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Quality Specimens

Ordered numerous gorgonians and some mushrooms. Also 4 extra gorgonians were included free. Have not had any issue with a single specimen. All are thriving from the moment they were put in my tank. Very happy with the order. If you like gorgonians this is the place to get them. If I had any more room in my tank I would order more. Thanks and very highly recommend.

September 25, 2019

Quality Marinelife

Ordered several fish, ricordea and a shrimp on Tuesday. Order shipped same day and all arrived in great condition. I am a repeat customer and KP have not disappointed me at all. Quality specimens, quality shipping and customer service.

Ryan Klemish
September 12, 2019

Best live rock supplier!

I live in Michigan and what they call “premium live rock” here is pretty sad and overpriced! I have had KP Aquatics ship me two separate orders of live rock, and they are phenomenal!!! Getting un- cured live rock from KP Aquatics is like having Christmas and your birthday rolled all into one! The Coraline coverage is gorgeous, so many beautiful little tunicates in all different colors and of course some really cool hitchhikers. Their base price is still far cheaper than what I can get locally, plus the free shipping with a large order made it far more cost-effective than trying to buy that much near me. Thank you KP Aquatics, for helping me bring a little bit of the ocean to the great lakes!

August 30, 2019

Shipping issues unrelated to seller.

Due to severe weather my live rock shipment was delayed for nearly 3 days. Even with that delay in summer heat my rock arrived healthy and packaged wonderfully with a cooling pack. Communication from them was always prompt and helpful.
The rock looks amazing and I could not be happier with my order. I plan to use KP Aquatics again in the near future.

William Prather
August 29, 2019

Best deals and customer service

I just bought over 200 various snails, crabs and 5 chitons. Its 110 degrees here in Phoenix so i was a little worried. The package was delivered very quick and everything was alive and happy. I was even given extra of everything i ordered. These guys rock, and have great communication. I would reccomend KP to anyone, and i will definitely be back.

Jason crosby
August 24, 2019

A keeper!

First time order and very impressed. Every item ordered is top notch. Crabs are very lively, sponges are stunning (even the freebie) and coral thriving. Put in a request for some and wish I had room for some live rock.

Gene VanVoorst
August 23, 2019

Great Customer Service

Just a quick feedback message about my recent order…
The package arrived today in good condition… UPS did a good job during handling and shipping, the box does not show any visible signs of damage. I know this is outside of your control but since I’m providing feedback shipping is being addressed.
The order arrived correctly matching the invoice and was very well packaged in an insulated box. The contents did not leak during shipment. I appreciate the extra effort taken to double bag the contents, which not only minimizes losses due to leakage but also helps insulate the animals during shipment which is important during summer months here in Texas. The animals arrived healthy and in excellent condition.
Pre-shipment communication regarding shipping/contact information issues were appreciated and avoided a potential delivery issue.
Overall my experience with KP Aquatics has been outstanding and I look forward with to being a recurring customer.
Best regards,

August 22, 2019


Received my first order from KP Aquatics yesterday, and I am more than pleased. Everything arrived alive and in good shape, and there were even a couple freebies thrown in! Seriously, I haven’t seen better quality gorgonians or rock flower nems at any LFS, and the cerith snails, serpent star , and ricordea I ordered are great.

I have to share this: my wife was LIVID that I had purchased even more sea life than I already had. I mean I was in the doghouse for days. Luckily, my order from KP Aquatics arrived while she was out of the house, and I was able to add everything to the tank in peace. When she came back and saw everything in the tank . . . her whole demeanor changed. She became just as awed and enamored by it all as I am.

This household will definitely be ordering from KP Aquatics again.

Tony Gustafson
July 11, 2019

Rare basslet

About 2 weeks ago I purchased the smallest cave basslet, i have ever seen. This fish came in awesome to me.It feeds, comes out and looks fantastic. Good shipping and good care before mean good fish after you get them.

Paul Dushay
June 5, 2019

Awesome place to get your coral

First time ordering from you and was very happy with everything. Love the extra piece of coral. Will order from you soon again

May 3, 2019


Such an amazing company. I have ordered both live rock and other organisms from them. They are always there to respond to questions or requests. Their fish are healthy hardy and active as well as their corals and inverts. Their live rock is the reason my tank does so well. It is covered in coralline even striking colors like neon orange. I would not hesitate to recommend this business to anyone.

Chloe Geise
May 2, 2019

Just awesome

This was my first time ever ordering anything live online. Had a problem with the checkout but through a few emails with Philip who responded in a timely manner was able to get it fixed. All the snails arrived alive and was package well. Will be ordering from KP Aquatics in the future! Thanks again guys. Awesomee customer service!!

March 27, 2019

Just got my first order

Just got my first order this morning and wow! These guys were beyond generous with the extras they included. The size and quality of the pieces I ordered were just amazing. I will absolutely be a regular customer from now on. Thank you so much!

March 26, 2019

Beautiful rics

I am a repeat customer, these guys have beautiful ricordeas, very well packaged and they also threw in some free zoas. I also got an awesome rock flower. Shipping was great, no doa. Great people to do business with and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more down the road. 😁

March 21, 2019

Get off the fence already!

If you are on the fence about ordering uncured live rock from these guys, take the plunge and order already! You will not be disappointed! This is by far the best rock I have encountered! Covered in multiple colors of coralline, sponges, and macro algae. Within an hour in my tank I encountered 3 shrimp, a crab, an urchin, and countless feather like filter feeders. Do yourself a favor and order this rock!

Trevor Williams
March 16, 2019

Great Support

Kara & Phillipp have displayed the best customer service I have ever experienced in this hobby. Cheers to KP Aquatics. Love my new French Angel

February 11, 2019

Great Customer Service

I had 1 item that didn’t survive shipping, a purple sea rod, which are known for being sensitive to shipping. Philipp was very responsive and although I had already placed the item into my tank, after I sent him a few pictures he informed me to remove the item as it was already too far gone. He was quick to issue a credit for the lost item. I will definitely order from them again. The ricordeas and neon gobies are settling in quite nicely and have great color.

Ryan K
December 10, 2018

Awesome macroalgaes

10/10 on the macro algaes. Ordered x2 toadstool and got an extra one! :D/ also ordered some chaetomorpha and caulerpa–ALL made it great with priority shipping and the zoanthids did great too! Will definitely recommend to friends and order again! Customer service was great–they even included extra macroalgae fragments by my request!!!! Thanks again, Kara/Phillip!!!

October 27, 2018

Curlique Anemone

the packaging is AMAZING I only ordered one product and they packed it so well that it looked like there’s a gold inside, the curlique arrived well and it’s doing great rightnow and it’s freaking beautiful….

mark muriel
October 18, 2018

Love my worm rock

Came well packed. Looks just like the picture on the website. good price and is doing well

September 5, 2018

HIgh Quality Live Rock

First order of Live Rock, Great Quality full of coralline algae and next day shipping. Well packed. I’m setting up a 75g Reef tank and will place another order soon. Thanks KP.

August 31, 2018

Live Rock

Recently received my 2nd order of Live Rock from KP Aquatics. Fantastic product. Very well packaged like every order i have placed. The rock is amazing!! Covered in all sorts of life and extra hitchhikers. Highly recommended and i wouldn’t run a tank without it.

David Nowatzke
August 25, 2018

A very honest company

These guys really care. I had some losses due to excessive heat. They were as heartbroken as I was. I’ve ordered from them several times the livestock is too notch! If your a rural customer I would let them know so they can take proper steps to protect the livestock. Give them a try. I bet you’ll be back. I know I will!

Gary jenson
August 22, 2018

Simply amazing!

Received my 5 different gorgonias from KP Aquatics and they did not disappoint. I received big specimens like they were upgraded by them. They all opened in a few hours after placing in my tank. My favorite is the corky sea finger. They sent me a big specimen. When it opened, the polyps are dense and long it gave the appearance of a hairy Yeti! It is so beautiful to watch sway with the water current. This gorgonia is a winner.

Jerry G
August 13, 2018


I have ordered from K.P. about 4 times now. I can say without hesitation that I will buy more again. from their fast response and to go the extra time and distance to fulfill my order or replace it with something else only if needed.. the packaging is very precise. I have them use UPS. and to know when my UPS guy delivered it helps too. never had a bad experience. it is well worth the price because I know they care about me as their customer. I am in business for myself and that is what I would expect. please give them a try.
thanks again guys.

July 31, 2018


Ordered 2 Ricordea florida & a yellow eyed Zoa that all exceeded my expectations for size and health. They even included an additional Ric in the order. I will be back for more.

Larry P.
July 25, 2018

Great company

I ordered 4 corals a couple of weeks ago and Phil from KPAQUATICS sent me an additional gorgonia as he felt the one that I ordered didn’t look as his site described.
I was more than happy with the entire order, my LED lights really bring out the colors in the corals.
They overnighted the order and it arrived earlier than I expected. Everything was individually bagged and sealed in a styrofoam box with a freeze pack which helped as this is the dead of summer.
It’s been a week since I put everything in my DT and all the polyps are fully extended.
My tank in a Redsea 260.
I’d order from KPAquatics again, hopefully they can stock up on more corals.
It would also be nice to see more pictures of each item they sell.

Steve H
July 2, 2018

Curly Cue Anemone

As per usual, a quick and speedy delivery. The Curly Cue was so small in the bag. But then when it got accustomed to the tank it really stretched out! It’s beautiful. My Peterson shrimp ( that I got from KP ) prefer to hang out in the algae instead though. I tried to put them in the acclimation box for them to get over their first stings ( which they did get ) but eventually, they just decided to jump out of the box instead. So the Curly Cue is just going to be a stand alone gem in the tank. Their loss I am sure.

Faith Emrazian
June 30, 2018

perfect all the way around.

thank you again,
I will tell you I probably am the most skeptical person alive. I was very scared to first off buy fish on the internet and then have them shipped to me. everything was great. from using UPS FOR delivering to the package to the box it came in to the fish themselves. they are all alive and doing great. I love it. will I use them again. most definitely with out any doubt.
thank you again and feel free to call me anytime to discuss this.

dave h.
May 27, 2018

Perfect Pederson pair

Shipped quickly and I appreciate how consideration was aimed toward the health of the shrimp at arrival was the determining factor for shipping. I’ve purchased in the past and I’ll continue to purchase in the future. They love to hang out together and I look forward to the availability of the corkscrew anemone so I can get one for them.

Faith Emrazian
May 20, 2018

Amazing Gorgs Gorgeous Gobies

Received my order plus a few! The Masked Goby are so much fun and the Gorgonians are large and beautiful. Will order again!

May 15, 2018

Everything is doing great.

I have made four orders and everything is doing great.
I also love the reduced shipping fee. It allows you to buy a lot more and to make more frequent purchases.
Thanks for all your help . I needed advice and they were right there to help. Would buy again. Will buy again.

Sandy in Lubbock
May 3, 2018

Everything is doing great.

I have made four orders and everything is doing great.
I also love the reduced shipping fee. It allows you to buy a lot more and to make more frequent purchases.
Thanks for all your help . I needed advice and they were right there to help. Would buy again. Will buy again.

Sandy in Lubbock
May 3, 2018


My entire shipment arrived on time as promised and in excellent shape. Philipp even included an extra Masked Goby for me. The Red Serpent Starfish that was send is absolutely AWESOME! I also got a Red Brittle Starfish has is the brightest red I have ever seen. The Masked Gobies are so cute and really shoal together around the tank. They are out all the time and don’t bother any of the other inhabitants. They are a must have for anyone but especially for a nano tank. I got the Red Crab instead of the Emerald and I am so glad I did. He is out all the time (unlike the Emerald in my other tank) and is so much fun to watch. I can’t say enough about Philipp and the extra service he gave to complete the order. I had to wait for a couple of the items in order to complete my shipment, but boy was it worth it. Thank you Philipp.

May 2, 2018

Great Live Rock

The best looking live rock I have ever seen!

April 10, 2018

Simply the best to deal with

If you buy from KPAquatics i garantee you will not be disappointed they are a great company to deal with and they really know there stuff and the way they package your order is first rate i have biught frim many venders and never have i seen more care taken in packaging and if you need some help they are right there these guys will get all my business from know on diffaniatly a AAA rating
Thank you again guys

March 13, 2018

Dream Fish Come True

Love the service…let me know when the fish I wanted was in stock. The fish arrived packed much better than those other popular sites (LA & SF), and I have ordered from both of them; KPA seemed to take the time to pack the fish and other items I ordered with as much care as could have been taken. The price was so unbelievable for the Queen Trigger I purchased; the same fish of equal size is currently being sold for 2x the KPA price. Also, the Chaeto looks great and I can actually see the pods that came along with it, love it. I can see they value the quality of their product, and level of customer service they provide…5 Stars for KPA

Thanks Guys.

Darryl McMickens
March 7, 2018

Exceptional Quality and Service!

From start to finish, the purchasing process could not have been easier. A very user-friendly website, informative animal descriptions and great prices. I cannot remember the last time any business kept me so informed during the shipping period and then followed through afterward to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. Shipping prices were far better than I had expected and the packaging is best I’ve seen.
I purchased two horseshoe crabs a little over a week ago. They were in excellent condition upon arrival, are thriving and were obviously well cared for prior to shipping.
I am recommending KP Aquatics to all of my friends and hope to expand my salt water collection to make more purchases soon!
(I’m not the best photographer, but I wanted to show the horseshoe crabs)
Thank you for the personal attention I received Kara and Philipp!

Steve Donnelly
March 2, 2018

Excellent [email protected]

I love ordering from KP Aquatics! My packages are always shipped with utmost care and concern for the animals. I have ordered several octopuses to Michigan and they always arrive in good health. The last shipment I received was only days after their own delivery of a new baby! If that’s not dedication to customer service, I don’t know what is. Thank you, Kara and Philipp for all the beautiful animals you have gotten me over the years!

Elizabeth Nitz
March 2, 2018

shipment quality

I’ve ordered rom them twice and have received excellent products. They package their products really well and always come in a timely fashion!

Faith Emrazian
February 25, 2018


These Folks are the greatest! We’re new at trying Gorgs and Sponges on our 210 gallon ‘softies tank’, so a bit nervous. But as they say, ‘Time will tell’, But from their great product descriptions, they gave us the confidence and advice we needed to try. Best packaging we’ve seen, fast service, a ‘little extra’ didn’t mean broken pieces and runts, but full size duplicates, everything arrived in great shape, and began opening almost immediately, and folks that honestly seem to care about how we, and their products they sell us do. Just can’t say enough good things . THANK YOU!
(“hackshobby on ‘The Reef Tank’ forums”)

Dave Hackney
February 17, 2018


I have purchased gorgonians, corky finger, starfish, conch, crabs and a pygmy angel from KP aquatics. Every order is packed very well and every item is healthy and vibrant and looks amazing in my tank.
Kara and Phillip do a wonderful job of answering questions and quickly shipping out orders. KP Aquatics is a great place to find unique, high quality items for your saltwater tank!

Sharon Rounds
February 5, 2018

Great Reduced Items

Ordered several Reduced Shipping Items.Every thing came alive and well,sandwiched between the freezing winter days.The packaging was first rate.I was a bit shocked that all the critters were in such good condition.They have acclimated well and are doing their thing in my tank.I’m looking forward to ordering more from KP when time and money allows.Thanks again guys.Great job.

David Blanton
January 19, 2018

Healthy Live Rock

We just received 30 pounds of Live Rock from KP Aquatics. SUPER FAST delivery and very well packaged.

Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the live rock and living organisms on the rock. There are stunning shades of purples, oranges and yellows including plant life. The rock was so fresh it still had live mantis shrimp, tiny crabs, urchins, and a bristle star that all made the trip.

Can’t wait to see how the life on the rock grows out. Hope for some really cool surprises. I will buy again from KP Aquatics.

Thank you Kara and Philipp!

Ramona and Austin
January 13, 2018

Great livestock and attentive to customers.

I ordered from Phillip and Kara recently, first time ever ordering livestock online, and I could not be happier. Everything arrived alive, and I even got an extra gorgonia, I will order again!

Joe Botelho
January 10, 2018

Fantastic Packaging and Products

I ordered some algae, snails, and a zoanthid frag. There was a delay in shipping (not KP Aquatic’s fault at all) and it took 6 days to arrive. I expected bags of mush by the time i got my order. I was pleasantly surprised that everything survived the trip and was in great shape by the time i got it. 100% survival!! Excellent products and packaged well. Will definitely do business again.

David Nowatzke
January 5, 2018

Best place for Nano fish

I’ve bought several fish, invertebrates and corals from KP and I’ve been thrilled each time. I have a 50 gallon reef and a 14 gallon nano reef and this is the place for smaller fish that work well in a nano. If you only have room for one fish – make it a gold line blenny! Mine has such a huge personality she’s fun to watch all the time. Second recommendation is the sail fin blenny. She likes to perch on or just in her rock and dash out to get food. Awesome.

Great quality, well packaged for shipping and interesting stuff you just can’t get elsewhere.
Posted on behalf of Diana D. , MA

December 16, 2017


They sold me a porcupine puffer that the right fin was handicapped, one fin is not moving. But at least they refunded for that issue which was good and made me satisfy with their service. But their shipping charge should be lowered. $40 for shipping is off the roof. At least $29.95 like the rest of the places charge.

KP Aquatics:  We apologize for the oversight on the puffer.

Almost every overnight package is costing us more than $40. We can raise our prices for our critters and offer free shipping too.

Hap Ho Lam
December 15, 2017

Great place to buy quality fish.

I have bought a couple of big angels. They send me amazing and healthy fish. I was hesitatant to deal with a small family owned supplier, but it was well worth the risk. These folks care about the fish, and about their customers. You get personal service that you would never get from the big players. I’m glad I took the chance here, and I will do it again. I recommend these folks to anyone to get quality fish and great dervice.

M. John
December 9, 2017

Great fish and service

Philipp and Kara always provide the best service around. Their always available to answer any questions and always willing to help. The quality of their stock cannot be surpassed. Picture attached is of a mated pair of Neon Gobies I had ordered. They’ve set up shop on top of the fake jelly fish in my seahorse aquarium. They often lay sided by side making quick dashes to get something floating by but return immediately to their perch. Very entertaining.

December 7, 2017

Beautiful Pygmy Angel Fish & Very Productive Mithrax Crabs

This was my first order from KP Aquatics and I was very impressed. I ordered a pygmy angel and 1 emerald crab and 1 red mitrhax crab. All arrived healthy and active. I also received an extra emerald crab free!

I have had them for a few days now and they are all eating and doing well! The angel fish is beautiful and peaceful. The crabs have done an amazing job of dealing with the hair algae in my tank. I had tried several types of snails and a couple of different hermit crabs and none have even come close to the results that the mithrax crabs have produced!!

I will definitely be ordering from this company again.

Karen Holley
December 2, 2017

Astrea snails

I have ordered many many times over the years, anything from soft corals, fish and lots of cleanup crew. I’ve never been disappointed and this time was no exception. Everything arrived alive with a few extras.

October 20, 2017

Highly recommend!

I ordered two starfish and am extremely happy with my order and the service I received from the crew at Kpaquatics.
They go far and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you ordered and that you are satisfied.
Everything arrived in great condition and better then expected. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you Phillipp for all your help.

Ryan S.
September 3, 2017

Blenny order.

I have only bought two fish from this company, but they were responsive to my questions and the fish arrived safely and in good health.
After a three week quarantine and acclimation, they took very well to the display tank.

Wayne Morrow
August 9, 2017

Great transaction all the around

First of all, communication was excellent. I ordered 15 snails (but got 18)with priority shipping . I received my snails on time and they were packed in plenty of water, double bagged in a thick insulated box and cooling pack on top (this was during hot weather). They were clean with no algae, etc… visable. Its been 3 days and so far no problems. I got astrea and cerith. Also Price was good on snails and shipping . I will definately be ordering again.

Rebecca Hillyard
August 5, 2017

Ricordea and Starfish – First Time Buyer

First time buyer over the internet vs LFS. I was apprehensive. Prices and shipping was fair. Everything arrived as advertised and in good health. I would definitely purchase with KP Aquatics again. Thank you.

George Ponchaud
August 2, 2017

Just Great!!!

Everything (invertebrates) came very well packed, all healthy, extra animals just in case casualties in transport (not needed, everything lives). Very smooth from my first question over fb, till receiving my package. I will definitely be back. ps-that red serpent starfish is so hot, adds great color to my 100g FOWLR!

August 2, 2017

I received my latest order

I received my latest order last week. It was mainly for algae eaters, i.e., blue hermits, snails, plus urchins. I requested overnight shipping due to the summer heat. I strongly recommend overnight shipping for almost all their livestock. Anything live will be much less stressed and have a much better chance of long term survival.

I have been buying from KP for a long time now. I’ve gotten all sorts of livestock and everything has always arrived in good shape.

July 28, 2017

Best Source Caribbean Fush

I have purchased many fish and inverts from KP Aquatics and have never been disappointed. Great service! Great quality!

July 25, 2017

Great Service

This was my first time using KP Aquatics. Ordered 25 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. All arrived alive with a few extras! Great price, Great Service! Order was on time! Thanks KP! Will definitely order from you guys again!

July 25, 2017

Great Service

This was my first time using KP Aquatics. Ordered 25 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs. All arrived alive with a few extras! Great price, Great Service! Order was on time! Thanks KP! Will definitely order from you guys again!

July 25, 2017

Great Livestock

I am beyond impressed with KP Aquatics. Fantastic service, real knowledge and incredible livestock. Support this small business, they do everything right.

Ehren Crumpler
July 25, 2017

First time buyer

My shipment was packed and sent promply. Love my anemone shrimp. My green flower anemone had great color and good size, which I was really pleased with. Will be looking forward to them having more anemones available in the future.

Dianne Kieffer
July 16, 2017

Awesome basket star

This is a 14 month testimonial for the micro basket star. I was afraid to get it because everything on line says expert only and not to buy but after emailing about care and feeding I went ahead and got it. This little thing has thrived in my tank which is a 28 gallon nano. I target feed it frozen Mysis every 2-3 days and it is doing great after 14 months in my tank. It moves around and sometimes hard to find but is always out at night with its arm spread out wide. It will eat any time of day if I can find it. Besides the spiny orange gorgonian, this basket star is one of my favorites. Everything I’ve gotten from here is quality and thrives in my tank. I’m overdue for my next order……

July 14, 2017

First time customer–great experience!

Ordered a bunch of different gorgonians from these guys, and they arrived in great health. So nice of them to include a freebie as well! Will definitely be ordering more gorgs from them in the future. Thanks again!

June 21, 2017

Great Company

We ordered 2 corals and a horseshoe crab. Service was great, livestock arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. Very happy with our experience!

Denise Stussy
June 2, 2017

Great company

Ive ordered twice from them one order of gorgs, and one of rock nems. All arrlived alive and healthy…. great corals. My only complaint is that in an email they said they had more rock nems to put on the site. Ive been waiting to spend more money, but they havent come up for sale….lol

Rick crisp
May 25, 2017

Great Resource

My purchases from KP have always come in such good condition that I now consider them a “first look” place when I’m thinking of adding new stuff to my tank!

May 25, 2017

very pleased

I just received my 3 horses today. They arrived here in Ohio alive active and healthy. Also a very nice yellow whip. Thank you. I will purchase here again.

ted doyle
May 23, 2017

Amazing Live Rock!

I was hesitant to order online because you never know what you are going to receive. I ordered 25lbs of uncured live rock and the package shipped and received the next day. The uncured Aquacultured Live rock was beautiful. I just submitted a second order for 25 LBS of uncured live rock. Get Service! Recommend for anyone who is worried about online shopping.

Ronald Bishop
May 21, 2017

Incredible Live Rock!

The most gorgeous live rock I’ve ever seen covered with all sorts of life! Found a couple of pencil urchins and feather dusters along with tons of cool growths. Every time I look closely, I find more neat little lifeforms. Would recommend 100% Thanks guys!

Stephanie Blanding
May 13, 2017

great service

ordered 4 gorgs (received 5), and a rock nem. all doing great. two days later i ordered more rock nems…. the prices are the best ive seen, and the wild life is very healthy. will order more im sure

rick crisp
May 11, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Great service!

Very happy with the inverts and service and follow-up KP offers…stars didn’t quite make it, but they refunded my money almost immediately…I’d recommend them for cuc and more any time…Ken

April 16, 2017

Atlantic Blue Tang and Black Angelfish

Seeing is testimony enough! But if not here’s the specifics. The beautiful Atlantic Blue Tang was placed in this tank in August of 2012 in it’s yellow juvenile coloring. The Black Angelfish was added in Dec 2016.
Sorry the picture isn’t a little better but this is what you can expect from K&P Aquatics!

Jim Jesko
April 3, 2017

All good

My order arrived on Tuesday and today is Saturday, so everybody has been in the tank for over 4 days. I ordered 2 tangs, a mated pair of neon gobies, a mated pair of gold banded shrimp and a yellow sea feather gorgonian. Everybody arrived alive and on time. I was a bit concerned that the tangs looked very pale, almost translucent in their bags. But after a short acclimation and 30 minutes in the tank and they both colored up just fine. The juvenile Atlantic blue tang is a gorgeous bright yellow. Both the mated pairs are hanging out together.

I’m very happy with the service, the condition of all the critters and the prices. Thanks for dealing with my first order with you so well. You can count on more to come your way as well as my making your quality operation well known to my friends.


Ron Lindensmith
March 18, 2017

Satisfied with chart and sponges

I received a nice sized piece of chart and 3 shaving bushes when I only ordered 2. Also a nano ball sponge and nano red tree sponge. Everything arrived great except nothing was said about NEVER take a sponge out of water. They will take in air and start to die but that was my fault for not knowing. I will order from here again.

Victor A
March 16, 2017

Greatly satisfied !

Received my oder on time all alive!Each item was vacuum packed in its own bag -no leaks.Recived free live items with my oder was greatly appreciated!!! Highly recommended give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Greatly satisfied !

Received my oder on time all alive!Each item was vacuum packed in its own bag -no leaks.Recived free live items with my oder was greatly appreciated!!! Highly recommended give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Totally satisfied

Received my order on time an all alive! Was impressed with how each item was in its separate vacuum packed bag no leaks. Will be ordering again soon! They included free live items also with my oder greatly appreciated!!!!

Darell Ogden
March 12, 2017

Best quality animals I have ever gotten

I cannot explain how wonderful the animals in my recent order looked. The sizes were above my expectations. The color and beauty of these specimens is better than I could have ever imagined. The packaging was first rate. I will definitely be placing another order soon. Thank you so much. Keep doing the great work that you are doing.

Chuck Lauthers
February 15, 2017

Two month follow-up, still happy!

I thought I’d offer a two month follow up on my prior extremely positive review of my live rock order. Everything is still great! No nasty cycling, stink, or white bacterial slime- when they say ready for shipping, it’s ready for shipping. Everything colored up beautifully and the sponges and algae started growing well. I requested smaller pieces for a ten gallon sea grass shallows tank and they got me nice, workable pieces (and gave me the option to get something bigger immediately or wait a week for exactly what I wanted, which I did. Great way to look out for the customer). I’ve attached a couple photos to show what 60 days in looks like. Thanks again.

Karel Minor
February 14, 2017

Another Perfect Order Experience

There is only one reason anyone becomes a repeat customer to any business. The experience they had lived up to or exceeded their expectations.
I’ve been returning to this vendor for that exact reason. And with every delivery from Philipp my expectations are blown away and my satisfaction is taken to a whole new, higher level.
This order received on 1/31/17 was no exception. The livestock arrived in the usual professional packaging I’ve come to expect. I also knew there would be extras, it’s claimed on the bottom of every receipt. However I was very taken by those received today. As I removed the items I became ever more grateful for the oppotunity to make purchases from kpaquatics.
Thank you Philipp. Thank you Kara. For loving what you do and caring about us, the customers, enough to send only quality and go the extra to guarantee our satisfaction.

Michael Phelps
January 31, 2017

Repeat Customer

Second time ordering from KP Aquatics. Everything well packaged and arrived in excellent condition both times. Ordered Harlequin Serpent stars, Ricordia mushrooms, Zoanthids, blue porcelain crabs and a striped rock flower anemone. All healthy, beautiful, and thriving. Will definitely order from them again. P.S. They always send you a little something extra 🙂

Deborah J.
January 26, 2017

Cross Country Awesome

Five pieces, different species, all arrived to my home in San Francisco happy and alive.
Week later all flourishing – very pleased!

Steffan Postaer
December 14, 2016

First order with many to follow

Stumbled across KP looking for a small quantity of rock for a new tank. It just arrived and is EXCELLENT. Quality, shape, size, color are perfect and it’s novel to find nice rock that isn’t just dyed purple these days. They contacted me following my order to a suggest holding off a week because they have pieces more in line with my needs for small pieces, rather than shipping me dregs. The cured ten pound box is a very economical deal (and I suspect weighed in well above, I actually had to put a couple of the pieces in another tank!). The wait was worth it. I will absolutely be returning for more livestock for my little mangrove and grass tank. Thanks, Kara and Philipp!

December 9, 2016

Urchins and Live Rock

My order for small short spin urchins and a little bit of live rock came in in perfect shape.

If you are having algae problems, and the problem is not water quality related, there are few things that clean algae up better than young short spine urchins. They eat it like mad.

Dean C.
December 3, 2016

The Most Amazing LIve Rock (and Vendor)

First off, I’ve been buying from kpaquatics for over a decade. I have never, ever had any problems with the quality of the animals, the packaging or the service. It is the first site I visit when I’m actively shopping something new for my tanks and actually I visit almost daily just to see if anything unusual is up for sale. But this is about the rock…
I ordered 8 lbs. of uncured live rock and had made a special request for specific sized pieces. Of course Philipp had no problems granting that wish. Because I wanted the rock uncured and the small quantity, the shipping costs were high. Philipp tried to save me money by suggesting cured rock which can be shipped USPS Priority. Most vendors would take the order and not care at all what the consumer spent on shipping because the money doesn’t go to the business.
BUT I’m here to tell you that every penny I put into that rock was worth spending! This rock is amazing! It came to my home in South Dakota overnight FEDEX and of course it was packed with integrity and professionalism. Each piece was wrapped in wet paper and individually bagged. Because I ordered in Oct., there was a heat pack inside the insulated box and it was still very warm to the touch.
After removing the wet paper I laid the rock on my table to get a photo of it and before I snapped the pic a small Red Mithrax went scuttling across the table! In the month and a half since the rock has been in the tank I have discovered 5 types of desirable macro algae growing on it, a heart urchin appeared in my sand bed, a dime sized pencil urchin was discovered, two small Corky Fingers, numerous snails and mini (+ 1 full sized ) feather dusters are popping up everywhere. I can’t even describe the coralline algae! Maroons, purples, pinks, orange and the most amazing fire engine red I’ve ever seen. My system got a ‘seed overload’ and now coralline is growing on the dry rock and plastics in the tank as well.
This purchase has taken my satisfaction level with this vendor off the charts! I can barely wait to receive my next box from Philipp and Kara!

Michael Phelps
November 24, 2016

Gorgonian extravaganza

Can’t say enough about the quality of the livestock. Within a day, I was getting good polyp extension on the gorgonians, and the CUC was moving around doing its business. Quite reasonable pricing and even threw in a couple cool freebies. Highly recommended.

Dustin G
November 23, 2016

chalk bass and wrasse

I just received the chalk bass and blue head wrasse the other day that I order all the fish were healthy and were packed extremely well as all items I have received from KP aquatics the wrasse hid out for a couple of days but is now one of the family his color is awesome and he is all over the tank he will change colors from a yellow to a blue and every color in between the calk bass went directly into the rock work and I would catch one or two some days but today at feeding time all 6 came out and showed themselves it looks as if they may have grown a little but in any case they are all healthy and happy thank you KP Aquatics for another order well done and I will be back when looking for another new item for my tank

November 23, 2016

Chiton order

KP Aquatics,
Thank you so very much for the quality and care you give. I have been wanting Chitons for a long time and I finally came across your website to see that you had so much to offer. I absolutely love my chitons and they are doing great as well as my serpent and brittle starfish and snails that I got. The sponges I got were packed great as well as my purple sea whip. I am still amazed! I am looking forward to order from you again real soon.

Chris Silvers
November 17, 2016

Another Great Box of Fish

Thanks K&P!! Another great box of fish received and after two weeks all arrivals are happy and eating like crazy!

Jim Jesko
November 2, 2016

Great fish

I only order fish from K&P Aquatics about four times a year. Excellent packing and shipping.
Usually get a small freebie from them.
They are doing a great job!

October 27, 2016

New lifetime customer 🙂

So I’ve ordered from a few different places online, and so far KPAquatics is my favorite. Everything I ordered looked even better in person than they did in the pictures. Plus the way they packaged everything shows how much they care for the creatures shipped. I am very pleased and 100% certain I will continue ordering from them. Thanks guys!

Tyler Gregg
October 14, 2016

First time buyer here. KP

First time buyer here. KP Aquatics was recommended to me by some folks on reefcentral.com, and I’m definitely glad I came here! Got the chitons I was looking for as well as some really unique, cool sponges. Everything arrived in excellent condition~ I’d definitely buy something from here again!

Katie Osika
October 11, 2016

Good quality fish

Ordered four pairs of mated wild neon gobies (E. oceanops). They were packed well and all four pairs are current eating and healthy, even amid a rigourous quarantine period. Would definitely recommend KP Aquatics.

October 8, 2016

Best service

I ordered some live rock from Kara, one day before she went on vacation. I absolutely got the best customer service hands down. Thank you Kara for your great service and also for some really beautiful live rock!

Jaime Barrachina
October 8, 2016

Favorite Place to Order

I’ve ordered livestock and corals from a lot of places online. KP Aquatics has been my favorite out of all of them. Everything they’ve ever shipped has been healthy and packaged carefully and professionally. They ship quickly, and I will continue ordering from their store.

October 1, 2016

Everything arrived in good, as usual.

My order for a sea hare, hairy chitons, and zoanthids arrived in excellent condition. I have ordered from Kara and Philipp numerous times over several years and this has always been the case. There prices are very good.

I do recommend selecting overnight shipping whenever possible. The two day shipping is cheaper, but overnight is much less stressful for the critters involved.

September 30, 2016

Top quality live stock and cheap shipping

I have been buying from KP for years. I always buy shrooms, CUC, or anything that can be shipped with reduced shipping. At only $17.50, this shipping option makes the drive to the fish store not needed. And, after my last package which costs 16.80 to ship, they are definitely not ripping you off on shipping like most sites.

The packaging is always professional with no leakage, and, I have never had DOA with 2 day shipping like I have with other sites. Plus, their prices on shrooms, especially St. Thomas and Ric’s combined with reduced shipping is much cheaper than FS’s.

Whats even better is that they tend to give a freebie with each order. I had asked for 2 nano pencil urchins with my order. For whatever reason, the site was not showing that they had them. So, since they are an awesome company, they included them free in my order in addition to a couple extra hermit crabs and dwarf cerinths. I highly recommend this company and will keep ordering from them in the future.

Robert Murdy
September 15, 2016

Really nice specimens

Bought a verity of Gorgonians, fish & invertebrates three weeks ago. It was a pleasure dealing with kp All items arrived in excellent condition and more importantly nothing die, to the contrary everything is growing multiplying and thriving. I would highly recommend “kp” for any Caribbean livestock you might want. Greg

Gregory Martin
July 15, 2016

A Great Experience

Dealing with KP Aquatics has been a wonderful experience. Iwas looking for specific livestock choices, which at the time weren’t in stock. I sent an inquiry and received a prompt reply. They went out and caught the fish that week. Packing was well done and they all arrived in great condition. KP Aquatics will be my go-to source for any Caribbean livestock.

July 11, 2016

True Meaning of WYSISYG

I have now placed multiple orders through Philip and Kara’s company, and must say it is refreshing to be dealing with folks who deliver on their on line and verbal representations, with reliable consistency. Easy to claim to deliver WYSIWYG, however not all vendors have the elevated ethics that Philip enjoys, as required to also deliver that same, exact specimen per photo documentation representation. Philip and Kara make a professional team, they deliver on quality products that always do well in my tank.

John W.
July 11, 2016

Excellent Job

Received Yellow Eyed, Cinnamon Brown, and Fluorescent Green Zoas. All were acclimated, dipped (no bugs or eggs!!!) and placed in aquarium. All opened within 2 hours and with the exception of my hermits moving the Cinnamons and them reacting badly (NOT KP FAULT – but a bit humorous) all are doing well and very perky. Thanks for a great experience..Looking forward to buying Fluorescent Blue Zoas when you have them. Cary

July 7, 2016

KP Aquatic’s professionalism sets the standard

I owe Kara and Philipp two reviews, one for a shipment of live rock I ordered back in February of 2015 and another for a CUC/Invert order I received today… Live Rock – In order to kick off a new reef tank, I ordered 10 pounds of uncured live rock from KPA via fed ex back in February of 2015. Since then I have picked up additional live rock from a variety of retail and wholesale sources as my business travel often permitted. To this day, the KPA aqua-cultured rock outshines the most expensive imports, whether it be Fiji, Vanatu, or Marshall Islands. The quantity and quality of life emerging from KPA uncured rock was shocking and even with 38 years in the hobby, I was still uncovering the marvel and diversity of new marine life. CUC / Inverts – Whether it be snails, urchins, hermits or shrooms, minimizing the time spent in transit from the reef to your tank makes a huge difference resulting in quick acclimation with minimal loss of livestock. That aspect combined with Kara and Philipps knack for cherry picking quality inhabitant for your slice of the reef truly elevates the enjoyment of this hobby to a new level. One last item – KPA rocks at returning correspondence, no matter how mundane, wild or obscure – a mark of the true professional. With Warm Regards, Drew (Go Gators!)

Drew Mc
June 22, 2016


Thank you again KP Aquatics, for the bonus urchin and the most beautiful specimens I have seen in a tank. You are my goto spot for any marine live stock and I defiantly recommend the uncured live rock for a new setup too!

June 22, 2016

Excellent Quality live rock

Thanks KP , the uncured live rock cured very quickly, with very little die off. The live rock rock works perfectly with the Zeovit system, and I did not receive any of the unfriendly hitchhikers just beautiful colored and shaped rock that instantly turned my tank into a miniature ocean.

June 22, 2016

Completely new to the hobby

This is my first reef tank. I have a nuvo fusion 10 gallon. After doing my research, I heard about KP Aquatics and their quality of live rock. I bought the 10 pound nano package of cured live rock and it cured in 2 weeks. It could’ve been quicker, but this was my first time. After I got some advice from KP Aquatics to do a water change, the ammonia dropped to 0 within the next few days. The person that helped me replied very quickly and was super patient and open to helping me with anything. The customer service they offer is superb. Its been about 6 months since I purchased the rock, and my tank is flourishing. I’ve shopped at LFSs all around Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton, and even Sebring. None of these stores had rock in their display tanks that even looked like the rocks I got from KP Aquatics. My rocks are covered in coralline algae, had tons of feather dusters, sponges, all sorts of other critters and a number of things that died because I’m a beginner. I’m super happy that I started this hobby and that I used their live rock as the foundation for my reef tank.

Calvin Tran
June 18, 2016

Top in the biz

This is the best place I have ever ordered from. They go above and beyond what is expected. I would recommend them.an have

May 24, 2016

Quality Service

Ordered a couple single mouth ricordeas, a nano zoa and a porcelain crab a week or so ago. After acclimating and placing everything in the tank I ended up with a double mouth ricordea along with the single and a zoa with ten plus heads. Everything looks great. Sadly the crab didnt make it but I dont beleive it had anything to do with the quality or health of the crab. Will order from again.

Kyle Krukowski
May 19, 2016

Everything came through wonderfully! 

The pair of jawfish are beautiful and their tunnel building is the most interesting thing in the tank.

I was hoping the pair of CB shrimp would show an interest in my bristleworm population, but no luck on that yet – fingers still crossed. 

I was slightly worried about the cucumber since I hadn’t seen sign of him in 3 days, but he’s reappeared and is constantly pulling in sand and making nice little piles of digested sand/debris.

The whole order came through healthy and has all seemed to adjust to the tank with no losses. 

Y’all rock!   Jonathan B.

May 11, 2016

Superb selection found…

I came to this site to solve green thin string algae growing in my tank, specifically for lettuce sea slugs. While at the site, I also spotted nano red brittle stars, and pistol shrimp for sale too! Everything arrived fine within 2-days by the post office. I put the sea slugs to work by placing them in a patch of algae, they sat there awhile and grazed, then go off to explore the tank some more, and finally return back after resting. They are healthy specimens, larger than I expected. LOL – I had read they need the algae to survive – at the rate they eat the algae so far, the two I have living in my 14 gal nano tank will be around quite some time. I also ordered the nano red brittle star. After two weeks, its still hiding in the rocks. I sometimes have to shine a flash light into the rocks to find it and see it move. As for my pistol shrimp, all I can say is he too is in hiding after 2 weeks. I haven’t discovered more than 1 tunnel so far built. It does not come out yet, but it seems my shrimp goby has found two new spots in the tank to now hang out. Boy, whenever I am ready to move up to another tank size, I will certainly return back to this site to stock it.

Dennis D
May 11, 2016

Will be repeat, tripeat, and quadrepeat customer

kids love the tank….got some starfish to watch…and ricordias for me. All specimens shipped well and acclimated successfully. Little freebie was included…this company really wants to please their customers. I already have my next several orders circling in my head. A pleasurable business to work with.

Bill Pitzen
May 10, 2016

Great order

Fantastic animals. Will order again.


May 3, 2016

Our KP Aquatics Visit

Kara and Philipp,

Thank you for letting us stop by on Monday.  It was great to meet both of you and see your operation.  It’s wonderful to see how much care you put into everything you do.  You are to be commended for your commitment to providing wild caught marine life with as little impact to the environment as possible.   

 The ricordeas, mushrooms, zoas and crabs passed through TSA security without a question or comment.  Everything is doing very well in our tanks.  The beautiful orange and purple with green skirt ricordea florida looks very happy in its new home.  I feel so honored you let me have it.  It will be my centerpiece ric!

 One of the main reasons we extended our vacation was so we could visit your warehouse.  Thank you again for letting us stop by!

Jean & Pete,

Steve, Tracy & Skyla 

April 28, 2016

I am beyond satisfied!!!

My Rock Flower Anenomies were larger than expected and bright, fat, and happy!!! They are beautiful. I even got some really cute free Zoas!!! They are cute and beautiful and unexpected. I will definitely buy from KP again. Also the follow up service was a nice surprise. You can tell they want you to be happy!!!??? Mindi Hammerstone

Mindi Hammerstone
April 27, 2016

Great Ricordeas

First time ordering. I ordered 3 Ricordeas. The double mouth had actually 3 mouths and all opened up as soon as I started acclimating them. My rainbow is beautiful with orange and green. I love them and one is already almost split and I’ve only had them for 5 days. I also received a free zoa that has already opened and is doing great. Highly recommend, and the double mouth ricordea is the only way to go. I will probably be getting more.

April 25, 2016

I recently purchased a variety

I recently purchased a variety of Gorgonians and a good number of clean up crew critters. All of them arrived in excellent condition and continue to thrive in my aquarium today. Thank you KP Aquatics for the professional care and packaging that my order received. Since everything I ordered is alive and doing well, do I send the kindly received free stuff back to you? Five Stars!

KP Aquatics: You can absolutely keep the free items as a thank you for ordering from us!!! Philipp


John Marchion
April 25, 2016

Great Service once again!

I recently received a shipment of livestock from KP. Once again everyone arrived alive and healthy. KP was able to collect some Rough Head Blennies at my request. They are tiny and it took me almost 2 weeks to find them, but they are doing great and eating well. Thanks again KP. John Delray Beach

April 21, 2016

Exellence once again

The sponges are all nestled into the 300 gallon reef system. Great product excellent service and packing. And Thanks for the extra freebie. Very Satisfied with everything, 5stars James

James Davie
April 19, 2016

Great, as usual!

I have been ordering livestock and live rock from KP Aquatics for several years now. They are very reliable. Their prices are quite good. Everything comes in alive and in good condition. I did an order of various algae eaters two weeks ago and, once again, everything was alive and in good shape. I strongly recommend using FedEx overnight for shipping even on the reduced shipping items, especially if you’re ordering a smaller quantity of fresh, uncured live rock. Many of the organisms that make uncured live rock so interesting will have a much better chance of recovering from the stress of shipping when the shipping time is reduced to a minimum.

Dean Cooper
April 15, 2016

Uncured living rock

This is the second shipment of rock and other Marine life from KP aquatics and I must say they provide exceptional specimens.Thank you and pleasure doing business!

Bob Gorajewski
April 15, 2016

Live Rock Feed Back

Kara and Philipp I have attached a picture of my wife’s 65 gallon crystalline from planet aquarium’s after being setup for only two months. The rock turned out awesome and since it was “live rock” I was able to frag corals from my other two tanks and place them in this tank almost immediately. You will also see gorgonians and the pair of yellow head jaw fish we received from you last year. Thanks again for everything and keep up with the great products and service!


February 24, 2016

Live Rock

This review contains a video, please click on the link to see it. 

February 22, 2016

great stuff

this was my first order with KP Aquatics right off the prices of their products were better than anywhere else I had looked the flat rate shipping is super I can order as much that will fit in the box and not get charged for every piece shipping was quick ordered kind of late that day but received the products the next day the packaging of the coral,sponge,and feather duster was superb I really like the sealed bags as I have received items from other suppliers that opened/leaked getting a DOA order the quality of the items where like no other that I have ordered from KP Aquatics is now my go to internet aquatic supplier for items for my 90gal saltwater tank THANK YOU KP Aquatics

February 17, 2016

Perfect as always …

I have to say – ordering from Kara and Philipp means not worrying at all about the quality, health and care of the animals I purchase. I have seldom seen such a great packing job as these folks do! Having shipped live reptiles for many years, I well know how the packing job can mean success or possibly death for the animals in that box. Never have to worry with KP! The condition of my livestock is always stellar – and this time, I had requested the smallest individuals, and was promptly assured that they would select appropriately for me. Perfect!! Thanks, you two, for making my day with your sea creatures!! It’s why I always come back!!

February 13, 2016

I ordered 2 seahorses since

I ordered 2 seahorses since this was my first time buying from them and they ended up sending 4. Whether this was an accident or not, I’m extremely glad they did because I’ve had them for 2 weeks now and they are still doing great! The seahorses seem to be very healthy and are very observant. I will definitely buy from them again!

February 10, 2016

Satisfaction guaranteed

Once again KP comes through with quality products and great service. Highly recommend this company for any and all saltwater needs. Only problem, and NOT KPs fault, the red Mithrax does not seem to like bubble algae. Still very satisfied and will order again.

Bob Andrew
January 18, 2016

great service

I have ordered livestock a few times from KP Aquatics and I have nothing but great things to say. Everything has arrived alive and in great shape. I will be ordering again numerous times in the coming year. Thanks guys!!

December 29, 2015

Live Rock – Air Freight

I have ordered several times from Kara and Philipp and always great results with fish and coral, this time was no different. The corals in my wife’s 20 gallon have out grown the tank so I decided to setup a new 65 gallon using Florida Liverock. Since it was air shipped via SW Air Cargo it came in overnight as liverock, not rock with dead stuff on it. I ordered 61 pounds and they shipped 65 (four free pounds) which filled up her tank. When I asked about the rock they told me up front that this time of year macro algae is not as prevalent, but the coralline is awesome and it came in as advertised. This rock is full of holes and looks so natural compared to the manmade stuff. Inspecting the rock I found one red Mithrax crab (went into my office tank), and one gorilla crab (went to a friend who likes these). I will be quarantining the rock for a couple of months looking for other hitch hikers but I would rather be looking at colorful rocks than dead stuff while my tank matures. In closing it is so nice dealing with individuals that care so much and have great Fish, Coral, and Liverock. Thanks again Kara and Philipp your friend for life, Alton

Alton Vrana
December 21, 2015

Purchased sea horses

I ordered two Seahorses from them. Both arrived safe and alive. These are good people and you can tell they care about marine fish they sell. They were quick to answer my questions before my purchase and even to return my calls. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Also their prices were about 1/3 of what pet stores and other online stores charge

Dave w
December 14, 2015

Always Good

I ordered Astrea snails, blue hermits, and short spined urchins that were delivered last week Wednesday. As usual, they came in in great shape. I have been ordering livestock and live rock from Kara and Phillip for years now. Everything always is exactly as they describe and in great shape. I strongly recommend them. I also strongly recommend that you request the FedEx overnight $40 whatever fits in the box shipping, even for smaller quantities of live rock and animals that will tolerate 2-3 day shipping. The critters will be livelier and the interesting little things hiding in the live rock will have a better chance of surviving.

December 8, 2015

Couldn’t be Happier!

On behalf of Justin:

(I) ordered some common stars and some hairy emerald crabs.  I knew that the emeralds going for my bubble algae was up to chance.  Well, they all love bubble algae and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.    So happy I just made another order. A neon goby pair, more common stars and a red serpent star.   I will be a lifelong customer of KP Aquatics.    The specimens have always been very healthy.  The extras that have been thrown in, while not necessary are very much appreciated.   Really shows this company cares for its customers and what this hobby is all about!     Just know this customer appreciates what you guys do, and in my opinion are doing it right!

November 22, 2015

Quality Wildlife

Posted on behalf of Jack:

Place an order for fish and invertebrates.  Everything was individually bagged and packed carefully in a well insulated shipping container.  Everything was alive and active.  All acclimated without any problems and are doing their thing in the aquarium.    Has a few questions which were answered quickly in a professional manner. 

 Great company and high quality wildlife.  Will definitely be buying more from KP Aquatics.

Thanks. Jack 


November 22, 2015

Beautiful healthy corals

Love my mushrooms they are doing great! Will order again soon! Great packaging and shipping!Thanks Kara and Phillip!

October 17, 2015

absolutely reccomended!

did a group order that was upwards of $500. every single item was well packed, with cool extras of multiple things! fish, sponges, clean up crew, and gorgonians were all ordered. only DOA was an emerald crab which they had already sent an extra of! buy with confidence, my new favorite website. will be ordering again soon !

October 17, 2015

Plessantly surprised

This was my first time ordering with KP. They had great communication and shipping without any hiccups. Everything arrived alive and with great color. This was my first fish in mail order. Was very impressed by it and KP. And the flat rate shipping was AWESOME. Will defiantly be a repeat customer!!!

October 17, 2015

First Class Company

I have bought fish from Sealife and KP Aquatics for many years. I have been in the hobby for over 40 years. I have dealt with many suppliers and collectors. Kara and Philip and Kara’s dad Ken care about the environment, the fish and inverts they collect and their customers, I recommend them without hesitation!!! If you want something unusual just ask, chances are that if it is their area they can collect it. This is good company run by good people.

Richard Strieber
October 17, 2015

Beautiful healthy corals

Love my mushrooms they are doing great! Will order again soon! Thanks Kara and Phillip!

October 17, 2015


It’s been a month since I received my 70lbs of liverock. I have to say I’ve been totally amazed at the quality of the experience. The shipment was packaged really well and most everything survived, including most of the life on the uncured rock. Each day I seem to find another new encrustation of sea-life. The vibrant colors and diversity of organisms associated with this live rock is astounding. These guys have exceeded my wildest expectations and am thankful that I learned of this company. I’m planning my next order.

October 17, 2015

I’m always impressed…

Sealifeinc/KPaquatics has become my go to for livestock for my Atlantic Biotope. I’ve been ordering from them for quite sometime and I’m always impressed by their speed, service and the quality that they offer in packaging. They have excellent livestock and are very kind and knowledgeable. Don’t go wrong, order from KPaquatics. =)

Steven Manning
October 17, 2015


Made an order from KP and another site same time and have never used either one before. Other sites stuff died in one day while KP zoanthids opened up within an hour and the orange gorg is so perfect and doing great. No comparison and not sure why the other company stuff died. Pretty much will do all my orders here from now on. Thanks for such perfect, healthy corals!

October 17, 2015

I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from KP Aquatics for several years now. Their cultured live rock is very nice, especially if you pay for overnight shipping. I rarely receive anything in poor condition. I have been keeping marine tanks for over 50 years and mail ordering livestock for over 25 years and these guys are among the best.

October 17, 2015

Great service

I placed an order of inverts and dwarf seahorses, the order arrived quick, well packaged, and no DOA! Several extras were included and one of the seahorses gave birth the day after arrival! I will order from KP aquatics again! Very happy with the order.

October 17, 2015

Great Little Critters

Ordered 4 dwarf seahorses and a coral from KP. All arrive alive and happy. Was surprised to find an extra female and one of the males was pregnant. He had his little ponies last night and I couldn’t be happier. Great little horses and health coral. Thanks again!!

October 17, 2015

Great Seller

I bought a bunch of Gorgonians, some shaving brush plants, a ton of snails, and a handful of scarlet reef hermit crabs. Everything arrived and packaged impeccably in heat sealed bags as opposed to just rubber-banded bags so leakage was not even an option to occur during shipping. Every specimen arrived alive and in good condition and all the Gorgonians immediately put out their polyps within an hour of acclimating to my tank. They even included a bonus gorgonian and bonus snails and hermit crabs as well. Almost 2 months later and all specimens are thriving and all Gorgonians seem to growing quite well. This just shows that the seller makes sure to sell high-quality specimens that are healthy and arrive in perfect condition. Just put in another order for more goodies this evening!

October 17, 2015

Always Impressed!

I have been ordering from SeaLife which is now KPAquatic for years and will continue to do so! The quality and variety of their items combined are unbelievable. Just amazing! My tank has such a wonderful variety or colors and aquatic life all because of them. 🙂 Besides the quality of their items, both Kara and Philipp are just wonderful people, they go above and beyond to answer all questions through email and phone conversations. They really care about their customers and their business. Dont hesitate to order from them! You will never be disappointed with an order placed with them!

March 25, 2015

Great company to choose

KP Aquatics is a great business to choose for your online purchase. I have ordered from other online sources only to be disappointed when the shipment arrives. I have ordered twice now with plans for more. I have yet to be disappointed. You can tell they take great pride in their work. The quality of life is amazing. Shipping is superb and quick. I look forward to placing more orders with KP Aquatics. In my opinion, they are an A+ business.

March 16, 2015

Awesome Mantis!

I was shocked to get a follow up message on FB asking how my new mantis was doing… and a email AFTER the sale. Awesome service! She is doing well, very active and inquisitive with her new surroundings. Thank you!

JD Davis
February 7, 2015

Exceeds Expectation

Package was well packed to stand the bitter Chicago cold. Everything opened right up within hours. Great communication via email. Will definitely order more stuff in the future.

February 2, 2015

Everything groovy

Hi Kara & Philipp,

Everything groovy.  All in tanks.  Should’ve ordered more.


Alex L. from MS
December 4, 2014

Nice Job done!

Hi, Just a short note to say that my order arrived. All appear to be healthy and no worse for the wear…. Those were quality animals you sent. Had I known how good they would be (I’ve been burned by other sites), I would have ordered a few other things like some mushroom corals….. You did a great job packing. There were absolutely no leaks and the heat packet was still warm to the touch. I also want to say thank you for the extras. They are greatly appreciated. I will certainly return for more products from you.

Jack C. from New Jersey
November 12, 2014

My Recent order

I love my recent order everything came in very healthy and active. Kudos to KPA

November 11, 2014

“You have no idea how much I appreciate the multiple-mouth-with-a-whole-nother-baby-polyp ricordea…rics are one of my favorite corallimorphs!”

Sharon W.
November 10, 2014

Excellent Packaging

Delayed Package:  “Well, here it is, Saturday morning, and everybody looks fine. Just amazing! A real tribute to you guys and how well you select and handle and package your animals, I’d say. Thank you for watching out for me through this process.”

Martin M.
November 10, 2014

“Just wanted to say thank you for the nice fish, I am very satisfied with my purchase and will recommend your company to all my fishy friends!”

Leonard V.
November 10, 2014