be purchased in a bottle or at the aquarium store.
But as we all know, the true diversity in our aquariums is taking place on a microscopic level. I have no doubts that this rock comes alongside thousands of bacterial colonies, all playing an essential role in ensuring our nano ecosystems are stable and healthy.
While KP aquatics rock is considered to be higher priced, you get what you pay for. I truly believe what these people are doing is a great cause. Pick some of this rock up, you will not regret it.

Christian H
July 17, 2020

Hi I’m Al …. I’m

Hi I’m Al …. I’m very satisfied with KP aquatic. I’m very happy and satisfied and looking forward to buy from the website thanks KP aquatic

Alejandro Torres
July 16, 2020

Another awesome shipment

My mated pair of yellowhead jaw fish and a pair of neon gobies arrived at looking beautiful as ever! The cherub angelfish is such a beautiful little addition to my tank. And thank you, Philip for that gorgeous sunshine damsel- a cheerful and peaceful addition to my Florida Keys tank. Thanks especially, for helping my husband and I design a tank that reminds us of our trip to the Florida Keys. It is wonderful to have a permanent piece of the Atlantic in our Detroit living room!

Elizabeth Nitz
July 16, 2020

Another great shipment

I have been buying from KP Aquatics for a good 10 years now. The livestock always comes in in good shape. This time, the temperature on my front porch was in the low 90’s. The snails and urchins were in perfect condition.

July 15, 2020

cave basslet

About two weeks i purchased a 2 inch cave basslet. As with other fish i have gotten from kp aquatics this fish was shipped awesome and is now a beautiful jewel in my reef tank.Great service from a reliable collector, not no joke . Good honest people that have pride in what they sell.

Paul dushay
July 10, 2020

Highly recommend

You guys never disappoint… Thank you for always going above and beyond…

July 10, 2020

Great service

My order arrived on time and in excellent condition. I actually changed my order at the very last minute. Philip went out of his way to accommodate my request. I’ve ordered multiple times. Each time everything is flawless. Thanks again

Joe J.
July 7, 2020

Seahorses and corals

I ordered two seahorses and an assortment of mini corals from KP. The shipment arrived perfectly and everyone has been happy and thriving since. I am in love with the products and fair pricing and will absolutely do business with them again. I would recommend them to anyone! Their website has helpful information on each animal which I definitely appreciate.

July 1, 2020

dwarf seahorse

I love my new seahorses. They are beautiful! (Have 3 pairs) I can watch them for hrs after a stressful day at work. The packaging was excellent! They are all swimming and eating. They already have their favorite spot in the tank. Will order again soon. Trust KP Aquatics! They are professional!thank you KP

July 1, 2020

Great Livestock

Everything that came in was beautiful. I love the crabs, gorgonians, baby Atlantic Tang, and the customer service was terrific. Looking forward to buying from them again. Thanks.

July 1, 2020


I have ordered Live rock from KP prior, and it was super high quality. This time I ordered a cherub angel, chalk bass and blenny, along with a number of riccordea, and other softies.. Everything arrived healthy, and all items exceeded my expectations on quality, value, etc. KP is top notch. I will order from them again.

Patrick Barnett
June 30, 2020

Beautiful Dwarf Seahorses

I absolutely love the Dwarf Seahorses you sent to me. I appreciate that you updated me that a delivery truck had a flat tire, and that you would send me a new order. My seahorses are in excellent health, and I enjoy watching them. Both males had multiple ‘baby’ seahorses. They are adorable. Thank you!

Sheena Campbell
June 30, 2020

I’ve never been disappointed

I have been ordering from KP Aquatics/Sea Life Inc for over 10 years. I never have been disappointed in the quality of their livestock. Everyone arrives healthy, well packaged, nicely sized. There are certain things I will only order from them, including red brittle stars and gorgs. Customer service is top notch, good communication, what else can I say? 🙂

June 29, 2020

Excellent Service and Healthy Livestock at a great value!

I’ve received 2 orders from KP Aquatics and been thrilled by both. I wish I could post more pictures! The 2 juvenile Yellow head jawfish have been growing fast and providing great entertainment. The sponges I ordered are large and healthy. They have sent me more than I ordered both times and every item is thriving! I’ll be ordering again 😀

Rhonda Taylor
June 29, 2020

Took adequate time, got delayed

Took adequate time, got delayed but still arrived timely manner and the snails we’re all alive except like 4 of them overall not bad turnout

David Williamson
June 28, 2020

Sting ray

Bought the sting ray from kpaquatics the weekend before Father’s Day shipped overnight happy and healthy sting ray eating and very active great people to do business with I will continue to purchase through kpaquatics

June 28, 2020

My predator tanks looking SickAF right now thanks to KPAquatic’s

Hey what’s up guys Thanks for checking in n thanks for everything We love the fish a lot! wife n three kids love em my baby daughter goes up to them all every morning n says fish’s one of her only words she knows I’ll leave a good review you guys deserve it ! sorry for the late response been busy had a good bbq yesterday tho 🤣 oysters n Coronas yeeee I’ll put fish reviews also to help out people like me anxiously waiting 😂 you guys are awesome I’ve been recommending you guys to all my friends and family cheers to KPAquatics 🍻 💯 💯! I’ll b back for more 🙂

Manuel Sosa
June 28, 2020

Perfect Pieces

I bought 25 lbs. of this shelf rock and immediately ordered 10 more lbs. of it, I love it, it makes perfect shelving, flat and stackable or for finishing pieces of your rock work, makes levels easy work, perfect resting places for your corals, worth every penny as long as they are delivered unbroken, KP aquatics do a fine job of packing the rock with bubble wrap to ensure you don’t end up with a box of rubble, so if you are building a new tank or re-doing an old one, like I just did, these rocks are a perfect compliment for the finished product.

Sal Porto
June 28, 2020

Great place

I am a returning customer. I just received my live rock. So thrilled with it, looks fabulous, multicolored, varied shapea and sizes. I couldn’t be happier. KP Aquatics is awesome I lobe my 2 yellow headed jawfish, my yellow coral banded shrimp, toadstool grass and zoas. Thank you so much. I will be back.

June 27, 2020

Serpent Starfish Order

My order came very well packed with no delay in shipping, the starfish looked super healthy and matched the color based on the photos really well. I am overall really happy with this order. Great company!

Scottie Jensen
June 26, 2020

First time buying online

I’ve always been wary about buying live animals online. However I took a leap of faith and Im glad I did. My crab and Fighting Conch are both doing great! They settled in immediately and are nice additions to the tank.
ALL plants are doing well and thriving.

I will be a repeat customer.

June 25, 2020

Amazing customer service

Product arrived on time and as shown on web amazing quality! Thank you!!

June 24, 2020

Excellent Quality

As always the fish I received from Kara and Philipp were
absolutely first quality!

June 24, 2020

Awesome buying experience

Very quick response. Package arrived packed very well and on time. They definitely take pride in their work and it shows. Will be doing business with them again for sure.

David Niemczyk
June 24, 2020

Good product and good service.

Ordered a few odds and ends. All arrived in great condition as usual. I acquired a large number of snails and placed them in a pile at the front of the tan. They have all craved off to explore so I guess they survived. I will no doubt order again.

John J Smith IV
June 23, 2020

Happy customer

This is one of my go to places of a select few. They have great customer service and response . I get what I order. The toadstools are amazing and I can’t find them anywhere else. Just had a black and white spiny urchin show up out of nowhere. My jawfishpair are very interactive and fun to watch also. PS maybe they can find a pink streaked wrasse for me.

June 23, 2020

Exceeded my Expectations

I ordered some uncured live rock and had no idea what to expect. I read a lot of chatter online about companies who claimed to sell live rock either didn’t or the quality was garbage. Not from KP Aquatics. The rock came in exactly as advertised and the amount of live animals that were still alive, not to mention the quality of the rock was simply awesome. Hopefully, my tank cycle time will be cut because of the quantity and quality of living bacteria on the rock (fingers crossed). I will definitely be making my next rock purchase from these guys when I upgrade my tank.

June 19, 2020

First order

Just got my first order of some various inverts and sea fans. Very well packaged, after a week all appears well, and my single blue zoa appears to be more like 4 or 5. Thank you!
My order also came on the day requested, so thank you for that as well. The ONLY issue was that the delivery driver left the box on its side, when it is clearly marked to keep it upright. Not KP’s fault, but they should complain to the shipper. I’ve had this happen before, it’s annoyingl.
Will definitely order again!

Greg Kleinman
June 18, 2020

Seahorses arrived safe

Thank you for the wonderful seahorses!!!
They are doing great!!! Very healthy and eatting well..
Please if you get any more for $35.00 let me know!!

Larry Hagensicker
June 17, 2020

Longtime customer back for more!

KP is the best, what else can I say. Been purchasing from KP randomly over probably 15 years.
Live rock was literally 100% covered with coraline (and in colors I’ve never seen before). Small yellow tang was eating within hours of acclimating. Fat and happy and little sassy fellow! The mystery freebies were awesome (2-12” sea feathers) that are open and feeding whenever the lights are on. Really couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried a couple other similar companies in the Keys and had problems. KP is my go to and consistently delivers quality for cheap prices! Thanks!

June 16, 2020

Dwarf Seahorses

My Dwarf Seahorses arrived early Wednesday morning (1 week ago) as advertised (via UPS).
The seahorses arrived in good shape, are swimming around the aquarium (well as fast as seahorses can swim), and have already given birth to babies!
Thank you.

June 16, 2020

Nice stuff

I have ordered from KP a lot in the past. Everything has arrived healthy, the gorgonians and ricordia are especially nice.

June 16, 2020

Great product and services

I purchased an live rock order, the rocks came in looking real nice with lots of life. Philipp was great, looking to minimize my shipping cost while making sure the rocks came in with minimal die off, also great communication during the whole order process. Highly recommended and will definitely order again.

Thanks again!

June 15, 2020

Very happy with KP

I ordered 15 lbs of uncured live rock from KPA. It came as advertised. It took me about 10 days to get my ammonia down to zero. Rocks were covered in coralline and sponges. I have bought live rock from LFS before and it does not compare to what I received from KPA. I am so pleased that I ordered another 20 lbs this morning. Thank you KP Aquatics.

Andy Dinh
June 15, 2020

Royal Gramma

Beautiful fish. On the third day, they ares till taking only BBS.

I also purchased three ultra rock flower anemones.
I wonder how they get them off a rock, and my Wife wants to know, “How do they find these little bitty fish in the whole ocean?”

Wayne Morrow

Wayne Morrow
June 14, 2020

Great Business !

I just love my Gorgonia I purchased they are gorgeous and huge . I definitely will buy from your company again .

Renee Asselmeier
June 13, 2020

All arrived healthy and happy!

I am very pleased with this company and their animals, as well as professionalism with their communication. Excited to buy more in the future!

Neil Tournoux
June 12, 2020

Healthy Fish

I’m a return customer and will continue to order from KP. Absolutely love the livestock from here. Never any issues with poor shipping or unhealthy fish.

June 11, 2020

Great service!

I ordered a 10 pack of seahorses with some snails and hermits. Everything arrived alive and I’m very happy with the health and packaging of the critters! 3 of my seahorses have given birth since arriving almost 2 weeks ago! I’ll definitely be ordering from here again when it’s time for me to get stuff.

Thanks KP!


Greg. C
June 10, 2020

Best rocks

Best service and communication.Overall everything is great..!!
I would recommend KP aquatic if anyone want a real ocean live rock.This is my second times that I had ordered from KP aquatic,Great service.

June 10, 2020

Always great service

Its been a while since I posted a testimonial so I thought I would do so again. I’ve been ordering livestock from KP Aquatics for about 4 years now and I have never been disappointed. Most recently I ordered some Roughhead and Pike Blennys, sea urchin and sponges with Zoas. All are doing fine as I have come to expect. I will be ordering more as items become available.

Thanks again all!!


June 8, 2020

Dwarf Seahorse purchase

I couldn’t be more pleased. Arrived quickly, well packed.

2 of the males were pregnant & gave birth to several fry.

All are eating frozen baby brine & copods.

My only regret is I didn’t purchase more.

Doris West
June 7, 2020

Dwarf seahorse purchase

They arrived very quickly , all were safe. Two males were pregnant & had several fry.
Been a week now & almost all are thriving & eating frozen baby brine & copods.

Wish I had order more.

Doris West
June 7, 2020

Incredible Live Rock!!!

I purchased 15 lbs of LR for my 10g Nano and Philipp shipped it to me in WATER per my request. It was more expensive to ship but WELL WORTH IT! I had absolutely NO die off. Tons of brittle stars and even an impressive crop of bright orange sponges that are still alive! I saw maybe a slight bump in NH4 and a max NO4 of 10. It has been less than a month and I already have fish and inverts with perfect parameters. I can’t recommend this stuff more highly! Purple corralline still looks gorgeous. Thanks a million, KPA.

June 3, 2020

Great experience

Very fast and prompt shipping. All animals are in a very good condition. Thank you for sending me beautiful critters.

June 3, 2020

The best tropical fish collectors in the state of Florida !

I have a 540 gallon fish aquarium . I only have one fish that I caught myself. Only one fish that I bought from a local store. I’ve ordered a couple of times from other collectors in the keys before but I didn’t have good success with there products. Then I received my first shipment from you guys at kpaquatics, then everything changed. All the fish were fat and healthy looking, and eating the very next day after there acclamation. And in the process of my acclamation went very good because the water that the fish arrived in the Ph was still above 8.0 which is less stress on the fish. And I m now on my fifth or sixth order and
ready for more . You can’t go wrong with any products from kpaquatics. The Best!

Dennis Gonzalez
June 2, 2020

They did it again!

I placed my second order with these guys and they not only provided me with excellent quality (and still living) products, they exceeded my expectations. I would definitely be placing another order when I start setting up my reef tank. The only question I have is do they have military discount (I forgot to ask;))? As I said before, I would definitely recommend these guys to all of my family and friends.

May 31, 2020

Another awesome shipment!

Once again I am ecstatic with the shipment I have received! Gorgeous ricordeas, healthy porcelain crabs, and amazing mated pair of banded shrimp! Last month I was overjoyed with the great gorgonias and sweet little baby briareus I ordered. I had asked for ideas of what to put in my tanks, and I’m very happy with the appropriate suggestions Philip gave, and of course with the quality of the live stock I received! I really just can’t recommend KP Aquatics enough!!!

Elizabeth Nitz
May 28, 2020

New Customer!!

So I have been looking for gorgonians and normally go to websites like liveaquaria. I stumbled onto KP aquatics by accident, and thought I’d give them a try.

Was very happy with my gorgonian. It arrived very quickly, well packaged, and is very healthy. Kp aquatics just got a new customer. Thanks guys.

May 28, 2020

Recent order

This is my second time ordering from KP Aquatics. Again, another great shipment of fish, ricordeas and gorgonian. Everything was packed well, no leaks and no DOA. The masked gobies are doing great, even the tiny one.

Doug Rouner
May 27, 2020

Excellent product and very good service

I created this video to upload to youtube

So please feel free to show customers

Abhaya Premawardena
May 27, 2020

Excellent product and service

I placed an order for 15 lbs of live uncured rock. I had asked for them to pull the rock on a Tuesday so I could have by Wednesday. The rock arrived Wednesday morning in perfect shape. It was well packaged and had lots of life on it.

Will be looking to stock the tank with livestock from them as well.

May 26, 2020

Great coral

Great looking corals. Everything g showed up in amazing condition and were wrapped perfectly. Great packaging with their bags and insulated box! Exactly or better as described! Thanks for the great corals KP Aquatics!

May 25, 2020

Dwarf Seahorse

I could be more happy with my purchase from KP! My three pairs arrived happy and healthy. I haven’t even had them a week yet and one of my males gave birth. I was able to get an awesome video. I definitely will only come here for future purchases! I included my male and his new baby! He had over 10 of them!

May 24, 2020

Dwarf Seahorse

I could be more happy with my purchase from KP! My three pairs arrived happy and healthy. I haven’t even had them a week yet and one of my males gave birth. I was able to get an awesome video. I definitely will only come here for future purchases! I included my male and his new baby! He had over 10 of them!

May 24, 2020

Dwarf Seahorses

I couldn’t be more happy with my little guys! They arrived totally healthy and happy! I haven’t even had them a week and already one of my males gave birth to over 10 babies! I’m obsessed with my little guys!!! I was able to watch him give birth and got an awesome video.

Mckrai Petaja
May 24, 2020

Yellowhead Pearly Jawfish

I purchased 6 juvenile yellowhead jawfish for my new 280 gallon peaceful reef aquarium. They arrived very well packaged, healthy, energetic, eating and beautiful!
Purchase with full confidence.
Thank you KP Aquatics for the centerpieces of my tank!

Wendy Lyon
May 23, 2020

Queen Angel

Gorgeous , flawless, my fish was over 5 inches long!
The Queen Angel was shipped overnight, it arrived Boxed, with interior of the box had six sheets of styrofoam … and a heating packet.
The fish started eating within an hour and has not stopped.
I highly recommend KP.
Buddy Gentile
A reef guy for over 25 years.

Buddy Gentile
May 20, 2020

Overall a Great Experience!

I LOVE the live rock that I got from you! It is much nicer than most of the stuff I have ever bought from overseas. It has cycled nicely and kept most of its color, I can’t wait to see how it matures.
The other livestock I ordered came in well packed and in great shape.
The ricordeas and discos I ordered are great! Very nice and settled right in. The zoas took a few days but the are all opening up and look very cool. The striped rock flower I got is healthy, but it is just kinda…tan. Not what I expected at all, I really don’t like it.
Overall though 99% of what I have bought is great.

Jeremiah Donahou
May 20, 2020

Excellent service

I recently started to order from KP Aquatics and I must say that I am one happy customer. I usually get my coral frags from LFS and rarely order online due to not being able to see the corals myself or trust them to follow my request. I have been very happy on that account with KP Aquatics. I also appreciate the care they put in to ship the corals to their customer and the quality of their animals. Also Phil has been wonderful answering any of my questions within 24hours. I have a nano tank (reefer 170) and their corals are perfect for my tank.

Thank you KP Aquatics!


Rosie Conte
May 19, 2020

Great company, great animals, great service

I live in a very rural part of Northern Minnesota. Most things get here overnight, albeit later in the day. Ordered from KP and thanks to UPS, it took two days to get to me. Just about every fish was nearly dead from ammonia, five chromis and two tiny tangs. The mushrooms didn’t care and opened as soon as I put them in to the tank.

Doing a very quick (10 minute) acclimation to get them in clean water, ALL the chromis made it, and one of the tiny (less than an inch) tangs perked right up and now, roughly a week later is always begging for food. One didn’t make it, at no fault to KP. That’s on UPS, not them.

Oh, and I ordered four chromis, they sent five. I ordered two mushrooms, they sent three. Ordered 15lbs of live rock, they sent 18. Order a single mangrove to try out, they gave me an extra one.

Outstanding serve, price, and customer service.
Already thinking of another fish order!

Thanks to KP, very happy with the order!

May 19, 2020

First order live rock

Very nice rock! Didn’t really know what to expect but I’m happy with my order. The rock was very colorful and alive. Shipped very fast. And I will be ordering again soon!

May 19, 2020

First order

Bought quite a few things on my first order. Was seriously impressed with the juvenile jaw fish, got 7, 3 weeks into quarantine and they are doing great! Bought a lot of different gorgonians and they are all doing well(got several freebies). The only disappointments were the chiton was doa and the ceriths had a high mortality. Never asked for a claim/credit on them though since everything else was so good

May 18, 2020

Excellent service

I recently started to order from KP Aquatics and I must say that I’m one happy customer. I usually get my coral frags from LFS and rarely order it online due to not being able to see the corals myself or trust them to follow my request. I have been very happy on that account with KP Aquatics. I also appreciate the care they put in to ship the corals to their customer and the quality of their animals. Also Phil has been wonderful answering any of my questions within 24hours. I have a nano tank (reefer 170) and their corals are perfect for my tank.

Thank you KP Aquatics.


Rosie Conte
May 18, 2020

Best quality and best prices.

I’ve been ordering from KP Aquatics for years, in fact even before it was called KP Aquatics. Their fish and invertebrates are unfailingly the best quality and healthiest available anywhere, and at the best prices by far. They are a class A operation in every respect.

John Marcinski
May 18, 2020

Great fish

I am a long time repeat buyer. As usual, the fish were healthy and ate immediately and the rock anemone was huge.

May 17, 2020

Great Products, and excellent quality and customer service

I have placed a dozen or more orders from KP Aquatics over the last couple of years. Price, quality and customer service are the best of any online retailer. Love that they have unique items, at great prices.

Brian M.
May 17, 2020

Everything arrived well, no losses.

Everything arrived well, no losses. It was packaged professionally and shipped fast. Even got some extra polyps. Great team, would shop again!

May 17, 2020

Always a pleasure doing business with KPaquatics

always fast shipping and very healthy animals. KPaquatics has great customer service

May 15, 2020

Everything arrived on time, alive

Everything arrived on time, alive and healthy. Great buy. Couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere else I looked. Thank you for your great prompt communication

May 14, 2020

Perfect communication, great experience

I ordered a N.Curacaoensis from KP, they accidentally sent me a R.Komaii, but I sent them a message with a picture, and they were very apologetic. Unlike any company I’ve ever ordered from before. They sent me a N.Curacaoensis and he’s perfect. I have both fresh and salt water tanks and have ordered online before but have usually had terrible experiences. I would definitely order from them anytime! Also just to point out the shipping and packaging was thought out with care to the animal.

Amanda Valadez
May 14, 2020

everything arrives alive

Almost everything I have ordered from KP Aquatics has arrived in perfect condition. I once had a problem with sea urchins spawning during transport but Kara sent a replacement order right away. I have had a beautiful purple gorgonian from KP Aquatics for over 5 years and it is still growing. I grew up in Florida but now live in California. The gorgonians and macroalgae like Udotea, rooted Halimeda and Penicillus remind me of my childhood and are never offered in local fish stores here.

Frank McNally
May 13, 2020


great company everything arived on time was well packaged and alive the jaw fish are doing great took about a week for them to find the rite placed to make there burrows and eating good 5 stars will buy from them again

May 12, 2020


KP provided a healthy octopus in a timely fashion. Acclimated well.

May 12, 2020

Livestock Always Fat and Healthy

All the livestock I’ve ordered from here is always healthy and the size is always generous. I have always been happy with the fish I have gotten from Large Queen Angels to small Yellowhead Jawfish, the fish always have had vivid, bright and healthy colors. Definitely one of the good guys out there, I would not hesitate to recommend. Truly solid group!!!

Charles W.
May 12, 2020


This was the first time I’ve ordered anything live over the internet. Reading some of the testimonials at other sites, I was concerned. However, KP Aquatics alleviated those concerns. They made placing my order easy and effortless. The shipping process was also effortless. I was informed in every step from preparation, to tracking and delivery. My animals arrived on schedule, alive and healthy. I even asked for an additional consideration in my order in which they obliged without hesitation. I will gladly recommend KP Aquatics to my family and friends.

May 11, 2020


I received an enormous order with a variety of creatures, and everything arrived in perfect condition, and not even one single snail has perished as of a week later. 10/10 as usual.

Felicia McCaulley
May 10, 2020

Healthy Marine Life

It’s always a pleasure doing business with KP Aquatics. They really care about the marine life they sell, and that is evident from the descriptions on the website to the way they package and ship your order. Everything arrives healthy and vibrant and for prices that blow their competitors away!! I only wish I had more room for more tanks to fill! Thank you Kara and Philipp!

May 8, 2020


This is the only place to buy any sea life from Phil and Kara treat you like family perhaps we should start some Family Club for regular customers buy from KP and you will never buy anywhere else! The service and quality is unmatched by the big guys Live Aquaria etc and prices are way better it’s almost like having your own personal diver go out and get what you want thanks always!

Ted Grimes
May 7, 2020

Porcelain Crab

I love this guy he’s so entertaining with his scoopers whipping around filtering food out of the water the one I received was nice blue and yellow color extremely pleased! I have all the other crabs as well and as soon as they went into tank they were eating away very healthy crabs from here!

Ted Grimes
May 7, 2020

Yellow head jawfish

I purchased 2 of these beautiful fish I was amazed the care KP took to make sure the fish were comfortable and safe during shipping KP even put the fish inside a PVC tube with netting on the ends then into a bag of water as these guys like to hide in burrows just amazed the care put into the shipping so you don’t wind up with a stressed out fish KP is great!

Ted Grimes
May 7, 2020

All Inverts

All of the snails, Hermit crabs Emerald Crabs and Red Mithrax Crabs arrived in great shape and started to work immediately. I have never ordered anything from these great people that was less the perfect.

A joy to do business with. Use them and you can’t go wrong.

May 5, 2020

Highly recommend

I ordered single head frags and I received 2-4 heads… They opened within a couple hours… Very pleased with the quality… Will definitely order again… Thank you very much

Jenny King
May 2, 2020

Great quality service at a great price!

I’ve ordered twice now from Phil and Kara and they do a great job of delivering more than expected. Both orders were packed very well every fish and invertebrate I’ve ordered is still alive and doing great. I did have one type of fish I ordered not make it through the shipping but assumed that they might just not ship well. No worries because Phil gave credit for the next shipment. They also have thrown in extra fish, snails, crabs, starfish for anything lost which is a unexpected bonus.
All the fish I’ve ordered have been very clean and healthy. Once they come out of the quarantine tank and go to the bigger reef tank they are beautiful and eating very well. Some of the brightest prettiest fish I’ve had in years. If this company has it I’ll only buy it from here from now on instead of the bigger corporate stores I’ve ordered from in the past.
Thank you guys and please keep this place going. I’ve told lots of others about my great experiences ordering from here so hopefully they will use you as well. I prefer to support family owned American businesses if possible.

Mark Newman
May 2, 2020

Wow, just… WOW!!


I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about the shipment today. I have ordered from some of the big guys (I think they are the big guys… LiveAquaria and SaltWaterFish….). I can tell you after the shipment I received today from you, I will never order from them again!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with everything. As soon as I acclimated and turned everything loose, I could tell the quality of the stock. The anemones and ricordias stuck right where I put them – I’m sure they may move, but they are very happy where they are. The 3 fish are so active and lively, I’ve never seen anything like that right off the bat. All the crabs and slugs…… WOW!!!! The two jellyfish – man alive….. so cool.

Everything arrived alive and the extras are a great bonus.

Dude – whatever you guys are doing, please, Keep It Up!!!


April 29, 2020

Great! Marine Life!

I was a little worried about ordering from and online aquatics store since I live in Michigan and the fish would be coming from so far away. I can say it was one of the best choices I made. I received great marine life and customer service. My marine life arrived on time and healthy. I was impressed by the care kp aquatics took in packing the fish. Kp aquatics stayed in contact with me the throughout the whole process. Needless to say I ordered again I can’t wait for my new marine life to arrive. I definitely recommend shopping with kp aquatics.

Angela Brown
April 26, 2020

Totally awesome rock that is from the Pacific!

I started my planet 180 with 200lb of natural dry rock and everything was great at first, but after the first cycle the nuisance algaes hammered down relentlessly and never let up. Took me four months to realize that it is worth every penny to start a new system with 100% live rock. My friend kept telling me to just get “KP uncured, just get it man!” Finally listened and picked up 50 lbs and this stuff is more fun to look at in the tank than anything else! This rock is so full of different living things, extremely colorful — quite complex. All kinds of featherdusters, macro algaes, sponges, weird cool lookin stuff I dont know the name of , a billion different colors of coraline… and the added hitchhiking bonus of five pencil urchins and some brittle stars for the fuge. The best hiker of all: one awesome and happy Ruby Mithrax crab that is loving life. I spend more time staring at this stuff in the tank than the fish or corals, even better at night with a flashlight ! Great product, thank you KP Aquatics!

KPA: It is aquacultured live rock from the Florida Keys 🙂

April 24, 2020

KPA Aquacultured Live Rock is simply the BEST!

The live rock came in this morning and what can I say, I’m extremely impressed! I placed a 15lbs order and asked Philipp if I could have smaller rocks sent for my nano. He obliged…. Right when I opened the box and it smelled like a nice morning at the beach and a low tide, told me all I needed to know! The rocks were well packed, fresh, and full of life. Right out of the box I had 3 urchins, a chiton, a large fan worm, and a really cool looking snail! I bet there’s plenty more in there.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with live rocks and if there’s any of you out there with hesitation, don’t! KPA will take care of you and send you the best. Take a look at the pics from my order.

A+ selection of rocks and for the extreme care with shipping.

Ting K.
April 18, 2020

Couldn’t be happier!

Always a gamble ordering online and not knowing exactly what you are getting. That, coupled with my first time using KP – well, a bit of anxiety.

But as I said, I could not be any more pleased!
Ordered a Queen angel, size medium, and she is gorgeous.
Perfect size for my tank. Already up and about the tank, this on just the second day, coloring up nicely. Last but not least – great set of streamers!

Jonathan R.
April 8, 2020

I always come here first when I want livestock.

My shipments have always come in healthy, on time, and always exceed my expectations. I have not run into problems, but questions and concerns have been handled quickly. They didn’t hesitate to call me when they had a question about my order. I have dealt with other online vendors and my experience with them has lead me to come here first when I am shopping.

Wendell Perkins
March 11, 2020

Order feedback

I found KP Aquatics while searching on the web for a place to buy gorgonians. The gorgonians are sourced from the Caribbean and collected by the divers who own the business. The business is family owned and I find it refreshing to correspond with the individuals doing the collecting and most importantly have experience in how to care for the organisms and how best to ship them. The Gorgonians I’ve received in the past from other sites arrived in a bag of colored water with a completely deteriorated organism. The gorgonians I received from KP Aquatics not only arrived completely intact but opened up immediately after I acclimatized them. The hermit crabs were in similarly great shape (with extras included) and Phillip found a basket star and barnacles I had been looking for and shipped them together at no charge.  The packing of each organism was individualized to ensure they each made the trip in as stress free way as possible (e.g. the basket star was on a small square of netting to hang onto). I really appreciated the small business, individualized service provided by Phillip (and Kara) and look forward to ordering from them again.

February 17, 2020

Quality Live Rock!

If you are mulling over whether you should purchase your liver rock from KP Aquatics, stop now, and proceed with your purchase. I received my 35 lbs shipment this week, and I am beyond pleased with the quality of rock that I received. The rock is covered with an abundant amount of coralline algae – shades of orange, dark (reddish) orange, light pink and purple. There are also a bunch of feather dusters and a few cool clusters of Halimeda (i.e. money plant algae). In addition, there were also some cool hitchhikers – a couple of small serpent stars, pencil urchin, bright blue nudibranch, red mithrax crab. So far, I have not seen any pests, but even if there are a few unwanted hitchhikers, it’s not a big deal because they can be addressed — I believe the benefits of instantly adding a diverse and beneficial bacteria biome to your aquarium — by using live rock — far outweigh the negatives (i.e. unwanted hitchhikers). Lastly, the packing job was fantastic – it included a thick foam cooler, double bagged rock (wrapped in wet shipping paper), fiberglass insulation (sealed in plastic bag), and a couple of heat packs. I contribute the lack of die off to this A+ packing job and overnight door-to-door shipping (when I opened the bags I smelled a nice healthy ocean scent, not a spoiled or rotting scent). I will definitely be ordering other items from KP Aquatics in the near future.

February 13, 2020

Bought 2 candelabra gorgonians!

Two weeks ago I bought two medium sized purple gorgonians… They arrive well package with a heating pad, as the temperatures have dropped in the 30s the night before in my heart of Florida… They are beautiful! And I absolutely love the color that they bring to my aquarium! My wife now wants to order two red tree sponges to add another splash of color! We will definitely be ordering from here again!

Mike Denmark
January 28, 2020

aquacultured live rock

Wow is the right word for my order. I ordered 15lbs of live rock Thursday morning and it arrive 24hrs later at my door. I was able able to communicate with Phillip and to describe to him what I was looking for. The rocks are amazing, the packaging was A+, everything smelled good like the sea and were not to cold (I live in Massachusetts). I found a few critters, some alive, I immediately put the rocks in a prepared bucket with a pump and been changing half the water everyday, still no bad smell. I can only recommend their live rock, it’s beautiful and they have great customer service.

January 26, 2020

I needed Cassiopea xamachana jellyfish

I needed Cassiopea xamachana jellyfish for my graduate project, and they are pretty similar to another Cassiopea species. Philipp worked with me through email for over a week finding the right species and even helping get a few females for my research! He was amazingly helpful and I highly recommend KP Aquatics for help finding Gulf species, they know what they’re doing. And the shipping and packaging was flawless, my jellyfish are happily pulsing in my tanks. Thanks again Philipp!

January 15, 2020

Beautiful Ricordea!

My order arrived today as expected. The ricordea that i

December 13, 2019

Excellent Experience

I Ordered several Ricordea, Ninja Star snails and Nerite snails. Great prices, great packaging, great communication and great tracking. My new arrivals looked happy and healthy on arrival. Thank you for an easy transaction and the free gift…I will be a return customer.

December 11, 2019

Quality Specimens

Ordered numerous gorgonians and some mushrooms. Also 4 extra gorgonians were included free. Have not had any issue with a single specimen. All are thriving from the moment they were put in my tank. Very happy with the order. If you like gorgonians this is the place to get them. If I had any more room in my tank I would order more. Thanks and very highly recommend.

September 25, 2019

Quality Marinelife

Ordered several fish, ricordea and a shrimp on Tuesday. Order shipped same day and all arrived in great condition. I am a repeat customer and KP have not disappointed me at all. Quality specimens, quality shipping and customer service.

Ryan Klemish
September 12, 2019

Best live rock supplier!

I live in Michigan and what they call “premium live rock” here is pretty sad and overpriced! I have had KP Aquatics ship me two separate orders of live rock, and they are phenomenal!!! Getting un- cured live rock from KP Aquatics is like having Christmas and your birthday rolled all into one! The Coraline coverage is gorgeous, so many beautiful little tunicates in all different colors and of course some really cool hitchhikers. Their base price is still far cheaper than what I can get locally, plus the free shipping with a large order made it far more cost-effective than trying to buy that much near me. Thank you KP Aquatics, for helping me bring a little bit of the ocean to the great lakes!

August 30, 2019

Shipping issues unrelated to seller.

Due to severe weather my live rock shipment was delayed for nearly 3 days. Even with that delay in summer heat my rock arrived healthy and packaged wonderfully with a cooling pack. Communication from them was always prompt and helpful.
The rock looks amazing and I could not be happier with my order. I plan to use KP Aquatics again in the near future.

William Prather
August 29, 2019

Best deals and customer service

I just bought over 200 various snails, crabs and 5 chitons. Its 110 degrees here in Phoenix so i was a little worried. The package was delivered very quick and everything was alive and happy. I was even given extra of everything i ordered. These guys rock, and have great communication. I would reccomend KP to anyone, and i will definitely be back.

Jason crosby
August 24, 2019

A keeper!

First time order and very impressed. Every item ordered is top notch. Crabs are very lively, sponges are stunning (even the freebie) and coral thriving. Put in a request for some and wish I had room for some live rock.

Gene VanVoorst
August 23, 2019

Great Customer Service

Just a quick feedback message about my recent order…
The package arrived today in good condition… UPS did a good job during handling and shipping, the box does not show any visible signs of damage. I know this is outside of your control but since I’m providing feedback shipping is being addressed.
The order arrived correctly matching the invoice and was very well packaged in an insulated box. The contents did not leak during shipment. I appreciate the extra effort taken to double bag the contents, which not only minimizes losses due to leakage but also helps insulate the animals during shipment which is important during summer months here in Texas. The animals arrived healthy and in excellent condition.
Pre-shipment communication regarding shipping/contact information issues were appreciated and avoided a potential delivery issue.
Overall my experience with KP Aquatics has been outstanding and I look forward with to being a recurring customer.
Best regards,

August 22, 2019


Received my first order from KP Aquatics yesterday, and I am more than pleased. Everything arrived alive and in good shape, and there were even a couple freebies thrown in! Seriously, I haven’t seen better quality gorgonians or rock flower nems at any LFS, and the cerith snails, serpent star , and ricordea I ordered are great.

I have to share this: my wife was LIVID that I had purchased even more sea life than I already had. I mean I was in the doghouse for days. Luckily, my order from KP Aquatics arrived while she was out of the house, and I was able to add everything to the tank in peace. When she came back and saw everything in the tank . . . her whole demeanor changed. She became just as awed and enamored by it all as I am.

This household will definitely be ordering from KP Aquatics again.

Tony Gustafson
July 11, 2019

Rare basslet

About 2 weeks ago I purchased the smallest cave basslet, i have ever seen. This fish came in awesome to me.It feeds, comes out and looks fantastic. Good shipping and good care before mean good fish after you get them.

Paul Dushay
June 5, 2019

Awesome place to get your coral

First time ordering from you and was very happy with everything. Love the extra piece of coral. Will order from you soon again

May 3, 2019


Such an amazing company. I have ordered both live rock and other organisms from them. They are always there to respond to questions or requests. Their fish are healthy hardy and active as well as their corals and inverts. Their live rock is the reason my tank does so well. It is covered in coralline even striking colors like neon orange. I would not hesitate to recommend this business to anyone.

Chloe Geise
May 2, 2019

Just awesome

This was my first time ever ordering anything live online. Had a problem with the checkout but through a few emails with Philip who responded in a timely manner was able to get it fixed. All the snails arrived alive and was package well. Will be ordering from KP Aquatics in the future! Thanks again guys. Awesomee customer service!!

March 27, 2019

Just got my first order

Just got my first order this morning and wow! These guys were beyond generous with the extras they included. The size and quality of the pieces I ordered were just amazing. I will absolutely be a regular customer from now on. Thank you so much!

March 26, 2019

Beautiful rics

I am a repeat customer, these guys have beautiful ricordeas, very well packaged and they also threw in some free zoas. I also got an awesome rock flower. Shipping was great, no doa. Great people to do business with and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more down the road. 😁

March 21, 2019

Get off the fence already!

If you are on the fence about ordering uncured live rock from these guys, take the plunge and order already! You will not be disappointed! This is by far the best rock I have encountered! Covered in multiple colors of coralline, sponges, and macro algae. Within an hour in my tank I encountered 3 shrimp, a crab, an urchin, and countless feather like filter feeders. Do yourself a favor and order this rock!

Trevor Williams
March 16, 2019

Great Support

Kara & Phillipp have displayed the best customer service I have ever experienced in this hobby. Cheers to KP Aquatics. Love my new French Angel

February 11, 2019

Great Customer Service

I had 1 item that didn’t survive shipping, a purple sea rod, which are known for being sensitive to shipping. Philipp was very responsive and although I had already placed the item into my tank, after I sent him a few pictures he informed me to remove the item as it was already too far gone. He was quick to issue a credit for the lost item. I will definitely order from them again. The ricordeas and neon gobies are settling in quite nicely and have great color.

Ryan K
December 10, 2018

Awesome macroalgaes

10/10 on the macro algaes. Ordered x2 toadstool and got an extra one! :D/ also ordered some chaetomorpha and caulerpa–ALL made it great with priority shipping and the zoanthids did great too! Will definitely recommend to friends and order again! Customer service was great–they even included extra macroalgae fragments by my request!!!! Thanks again, Kara/Phillip!!!

October 27, 2018

Curlique Anemone

the packaging is AMAZING I only ordered one product and they packed it so well that it looked like there’s a gold inside, the curlique arrived well and it’s doing great rightnow and it’s freaking beautiful….

mark muriel
October 18, 2018

Love my worm rock

Came well packed. Looks just like the picture on the website. good price and is doing well

September 5, 2018

HIgh Quality Live Rock

First order of Live Rock, Great Quality full of coralline algae and next day shipping. Well packed. I’m setting up a 75g Reef tank and will place another order soon. Thanks KP.

August 31, 2018

Live Rock

Recently received my 2nd order of Live Rock from KP Aquatics. Fantastic product. Very well packaged like every order i have placed. The rock is amazing!! Covered in all sorts of life and extra hitchhikers. Highly recommended and i wouldn’t run a tank without it.

David Nowatzke
August 25, 2018

A very honest company

These guys really care. I had some losses due to excessive heat. They were as heartbroken as I was. I’ve ordered from them several times the livestock is too notch! If your a rural customer I would let them know so they can take proper steps to protect the livestock. Give them a try. I bet you’ll be back. I know I will!

Gary jenson
August 22, 2018

Simply amazing!

Received my 5 different gorgonias from KP Aquatics and they did not disappoint. I received big specimens like they were upgraded by them. They all opened in a few hours after placing in my tank. My favorite is the corky sea finger. They sent me a big specimen. When it opened, the polyps are dense and long it gave the appearance of a hairy Yeti! It is so beautiful to watch sway with the water current. This gorgonia is a winner.

Jerry G
August 13, 2018


I have ordered from K.P. about 4 times now. I can say without hesitation that I will buy more again. from their fast response and to go the extra time and distance to fulfill my order or replace it with something else only if needed.. the packaging is very precise. I have them use UPS. and to know when my UPS guy delivered it helps too. never had a bad experience. it is well worth the price because I know they care about me as their customer. I am in business for myself and that is what I would expect. please give them a try.
thanks again guys.

July 31, 2018


Ordered 2 Ricordea florida & a yellow eyed Zoa that all exceeded my expectations for size and health. They even included an additional Ric in the order. I will be back for more.

Larry P.
July 25, 2018

Great company

I ordered 4 corals a couple of weeks ago and Phil from KPAQUATICS sent me an additional gorgonia as he felt the one that I ordered didn’t look as his site described.
I was more than happy with the entire order, my LED lights really bring out the colors in the corals.
They overnighted the order and it arrived earlier than I expected. Everything was individually bagged and sealed in a styrofoam box with a freeze pack which helped as this is the dead of summer.
It’s been a week since I put everything in my DT and all the polyps are fully extended.
My tank in a Redsea 260.
I’d order from KPAquatics again, hopefully they can stock up on more corals.
It would also be nice to see more pictures of each item they sell.

Steve H
July 2, 2018

Curly Cue Anemone

As per usual, a quick and speedy delivery. The Curly Cue was so small in the bag. But then when it got accustomed to the tank it really stretched out! It’s beautiful. My Peterson shrimp ( that I got from KP ) prefer to hang out in the algae instead though. I tried to put them in the acclimation box for them to get over their first stings ( which they did get ) but eventually, they just decided to jump out of the box instead. So the Curly Cue is just going to be a stand alone gem in the tank. Their loss I am sure.

Faith Emrazian
June 30, 2018

perfect all the way around.

thank you again,
I will tell you I probably am the most skeptical person alive. I was very scared to first off buy fish on the internet and then have them shipped to me. everything was great. from using UPS FOR delivering to the package to the box it came in to the fish themselves. they are all alive and doing great. I love it. will I use them again. most definitely with out any doubt.
thank you again and feel free to call me anytime to discuss this.

dave h.
May 27, 2018

Perfect Pederson pair

Shipped quickly and I appreciate how consideration was aimed toward the health of the shrimp at arrival was the determining factor for shipping. I’ve purchased in the past and I’ll continue to purchase in the future. They love to hang out together and I look forward to the availability of the corkscrew anemone so I can get one for them.

Faith Emrazian
May 20, 2018

Amazing Gorgs Gorgeous Gobies

Received my order plus a few! The Masked Goby are so much fun and the Gorgonians are large and beautiful. Will order again!

May 15, 2018

Everything is doing great.

I have made four orders and everything is doing great.
I also love the reduced shipping fee. It allows you to buy a lot more and to make more frequent purchases.
Thanks for all your help . I needed advice and they were right there to help. Would buy again. Will buy again.

Sandy in Lubbock
May 3, 2018

Everything is doing great.

I have made four orders and everything is doing great.
I also love the reduced shipping fee. It allows you to buy a lot more and to make more frequent purchases.
Thanks for all your help . I needed advice and they were right there to help. Would buy again. Will buy again.

Sandy in Lubbock
May 3, 2018


My entire shipment arrived on time as promised and in excellent shape. Philipp even included an extra Masked Goby for me. The Red Serpent Starfish that was send is absolutely AWESOME! I also got a Red Brittle Starfish has is the brightest red I have ever seen. The Masked Gobies are so cute and really shoal together around the tank. They are out all the time and don’t bother any of the other inhabitants. They are a must have for anyone but especially for a nano tank. I got the Red Crab instead of the Emerald and I am so glad I did. He is out all the time (unlike the Emerald in my other tank) and is so much fun to watch. I can’t say enough about Philipp and the extra service he gave to complete the order. I had to wait for a couple of the items in order to complete my shipment, but boy was it worth it. Thank you Philipp.

May 2, 2018

Great Live Rock

The best looking live rock I have ever seen!

April 10, 2018

Simply the best to deal with

If you buy from KPAquatics i garantee you will not be disappointed they are a great company to deal with and they really know there stuff and the way they package your order is first rate i have biught frim many venders and never have i seen more care taken in packaging and if you need some help they are right there these guys will get all my business from know on diffaniatly a AAA rating
Thank you again guys

March 13, 2018

Dream Fish Come True

Love the service…let me know when the fish I wanted was in stock. The fish arrived packed much better than those other popular sites (LA & SF), and I have ordered from both of them; KPA seemed to take the time to pack the fish and other items I ordered with as much care as could have been taken. The price was so unbelievable for the Queen Trigger I purchased; the same fish of equal size is currently being sold for 2x the KPA price. Also, the Chaeto looks great and I can actually see the pods that came along with it, love it. I can see they value the quality of their product, and level of customer service they provide…5 Stars for KPA

Thanks Guys.

Darryl McMickens
March 7, 2018

Exceptional Quality and Service!

From start to finish, the purchasing process could not have been easier. A very user-friendly website, informative animal descriptions and great prices. I cannot remember the last time any business kept me so informed during the shipping period and then followed through afterward to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. Shipping prices were far better than I had expected and the packaging is best I’ve seen.
I purchased two horseshoe crabs a little over a week ago. They were in excellent condition upon arrival, are thriving and were obviously well cared for prior to shipping.
I am recommending KP Aquatics to all of my friends and hope to expand my salt water collection to make more purchases soon!
(I’m not the best photographer, but I wanted to show the horseshoe crabs)
Thank you for the personal attention I received Kara and Philipp!

Steve Donnelly
March 2, 2018

Excellent service@

I love ordering from KP Aquatics! My packages are always shipped with utmost care and concern for the animals. I have ordered several octopuses to Michigan and they always arrive in good health. The last shipment I received was only days after their own delivery of a new baby! If that’s not dedication to customer service, I don’t know what is. Thank you, Kara and Philipp for all the beautiful animals you have gotten me over the years!

Elizabeth Nitz
March 2, 2018

shipment quality

I’ve ordered rom them twice and have received excellent products. They package their products really well and always come in a timely fashion!

Faith Emrazian
February 25, 2018


These Folks are the greatest! We’re new at trying Gorgs and Sponges on our 210 gallon ‘softies tank’, so a bit nervous. But as they say, ‘Time will tell’, But from their great product descriptions, they gave us the confidence and advice we needed to try. Best packaging we’ve seen, fast service, a ‘little extra’ didn’t mean broken pieces and runts, but full size duplicates, everything arrived in great shape, and began opening almost immediately, and folks that honestly seem to care about how we, and their products they sell us do. Just can’t say enough good things . THANK YOU!
(“hackshobby on ‘The Reef Tank’ forums”)

Dave Hackney
February 17, 2018


I have purchased gorgonians, corky finger, starfish, conch, crabs and a pygmy angel from KP aquatics. Every order is packed very well and every item is healthy and vibrant and looks amazing in my tank.
Kara and Phillip do a wonderful job of answering questions and quickly shipping out orders. KP Aquatics is a great place to find unique, high quality items for your saltwater tank!

Sharon Rounds
February 5, 2018

Great Reduced Items

Ordered several Reduced Shipping Items.Every thing came alive and well,sandwiched between the freezing winter days.The packaging was first rate.I was a bit shocked that all the critters were in such good condition.They have acclimated well and are doing their thing in my tank.I’m looking forward to ordering more from KP when time and money allows.Thanks again guys.Great job.

David Blanton
January 19, 2018

Healthy Live Rock

We just received 30 pounds of Live Rock from KP Aquatics. SUPER FAST delivery and very well packaged.

Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the live rock and living organisms on the rock. There are stunning shades of purples, oranges and yellows including plant life. The rock was so fresh it still had live mantis shrimp, tiny crabs, urchins, and a bristle star that all made the trip.

Can’t wait to see how the life on the rock grows out. Hope for some really cool surprises. I will buy again from KP Aquatics.

Thank you Kara and Philipp!

Ramona and Austin
January 13, 2018

Great livestock and attentive to customers.

I ordered from Phillip and Kara recently, first time ever ordering livestock online, and I could not be happier. Everything arrived alive, and I even got an extra gorgonia, I will order again!

Joe Botelho
January 10, 2018

Fantastic Packaging and Products

I ordered some algae, snails, and a zoanthid frag. There was a delay in shipping (not KP Aquatic’s fault at all) and it took 6 days to arrive. I expected bags of mush by the time i got my order. I was pleasantly surprised that everything survived the trip and was in great shape by the time i got it. 100% survival!! Excellent products and packaged well. Will definitely do business again.

David Nowatzke
January 5, 2018

Best place for Nano fish

I’ve bought several fish, invertebrates and corals from KP and I’ve been thrilled each time. I have a 50 gallon reef and a 14 gallon nano reef and this is the place for smaller fish that work well in a nano. If you only have room for one fish – make it a gold line blenny! Mine has such a huge personality she’s fun to watch all the time. Second recommendation is the sail fin blenny. She likes to perch on or just in her rock and dash out to get food. Awesome.

Great quality, well packaged for shipping and interesting stuff you just can’t get elsewhere.
Posted on behalf of Diana D. , MA

December 16, 2017


They sold me a porcupine puffer that the right fin was handicapped, one fin is not moving. But at least they refunded for that issue which was good and made me satisfy with their service. But their shipping charge should be lowered. $40 for shipping is off the roof. At least $29.95 like the rest of the places charge.

KP Aquatics:  We apologize for the oversight on the puffer.

Almost every overnight package is costing us more than $40. We can raise our prices for our critters and offer free shipping too.

Hap Ho Lam
December 15, 2017

Great place to buy quality fish.

I have bought a couple of big angels. They send me amazing and healthy fish. I was hesitatant to deal with a small family owned supplier, but it was well worth the risk. These folks care about the fish, and about their customers. You get personal service that you would never get from the big players. I’m glad I took the chance here, and I will do it again. I recommend these folks to anyone to get quality fish and great dervice.

M. John
December 9, 2017

Great fish and service

Philipp and Kara always provide the best service around. Their always available to answer any questions and always willing to help. The quality of their stock cannot be surpassed. Picture attached is of a mated pair of Neon Gobies I had ordered. They’ve set up shop on top of the fake jelly fish in my seahorse aquarium. They often lay sided by side making quick dashes to get something floating by but return immediately to their perch. Very entertaining.

December 7, 2017

Beautiful Pygmy Angel Fish & Very Productive Mithrax Crabs

This was my first order from KP Aquatics and I was very impressed. I ordered a pygmy angel and 1 emerald crab and 1 red mitrhax crab. All arrived healthy and active. I also received an extra emerald crab free!

I have had them for a few days now and they are all eating and doing well! The angel fish is beautiful and peaceful. The crabs have done an amazing job of dealing with the hair algae in my tank. I had tried several types of snails and a couple of different hermit crabs and none have even come close to the results that the mithrax crabs have produced!!

I will definitely be ordering from this company again.

Karen Holley
December 2, 2017

Astrea snails

I have ordered many many times over the years, anything from soft corals, fish and lots of cleanup crew. I’ve never been disappointed and this time was no exception. Everything arrived alive with a few extras.

October 20, 2017

Highly recommend!

I ordered two starfish and am extremely happy with my order and the service I received from the crew at Kpaquatics.
They go far and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you ordered and that you are satisfied.
Everything arrived in great condition and better then expected. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you Phillipp for all your help.

Ryan S.
September 3, 2017

Blenny order.

I have only bought two fish from this company, but they were responsive to my questions and the fish arrived safely and in good health.
After a three week quarantine and acclimation, they took very well to the display tank.

Wayne Morrow
August 9, 2017

Great transaction all the around

First of all, communication was excellent. I ordered 15 snails (but got 18)with priority shipping . I received my snails on time and they were packed in plenty of water, double bagged in a thick insulated box and cooling pack on top (this was during hot weather). They were clean with no algae, etc… visable. Its been 3 days and so far no problems. I got astrea and cerith. Also Price was good on snails and shipping . I will definately be ordering again.

Rebecca Hillyard
August 5, 2017

Ricordea and Starfish – First Time Buyer

First time buyer over the internet vs LFS. I was apprehensive. Prices and shipping was fair. Everything arrived as advertised and in good health. I would definitely purchase with KP Aquatics again. Thank you.

George Ponchaud
August 2, 2017

Just Great!!!

Everything (invertebrates) came very well packed, all healthy, extra animals just in case casualties in transport (not needed, everything lives). Very smooth from my first question over fb, till receiving my package. I will definitely be back. ps-that red serpent starfish is so hot, adds great color to my 100g FOWLR!

August 2, 2017

I received my latest order

I received my latest order last week. It was mainly for algae eaters, i.e., blue hermits, snails, plus urchins. I requested overnight shipping due to the summer heat. I strongly recommend overnight shipping for almost all their livestock. Anything live will be much less stressed and have a much better chance of long term survival.

I have been buying from KP for a long time now. I’ve gotten all sorts of livestock and everything has always arrived in good shape.

July 28, 2017

Best Source Caribbean Fush

I have purchased many fish and inverts from KP Aquatics and have never been disappointed. Great service! Great quality!

July 25, 2017

Great Service

This was my first time using KP Aquatics. Ordered 25 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. All arrived alive with a few extras! Great price, Great Service! Order was on time! Thanks KP! Will definitely order from you guys again!

July 25, 2017

Great Service

This was my first time using KP Aquatics. Ordered 25 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. All arrived alive with a few extras! Great price, Great Service! Order was on time! Thanks KP! Will definitely order from you guys again!

July 25, 2017

Great Livestock

I am beyond impressed with KP Aquatics. Fantastic service, real knowledge and incredible livestock. Support this small business, they do everything right.

Ehren Crumpler
July 25, 2017

First time buyer

My shipment was packed and sent promply. Love my anemone shrimp. My green flower anemone had great color and good size, which I was really pleased with. Will be looking forward to them having more anemones available in the future.

Dianne Kieffer
July 16, 2017

Awesome basket star

This is a 14 month testimonial for the micro basket star. I was afraid to get it because everything on line says expert only and not to buy but after emailing about care and feeding I went ahead and got it. This little thing has thrived in my tank which is a 28 gallon nano. I target feed it frozen Mysis every 2-3 days and it is doing great after 14 months in my tank. It moves around and sometimes hard to find but is always out at night with its arm spread out wide. It will eat any time of day if I can find it. Besides the spiny orange gorgonian, this basket star is one of my favorites. Everything I’ve gotten from here is quality and thrives in my tank. I’m overdue for my next order……

July 14, 2017

First time customer–great experience!

Ordered a bunch of different gorgonians from these guys, and they arrived in great health. So nice of them to include a freebie as well! Will definitely be ordering more gorgs from them in the future. Thanks again!

June 21, 2017

Great Company

We ordered 2 corals and a horseshoe crab. Service was great, livestock arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. Very happy with our experience!

Denise Stussy
June 2, 2017

Great company

Ive ordered twice from them one order of gorgs, and one of rock nems. All arrlived alive and healthy…. great corals. My only complaint is that in an email they said they had more rock nems to put on the site. Ive been waiting to spend more money, but they havent come up for sale….lol

Rick crisp
May 25, 2017

Great Resource

My purchases from KP have always come in such good condition that I now consider them a “first look” place when I’m thinking of adding new stuff to my tank!

May 25, 2017

very pleased

I just received my 3 horses today. They arrived here in Ohio alive active and healthy. Also a very nice yellow whip. Thank you. I will purchase here again.

ted doyle
May 23, 2017

Amazing Live Rock!

I was hesitant to order online because you never know what you are going to receive. I ordered 25lbs of uncured live rock and the package shipped and received the next day. The uncured Aquacultured Live rock was beautiful. I just submitted a second order for 25 LBS of uncured live rock. Get Service! Recommend for anyone who is worried about online shopping.

Ronald Bishop
May 21, 2017

Incredible Live Rock!

The most gorgeous live rock I’ve ever seen covered with all sorts of life! Found a couple of pencil urchins and feather dusters along with tons of cool growths. Every time I look closely, I find more neat little lifeforms. Would recommend 100% Thanks guys!

Stephanie Blanding
May 13, 2017

great service

ordered 4 gorgs (received 5), and a rock nem. all doing great. two days later i ordered more rock nems…. the prices are the best ive seen, and the wild life is very healthy. will order more im sure

rick crisp
May 11, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Atlantic Blue Tang and Black Angelfish

Seeing is testimony enough! But if not here’s the specifics. The beautiful Atlantic Blue Tang was placed in this tank in August of 2012 in it’s yellow juvenile coloring. The Black Angelfish was added in Dec 2016.
Sorry the picture isn’t a little better but this is what you can expect from K&P Aquatics!

Jim Jesko
April 3, 2017

All good

My order arrived on Tuesday and today is Saturday, so everybody has been in the tank for over 4 days. I ordered 2 tangs, a mated pair of neon gobies, a mated pair of gold banded shrimp and a yellow sea feather gorgonian. Everybody arrived alive and on time. I was a bit concerned that the tangs looked very pale, almost translucent in their bags. But after a short acclimation and 30 minutes in the tank and they both colored up just fine. The juvenile Atlantic blue tang is a gorgeous bright yellow. Both the mated pairs are hanging out together.

I’m very happy with the service, the condition of all the critters and the prices. Thanks for dealing with my first order with you so well. You can count on more to come your way as well as my making your quality operation well known to my friends.


Ron Lindensmith
March 18, 2017

Satisfied with chart and sponges

I received a nice sized piece of chart and 3 shaving bushes when I only ordered 2. Also a nano ball sponge and nano red tree sponge. Everything arrived great except nothing was said about NEVER take a sponge out of water. They will take in air and start to die but that was my fault for not knowing. I will order from here again.

Victor A
March 16, 2017

Greatly satisfied !

Received my oder on time all alive!Each item was vacuum packed in its own bag -no leaks.Recived free live items with my oder was greatly appreciated!!! Highly recommended give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Greatly satisfied !

Received my oder on time all alive!Each item was vacuum packed in its own bag -no leaks.Recived free live items with my oder was greatly appreciated!!! Highly recommended give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Totally satisfied

Received my order on time an all alive! Was impressed with how each item was in its separate vacuum packed bag no leaks. Will be ordering again soon! They included free live items also with my oder greatly appreciated!!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Best quality animals I have ever gotten

I cannot explain how wonderful the animals in my recent order looked. The sizes were above my expectations. The color and beauty of these specimens is better than I could have ever imagined. The packaging was first rate. I will definitely be placing another order soon. Thank you so much. Keep doing the great work that you are doing.

Chuck Lauthers
February 15, 2017

Two month follow-up, still happy!

I thought I’d offer a two month follow up on my prior extremely positive review of my live rock order. Everything is still great! No nasty cycling, stink, or white bacterial slime- when they say ready for shipping, it’s ready for shipping. Everything colored up beautifully and the sponges and algae started growing well. I requested smaller pieces for a ten gallon sea grass shallows tank and they got me nice, workable pieces (and gave me the option to get something bigger immediately or wait a week for exactly what I wanted, which I did. Great way to look out for the customer). I’ve attached a couple photos to show what 60 days in looks like. Thanks again.

Karel Minor
February 14, 2017

Another Perfect Order Experience

There is only one reason anyone becomes a repeat customer to any business. The experience they had lived up to or exceeded their expectations.
I’ve been returning to this vendor for that exact reason. And with every delivery from Philipp my expectations are blown away and my satisfaction is taken to a whole new, higher level.
This order received on 1/31/17 was no exception. The livestock arrived in the usual professional packaging I’ve come to expect. I also knew there would be extras, it’s claimed on the bottom of every receipt. However I was very taken by those received today. As I removed the items I became ever more grateful for the oppotunity to make purchases from kpaquatics.
Thank you Philipp. Thank you Kara. For loving what you do and caring about us, the customers, enough to send only quality and go the extra to guarantee our satisfaction.

Michael Phelps
January 31, 2017

Repeat Customer

Second time ordering from KP Aquatics. Everything well packaged and arrived in excellent condition both times. Ordered Harlequin Serpent stars, Ricordia mushrooms, Zoanthids, blue porcelain crabs and a striped rock flower anemone. All healthy, beautiful, and thriving. Will definitely order from them again. P.S. They always send you a little something extra 🙂

Deborah J.
January 26, 2017

Cross Country Awesome

Five pieces, different species, all arrived to my home in San Francisco happy and alive.
Week later all flourishing – very pleased!

Steffan Postaer
December 14, 2016

First order with many to follow

Stumbled across KP looking for a small quantity of rock for a new tank. It just arrived and is EXCELLENT. Quality, shape, size, color are perfect and it’s novel to find nice rock that isn’t just dyed purple these days. They contacted me following my order to a suggest holding off a week because they have pieces more in line with my needs for small pieces, rather than shipping me dregs. The cured ten pound box is a very economical deal (and I suspect weighed in well above, I actually had to put a couple of the pieces in another tank!). The wait was worth it. I will absolutely be returning for more livestock for my little mangrove and grass tank. Thanks, Kara and Philipp!

December 9, 2016

Urchins and Live Rock

My order for small short spin urchins and a little bit of live rock came in in perfect shape.

If you are having algae problems, and the problem is not water quality related, there are few things that clean algae up better than young short spine urchins. They eat it like mad.

Dean C.
December 3, 2016

The Most Amazing LIve Rock (and Vendor)

First off, I’ve been buying from kpaquatics for over a decade. I have never, ever had any problems with the quality of the animals, the packaging or the service. It is the first site I visit when I’m actively shopping something new for my tanks and actually I visit almost daily just to see if anything unusual is up for sale. But this is about the rock…
I ordered 8 lbs. of uncured live rock and had made a special request for specific sized pieces. Of course Philipp had no problems granting that wish. Because I wanted the rock uncured and the small quantity, the shipping costs were high. Philipp tried to save me money by suggesting cured rock which can be shipped USPS Priority. Most vendors would take the order and not care at all what the consumer spent on shipping because the money doesn’t go to the business.
BUT I’m here to tell you that every penny I put into that rock was worth spending! This rock is amazing! It came to my home in South Dakota overnight FEDEX and of course it was packed with integrity and professionalism. Each piece was wrapped in wet paper and individually bagged. Because I ordered in Oct., there was a heat pack inside the insulated box and it was still very warm to the touch.
After removing the wet paper I laid the rock on my table to get a photo of it and before I snapped the pic a small Red Mithrax went scuttling across the table! In the month and a half since the rock has been in the tank I have discovered 5 types of desirable macro algae growing on it, a heart urchin appeared in my sand bed, a dime sized pencil urchin was discovered, two small Corky Fingers, numerous snails and mini (+ 1 full sized ) feather dusters are popping up everywhere. I can’t even describe the coralline algae! Maroons, purples, pinks, orange and the most amazing fire engine red I’ve ever seen. My system got a ‘seed overload’ and now coralline is growing on the dry rock and plastics in the tank as well.
This purchase has taken my satisfaction level with this vendor off the charts! I can barely wait to receive my next box from Philipp and Kara!

Michael Phelps
November 24, 2016

Gorgonian extravaganza

Can’t say enough about the quality of the livestock. Within a day, I was getting good polyp extension on the gorgonians, and the CUC was moving around doing its business. Quite reasonable pricing and even threw in a couple cool freebies. Highly recommended.

Dustin G
November 23, 2016

chalk bass and wrasse

I just received the chalk bass and blue head wrasse the other day that I order all the fish were healthy and were packed extremely well as all items I have received from KP aquatics the wrasse hid out for a couple of days but is now one of the family his color is awesome and he is all over the tank he will change colors from a yellow to a blue and every color in between the calk bass went directly into the rock work and I would catch one or two some days but today at feeding time all 6 came out and showed themselves it looks as if they may have grown a little but in any case they are all healthy and happy thank you KP Aquatics for another order well done and I will be back when looking for another new item for my tank

November 23, 2016

Chiton order

KP Aquatics,
Thank you so very much for the quality and care you give. I have been wanting Chitons for a long time and I finally came across your website to see that you had so much to offer. I absolutely love my chitons and they are doing great as well as my serpent and brittle starfish and snails that I got. The sponges I got were packed great as well as my purple sea whip. I am still amazed! I am looking forward to order from you again real soon.

Chris Silvers
November 17, 2016

Another Great Box of Fish

Thanks K&P!! Another great box of fish received and after two weeks all arrivals are happy and eating like crazy!

Jim Jesko
November 2, 2016

Great fish

I only order fish from K&P Aquatics about four times a year. Excellent packing and shipping.
Usually get a small freebie from them.
They are doing a great job!

October 27, 2016

New lifetime customer 🙂

So I’ve ordered from a few different places online, and so far KPAquatics is my favorite. Everything I ordered looked even better in person than they did in the pictures. Plus the way they packaged everything shows how much they care for the creatures shipped. I am very pleased and 100% certain I will continue ordering from them. Thanks guys!

Tyler Gregg
October 14, 2016

First time buyer here. KP

First time buyer here. KP Aquatics was recommended to me by some folks on reefcentral.com, and I’m definitely glad I came here! Got the chitons I was looking for as well as some really unique, cool sponges. Everything arrived in excellent condition~ I’d definitely buy something from here again!

Katie Osika
October 11, 2016

Good quality fish

Ordered four pairs of mated wild neon gobies (E. oceanops). They were packed well and all four pairs are current eating and healthy, even amid a rigourous quarantine period. Would definitely recommend KP Aquatics.

October 8, 2016

Best service

I ordered some live rock from Kara, one day before she went on vacation. I absolutely got the best customer service hands down. Thank you Kara for your great service and also for some really beautiful live rock!

Jaime Barrachina
October 8, 2016

Favorite Place to Order

I’ve ordered livestock and corals from a lot of places online. KP Aquatics has been my favorite out of all of them. Everything they’ve ever shipped has been healthy and packaged carefully and professionally. They ship quickly, and I will continue ordering from their store.

October 1, 2016

Everything arrived in good, as usual.

My order for a sea hare, hairy chitons, and zoanthids arrived in excellent condition. I have ordered from Kara and Philipp numerous times over several years and this has always been the case. There prices are very good.

I do recommend selecting overnight shipping whenever possible. The two day shipping is cheaper, but overnight is much less stressful for the critters involved.

September 30, 2016

Top quality live stock and cheap shipping

I have been buying from KP for years. I always buy shrooms, CUC, or anything that can be shipped with reduced shipping. At only $17.50, this shipping option makes the drive to the fish store not needed. And, after my last package which costs 16.80 to ship, they are definitely not ripping you off on shipping like most sites.

The packaging is always professional with no leakage, and, I have never had DOA with 2 day shipping like I have with other sites. Plus, their prices on shrooms, especially St. Thomas and Ric’s combined with reduced shipping is much cheaper than FS’s.

Whats even better is that they tend to give a freebie with each order. I had asked for 2 nano pencil urchins with my order. For whatever reason, the site was not showing that they had them. So, since they are an awesome company, they included them free in my order in addition to a couple extra hermit crabs and dwarf cerinths. I highly recommend this company and will keep ordering from them in the future.

Robert Murdy
September 15, 2016

Really nice specimens

Bought a verity of Gorgonians, fish & invertebrates three weeks ago. It was a pleasure dealing with kp All items arrived in excellent condition and more importantly nothing die, to the contrary everything is growing multiplying and thriving. I would highly recommend “kp” for any Caribbean livestock you might want. Greg

Gregory Martin
July 15, 2016

A Great Experience

Dealing with KP Aquatics has been a wonderful experience. Iwas looking for specific livestock choices, which at the time weren’t in stock. I sent an inquiry and received a prompt reply. They went out and caught the fish that week. Packing was well done and they all arrived in great condition. KP Aquatics will be my go-to source for any Caribbean livestock.

July 11, 2016

True Meaning of WYSISYG

I have now placed multiple orders through Philip and Kara’s company, and must say it is refreshing to be dealing with folks who deliver on their on line and verbal representations, with reliable consistency. Easy to claim to deliver WYSIWYG, however not all vendors have the elevated ethics that Philip enjoys, as required to also deliver that same, exact specimen per photo documentation representation. Philip and Kara make a professional team, they deliver on quality products that always do well in my tank.

John W.
July 11, 2016

Excellent Job

Received Yellow Eyed, Cinnamon Brown, and Fluorescent Green Zoas. All were acclimated, dipped (no bugs or eggs!!!) and placed in aquarium. All opened within 2 hours and with the exception of my hermits moving the Cinnamons and them reacting badly (NOT KP FAULT – but a bit humorous) all are doing well and very perky. Thanks for a great experience..Looking forward to buying Fluorescent Blue Zoas when you have them. Cary

July 7, 2016

KP Aquatic’s professionalism sets the standard

I owe Kara and Philipp two reviews, one for a shipment of live rock I ordered back in February of 2015 and another for a CUC/Invert order I received today… Live Rock – In order to kick off a new reef tank, I ordered 10 pounds of uncured live rock from KPA via fed ex back in February of 2015. Since then I have picked up additional live rock from a variety of retail and wholesale sources as my business travel often permitted. To this day, the KPA aqua-cultured rock outshines the most expensive imports, whether it be Fiji, Vanatu, or Marshall Islands. The quantity and quality of life emerging from KPA uncured rock was shocking and even with 38 years in the hobby, I was still uncovering the marvel and diversity of new marine life. CUC / Inverts – Whether it be snails, urchins, hermits or shrooms, minimizing the time spent in transit from the reef to your tank makes a huge difference resulting in quick acclimation with minimal loss of livestock. That aspect combined with Kara and Philipps knack for cherry picking quality inhabitant for your slice of the reef truly elevates the enjoyment of this hobby to a new level. One last item – KPA rocks at returning correspondence, no matter how mundane, wild or obscure – a mark of the true professional. With Warm Regards, Drew (Go Gators!)

Drew Mc
June 22, 2016


Thank you again KP Aquatics, for the bonus urchin and the most beautiful specimens I have seen in a tank. You are my goto spot for any marine live stock and I defiantly recommend the uncured live rock for a new setup too!

June 22, 2016

Excellent Quality live rock

Thanks KP , the uncured live rock cured very quickly, with very little die off. The live rock rock works perfectly with the Zeovit system, and I did not receive any of the unfriendly hitchhikers just beautiful colored and shaped rock that instantly turned my tank into a miniature ocean.

June 22, 2016

Completely new to the hobby

This is my first reef tank. I have a nuvo fusion 10 gallon. After doing my research, I heard about KP Aquatics and their quality of live rock. I bought the 10 pound nano package of cured live rock and it cured in 2 weeks. It could’ve been quicker, but this was my first time. After I got some advice from KP Aquatics to do a water change, the ammonia dropped to 0 within the next few days. The person that helped me replied very quickly and was super patient and open to helping me with anything. The customer service they offer is superb. Its been about 6 months since I purchased the rock, and my tank is flourishing. I’ve shopped at LFSs all around Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton, and even Sebring. None of these stores had rock in their display tanks that even looked like the rocks I got from KP Aquatics. My rocks are covered in coralline algae, had tons of feather dusters, sponges, all sorts of other critters and a number of things that died because I’m a beginner. I’m super happy that I started this hobby and that I used their live rock as the foundation for my reef tank.

Calvin Tran
June 18, 2016

Top in the biz

This is the best place I have ever ordered from. They go above and beyond what is expected. I would recommend them.an have

May 24, 2016

Quality Service

Ordered a couple single mouth ricordeas, a nano zoa and a porcelain crab a week or so ago. After acclimating and placing everything in the tank I ended up with a double mouth ricordea along with the single and a zoa with ten plus heads. Everything looks great. Sadly the crab didnt make it but I dont beleive it had anything to do with the quality or health of the crab. Will order from again.

Kyle Krukowski
May 19, 2016

Everything came through wonderfully! 

The pair of jawfish are beautiful and their tunnel building is the most interesting thing in the tank.

I was hoping the pair of CB shrimp would show an interest in my bristleworm population, but no luck on that yet – fingers still crossed. 

I was slightly worried about the cucumber since I hadn’t seen sign of him in 3 days, but he’s reappeared and is constantly pulling in sand and making nice little piles of digested sand/debris.

The whole order came through healthy and has all seemed to adjust to the tank with no losses. 

Y’all rock!   Jonathan B.

May 11, 2016

Superb selection found…

I came to this site to solve green thin string algae growing in my tank, specifically for lettuce sea slugs. While at the site, I also spotted nano red brittle stars, and pistol shrimp for sale too! Everything arrived fine within 2-days by the post office. I put the sea slugs to work by placing them in a patch of algae, they sat there awhile and grazed, then go off to explore the tank some more, and finally return back after resting. They are healthy specimens, larger than I expected. LOL – I had read they need the algae to survive – at the rate they eat the algae so far, the two I have living in my 14 gal nano tank will be around quite some time. I also ordered the nano red brittle star. After two weeks, its still hiding in the rocks. I sometimes have to shine a flash light into the rocks to find it and see it move. As for my pistol shrimp, all I can say is he too is in hiding after 2 weeks. I haven’t discovered more than 1 tunnel so far built. It does not come out yet, but it seems my shrimp goby has found two new spots in the tank to now hang out. Boy, whenever I am ready to move up to another tank size, I will certainly return back to this site to stock it.

Dennis D
May 11, 2016

Will be repeat, tripeat, and quadrepeat customer

kids love the tank….got some starfish to watch…and ricordias for me. All specimens shipped well and acclimated successfully. Little freebie was included…this company really wants to please their customers. I already have my next several orders circling in my head. A pleasurable business to work with.

Bill Pitzen
May 10, 2016

Great order

Fantastic animals. Will order again.


May 3, 2016

Our KP Aquatics Visit

Kara and Philipp,

Thank you for letting us stop by on Monday.  It was great to meet both of you and see your operation.  It’s wonderful to see how much care you put into everything you do.  You are to be commended for your commitment to providing wild caught marine life with as little impact to the environment as possible.   

 The ricordeas, mushrooms, zoas and crabs passed through TSA security without a question or comment.  Everything is doing very well in our tanks.  The beautiful orange and purple with green skirt ricordea florida looks very happy in its new home.  I feel so honored you let me have it.  It will be my centerpiece ric!

 One of the main reasons we extended our vacation was so we could visit your warehouse.  Thank you again for letting us stop by!

Jean & Pete,

Steve, Tracy & Skyla 

April 28, 2016

I am beyond satisfied!!!

My Rock Flower Anenomies were larger than expected and bright, fat, and happy!!! They are beautiful. I even got some really cute free Zoas!!! They are cute and beautiful and unexpected. I will definitely buy from KP again. Also the follow up service was a nice surprise. You can tell they want you to be happy!!!??? Mindi Hammerstone

Mindi Hammerstone
April 27, 2016

Great Ricordeas

First time ordering. I ordered 3 Ricordeas. The double mouth had actually 3 mouths and all opened up as soon as I started acclimating them. My rainbow is beautiful with orange and green. I love them and one is already almost split and I’ve only had them for 5 days. I also received a free zoa that has already opened and is doing great. Highly recommend, and the double mouth ricordea is the only way to go. I will probably be getting more.

April 25, 2016

I recently purchased a variety

I recently purchased a variety of Gorgonians and a good number of clean up crew critters. All of them arrived in excellent condition and continue to thrive in my aquarium today. Thank you KP Aquatics for the professional care and packaging that my order received. Since everything I ordered is alive and doing well, do I send the kindly received free stuff back to you? Five Stars!

KP Aquatics: You can absolutely keep the free items as a thank you for ordering from us!!! Philipp


John Marchion
April 25, 2016

Great Service once again!

I recently received a shipment of livestock from KP. Once again everyone arrived alive and healthy. KP was able to collect some Rough Head Blennies at my request. They are tiny and it took me almost 2 weeks to find them, but they are doing great and eating well. Thanks again KP. John Delray Beach

April 21, 2016

Exellence once again

The sponges are all nestled into the 300 gallon reef system. Great product excellent service and packing. And Thanks for the extra freebie. Very Satisfied with everything, 5stars James

James Davie
April 19, 2016

Great, as usual!

I have been ordering livestock and live rock from KP Aquatics for several years now. They are very reliable. Their prices are quite good. Everything comes in alive and in good condition. I did an order of various algae eaters two weeks ago and, once again, everything was alive and in good shape. I strongly recommend using FedEx overnight for shipping even on the reduced shipping items, especially if you’re ordering a smaller quantity of fresh, uncured live rock. Many of the organisms that make uncured live rock so interesting will have a much better chance of recovering from the stress of shipping when the shipping time is reduced to a minimum.

Dean Cooper
April 15, 2016

Uncured living rock

This is the second shipment of rock and other Marine life from KP aquatics and I must say they provide exceptional specimens.Thank you and pleasure doing business!

Bob Gorajewski
April 15, 2016

Live Rock Feed Back

Kara and Philipp I have attached a picture of my wife’s 65 gallon crystalline from planet aquarium’s after being setup for only two months. The rock turned out awesome and since it was “live rock” I was able to frag corals from my other two tanks and place them in this tank almost immediately. You will also see gorgonians and the pair of yellow head jaw fish we received from you last year. Thanks again for everything and keep up with the great products and service!


February 24, 2016

Live Rock

This review contains a video, please click on the link to see it. 

February 22, 2016

great stuff

this was my first order with KP Aquatics right off the prices of their products were better than anywhere else I had looked the flat rate shipping is super I can order as much that will fit in the box and not get charged for every piece shipping was quick ordered kind of late that day but received the products the next day the packaging of the coral,sponge,and feather duster was superb I really like the sealed bags as I have received items from other suppliers that opened/leaked getting a DOA order the quality of the items where like no other that I have ordered from KP Aquatics is now my go to internet aquatic supplier for items for my 90gal saltwater tank THANK YOU KP Aquatics

February 17, 2016

Perfect as always …

I have to say – ordering from Kara and Philipp means not worrying at all about the quality, health and care of the animals I purchase. I have seldom seen such a great packing job as these folks do! Having shipped live reptiles for many years, I well know how the packing job can mean success or possibly death for the animals in that box. Never have to worry with KP! The condition of my livestock is always stellar – and this time, I had requested the smallest individuals, and was promptly assured that they would select appropriately for me. Perfect!! Thanks, you two, for making my day with your sea creatures!! It’s why I always come back!!

February 13, 2016

I ordered 2 seahorses since

I ordered 2 seahorses since this was my first time buying from them and they ended up sending 4. Whether this was an accident or not, I’m extremely glad they did because I’ve had them for 2 weeks now and they are still doing great! The seahorses seem to be very healthy and are very observant. I will definitely buy from them again!

February 10, 2016

Satisfaction guaranteed

Once again KP comes through with quality products and great service. Highly recommend this company for any and all saltwater needs. Only problem, and NOT KPs fault, the red Mithrax does not seem to like bubble algae. Still very satisfied and will order again.

Bob Andrew
January 18, 2016

great service

I have ordered livestock a few times from KP Aquatics and I have nothing but great things to say. Everything has arrived alive and in great shape. I will be ordering again numerous times in the coming year. Thanks guys!!

December 29, 2015

Live Rock – Air Freight

I have ordered several times from Kara and Philipp and always great results with fish and coral, this time was no different. The corals in my wife’s 20 gallon have out grown the tank so I decided to setup a new 65 gallon using Florida Liverock. Since it was air shipped via SW Air Cargo it came in overnight as liverock, not rock with dead stuff on it. I ordered 61 pounds and they shipped 65 (four free pounds) which filled up her tank. When I asked about the rock they told me up front that this time of year macro algae is not as prevalent, but the coralline is awesome and it came in as advertised. This rock is full of holes and looks so natural compared to the manmade stuff. Inspecting the rock I found one red Mithrax crab (went into my office tank), and one gorilla crab (went to a friend who likes these). I will be quarantining the rock for a couple of months looking for other hitch hikers but I would rather be looking at colorful rocks than dead stuff while my tank matures. In closing it is so nice dealing with individuals that care so much and have great Fish, Coral, and Liverock. Thanks again Kara and Philipp your friend for life, Alton

Alton Vrana
December 21, 2015

Purchased sea horses

I ordered two Seahorses from them. Both arrived safe and alive. These are good people and you can tell they care about marine fish they sell. They were quick to answer my questions before my purchase and even to return my calls. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Also their prices were about 1/3 of what pet stores and other online stores charge

Dave w
December 14, 2015

Always Good

I ordered Astrea snails, blue hermits, and short spined urchins that were delivered last week Wednesday. As usual, they came in in great shape. I have been ordering livestock and live rock from Kara and Phillip for years now. Everything always is exactly as they describe and in great shape. I strongly recommend them. I also strongly recommend that you request the FedEx overnight $40 whatever fits in the box shipping, even for smaller quantities of live rock and animals that will tolerate 2-3 day shipping. The critters will be livelier and the interesting little things hiding in the live rock will have a better chance of surviving.

December 8, 2015

Couldn’t be Happier!

On behalf of Justin:

(I) ordered some common stars and some hairy emerald crabs.  I knew that the emeralds going for my bubble algae was up to chance.  Well, they all love bubble algae and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.    So happy I just made another order. A neon goby pair, more common stars and a red serpent star.   I will be a lifelong customer of KP Aquatics.    The specimens have always been very healthy.  The extras that have been thrown in, while not necessary are very much appreciated.   Really shows this company cares for its customers and what this hobby is all about!     Just know this customer appreciates what you guys do, and in my opinion are doing it right!

November 22, 2015

Quality Wildlife

Posted on behalf of Jack:

Place an order for fish and invertebrates.  Everything was individually bagged and packed carefully in a well insulated shipping container.  Everything was alive and active.  All acclimated without any problems and are doing their thing in the aquarium.    Has a few questions which were answered quickly in a professional manner. 

 Great company and high quality wildlife.  Will definitely be buying more from KP Aquatics.

Thanks. Jack 


November 22, 2015

Beautiful healthy corals

Love my mushrooms they are doing great! Will order again soon! Great packaging and shipping!Thanks Kara and Phillip!

October 17, 2015

absolutely reccomended!

did a group order that was upwards of $500. every single item was well packed, with cool extras of multiple things! fish, sponges, clean up crew, and gorgonians were all ordered. only DOA was an emerald crab which they had already sent an extra of! buy with confidence, my new favorite website. will be ordering again soon !

October 17, 2015

Plessantly surprised

This was my first time ordering with KP. They had great communication and shipping without any hiccups. Everything arrived alive and with great color. This was my first fish in mail order. Was very impressed by it and KP. And the flat rate shipping was AWESOME. Will defiantly be a repeat customer!!!

October 17, 2015

First Class Company

I have bought fish from Sealife and KP Aquatics for many years. I have been in the hobby for over 40 years. I have dealt with many suppliers and collectors. Kara and Philip and Kara’s dad Ken care about the environment, the fish and inverts they collect and their customers, I recommend them without hesitation!!! If you want something unusual just ask, chances are that if it is their area they can collect it. This is good company run by good people.

Richard Strieber
October 17, 2015

Beautiful healthy corals

Love my mushrooms they are doing great! Will order again soon! Thanks Kara and Phillip!

October 17, 2015


It’s been a month since I received my 70lbs of liverock. I have to say I’ve been totally amazed at the quality of the experience. The shipment was packaged really well and most everything survived, including most of the life on the uncured rock. Each day I seem to find another new encrustation of sea-life. The vibrant colors and diversity of organisms associated with this live rock is astounding. These guys have exceeded my wildest expectations and am thankful that I learned of this company. I’m planning my next order.

October 17, 2015

I’m always impressed…

Sealifeinc/KPaquatics has become my go to for livestock for my Atlantic Biotope. I’ve been ordering from them for quite sometime and I’m always impressed by their speed, service and the quality that they offer in packaging. They have excellent livestock and are very kind and knowledgeable. Don’t go wrong, order from KPaquatics. =)

Steven Manning
October 17, 2015


Made an order from KP and another site same time and have never used either one before. Other sites stuff died in one day while KP zoanthids opened up within an hour and the orange gorg is so perfect and doing great. No comparison and not sure why the other company stuff died. Pretty much will do all my orders here from now on. Thanks for such perfect, healthy corals!

October 17, 2015

I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from KP Aquatics for several years now. Their cultured live rock is very nice, especially if you pay for overnight shipping. I rarely receive anything in poor condition. I have been keeping marine tanks for over 50 years and mail ordering livestock for over 25 years and these guys are among the best.

October 17, 2015

Great service

I placed an order of inverts and dwarf seahorses, the order arrived quick, well packaged, and no DOA! Several extras were included and one of the seahorses gave birth the day after arrival! I will order from KP aquatics again! Very happy with the order.

October 17, 2015

Great Little Critters

Ordered 4 dwarf seahorses and a coral from KP. All arrive alive and happy. Was surprised to find an extra female and one of the males was pregnant. He had his little ponies last night and I couldn’t be happier. Great little horses and health coral. Thanks again!!

October 17, 2015

Great Seller

I bought a bunch of Gorgonians, some shaving brush plants, a ton of snails, and a handful of scarlet reef hermit crabs. Everything arrived and packaged impeccably in heat sealed bags as opposed to just rubber-banded bags so leakage was not even an option to occur during shipping. Every specimen arrived alive and in good condition and all the Gorgonians immediately put out their polyps within an hour of acclimating to my tank. They even included a bonus gorgonian and bonus snails and hermit crabs as well. Almost 2 months later and all specimens are thriving and all Gorgonians seem to growing quite well. This just shows that the seller makes sure to sell high-quality specimens that are healthy and arrive in perfect condition. Just put in another order for more goodies this evening!

October 17, 2015

Always Impressed!

I have been ordering from SeaLife which is now KPAquatic for years and will continue to do so! The quality and variety of their items combined are unbelievable. Just amazing! My tank has such a wonderful variety or colors and aquatic life all because of them. 🙂 Besides the quality of their items, both Kara and Philipp are just wonderful people, they go above and beyond to answer all questions through email and phone conversations. They really care about their customers and their business. Dont hesitate to order from them! You will never be disappointed with an order placed with them!

March 25, 2015

Great company to choose

KP Aquatics is a great business to choose for your online purchase. I have ordered from other online sources only to be disappointed when the shipment arrives. I have ordered twice now with plans for more. I have yet to be disappointed. You can tell they take great pride in their work. The quality of life is amazing. Shipping is superb and quick. I look forward to placing more orders with KP Aquatics. In my opinion, they are an A+ business.

March 16, 2015

Awesome Mantis!

I was shocked to get a follow up message on FB asking how my new mantis was doing… and a email AFTER the sale. Awesome service! She is doing well, very active and inquisitive with her new surroundings. Thank you!

JD Davis
February 7, 2015

Exceeds Expectation

Package was well packed to stand the bitter Chicago cold. Everything opened right up within hours. Great communication via email. Will definitely order more stuff in the future.

February 2, 2015

Everything groovy

Hi Kara & Philipp,

Everything groovy.  All in tanks.  Should’ve ordered more.


Alex L. from MS
December 4, 2014

Nice Job done!

Hi, Just a short note to say that my order arrived. All appear to be healthy and no worse for the wear…. Those were quality animals you sent. Had I known how good they would be (I’ve been burned by other sites), I would have ordered a few other things like some mushroom corals….. You did a great job packing. There were absolutely no leaks and the heat packet was still warm to the touch. I also want to say thank you for the extras. They are greatly appreciated. I will certainly return for more products from you.

Jack C. from New Jersey
November 12, 2014

My Recent order

I love my recent order everything came in very healthy and active. Kudos to KPA

November 11, 2014

“You have no idea how much I appreciate the multiple-mouth-with-a-whole-nother-baby-polyp ricordea…rics are one of my favorite corallimorphs!”

Sharon W.
November 10, 2014

Excellent Packaging

Delayed Package:  “Well, here it is, Saturday morning, and everybody looks fine. Just amazing! A real tribute to you guys and how well you select and handle and package your animals, I’d say. Thank you for watching out for me through this process.”

Martin M.
November 10, 2014

“Just wanted to say thank you for the nice fish, I am very satisfied with my purchase and will recommend your company to all my fishy friends!”

Leonard V.
November 10, 2014